What is the meaning of the song “swalla” – quora hair electricity song

OK, apparently you live in a tiny world, where the songtitle is enough, no artist name needed. After reading some of the comments, I can guess it’s meaning. ‘Swalla’ means swallow, which in it’s sexual context may be clear. Underlying meaning is thar the I (male) is so attractive that girls come in groups to him and have oral sex in which the semen is swallowed by all of the girls. This proves his superiority and their willingness to sacrifice their individuality and personal desires (unless it is being a sex slave) for him. Women are just objects and interchagable. On a yet deeper level it reveals a profound uncertainty, which is often found in one-parentfamilies with a father-figure missing, which can lay stress on the mother-son relationship, because there is no adult male who claims the exclusive right on intercourse with the mother. The mother on her turn has only the son as the the male role in the house, which burdens the boy with ambiguity; he has to be both dependent and supportive to his mother. This ambiguity is expressed in the well-known term motherfocker. Social-economic, cultural and historic factors make this phenomenon more prominent in some communities then in others. In the sixties and seventies most music was about love, but actually about the unattainable mother (strongest expressed by John Lennon), they screamed explicitly for love, they wanted warmth and comfort/conciliation. Songs like ”Swalla’ take a different track, they look for submission to ascertain being worthwhile, getting noticed, being important. Popular music is mostly about these themes. Sadly, and luckily, the things they are about, the things they wish never heal the wounds, thet are not the solution. On the contrary, this music, the lyrics keep the wounds open, free love and swallowing girls don’t take away your loneliness and unceratinty. Once confronting your wounds, facing the grief instead of your (false hope) solutions these kind of lyrics lose their appeal. Fans however won’t forgive you when as an artist you reach this insight. Lennon got killed for it. Michael Jackson never did and killed himself.

This is a song about the time Jason Derulo visited the town of Walla Walla, Washington. The song’s title is really an abbreviation for “See Walla [Walla, Washington]”. Jason visited the town while biking across the Pacific Northwest on a quest to find the best filet of salmon, and was entranced.

If you listen closely, in the background there is a tourism board promotional video for the town played on a loop at low volume. Also, Jason repeatedly sings “Swalla-la-la” during the song, which is a reference to how the town’s natural beauty makes him want to sing aloud (“See Walla, La-la”)

Unfortunately, the town experienced an ill-motivated housing boom due to the publicity from the song, leading to a construction bubble that later collapsed. As a result, it is now a very bad city. For details, see Jason Derulo’s follow-up song “Walla Walla has become an Uninhabitable Trash Heap But I Bear No Responsibility” which features the refrain “By the Way, I Discovered the Best Salmon is at Betty’s Cafe in Bellingham.”