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Great Britain or England is the most powerful…why? EUROPE speaks Global English and so the UK has an upper hand as the home of the earth’s first and only global language. All of Europe (and NATO and the EU) speaks English. Thats having hand…believe me. When nations speak your language they think like you and act like you etc. Europeans (so my European friends always told me) learn British English in schools – not American. A world of strangers may more naturally understand and appreciate your culture if they speak your language. In short, if they care enough to learn English, they like what they see there..and the world can sympathise with an English point of view. To compete in the modern industrialized world, you have to speak English…not French or Italian …not German…etc. The language of global modernism is English. A big plus! If a country identifies with your language…its comes to your aid more easily….and, as Russia knows, the US , Canada and Australia will always protect Britain. China is feared by other asians, even hated, and they have no military bases in other countries.

• People forget that G. Britain is an Island and it cant be overrun from the Continent…or a land army with tanks….you have to have a Navy to reach her and make anphib. landings with thousands of landing crafts. Only the USA could do that ….Russia could never do it…and – anyway – the USA would not ALLOW a single Russian troop ship to reach the River Thames.

• Place these factors up against any European nation….who mostly are pacifist. Socialist France, Spain, Holland and Italy have seen their last days of fighting – ANYONE! They will tell you something like this….we tried that war thing..did not work out well for us…we are over it. What to do to get a European going now? Talk about nationalism…they will just think you are a mental retard….or an American.

• Germany is totally pacifist and afraid to shoot a gun in anger..so Germany is not even on the radar scope for military power. German soldiers were not allowed to carry weapons when I was with them in Afghanistan…..give me a break. The British would shoot first and ask questions later…even more cowboy than my guys.

The only three contenders are really; the French Republic, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom. Germany, while able to exert significant ‘soft’ power through the European Union, due to it’s economic strength, lacks nuclear capability and has a conventional military which is only slightly more powerful than that of Poland.

• Lack of allies. Russia has no military alliances with any of the generally recognised Great Powers* elsewhere in the world. They have close relations with PR China, but (as far as I am aware) they have no formalised military alliance with Beijing.

• Declining population. According to Wikipedia*, Russia is currently experiencing population decline at a rate of -0.04%. While this is perhaps not an enormous amount, the fact that France and Britain are both experiencing population growth puts Russia behind in this ‘category’.

• Economy. Russia’s nominal GDP in 2014 was 1,857.461 (USD)*. This was less even than Italy, which is currently undergoing enormous economic strain, particularly in its banking sector. While Russia has the fifth largest nominal GDP in Europe, Britain and France are first and second respectively.

• The official and primary language of the United Kingdom is English, which is usually regarded as the global lingua franca. This enhances Britain’s ‘soft’ power in a cultural sense: British cultural exports such as the BBC; bands like the Beatles and One Direction; and films (e.g. James Bond) have a wider audience.

• British military prestige. Whether deserved or not, France is often painted as a nation of ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’, and as militarily inept. Successes (such as the operations in Mali) are generally overlooked, and focus is turned to failures such as Vietnam and Algeria. In contrast, Britain is often seen as military more able – perhaps due to its closer relationship to the United States, and thus its shared ‘successes’ in Iraq and Libya. Independent British diplo-military achievements such as the peaceful handover of Hong Kong and the recovery of the Falkland Islands from Argentia are much vaunted.

• I previously mentioned the Commonwealth of Nations and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. You may notice that the former includes a large number of more developed economies and greater military/political powers, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. While Britain has no formal alliance with most of these nations, they share many bonds and links that enhance cooperation and alignment.

• France, a leading member of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, is in a less advantageous position vis a vis the UK. Most of the Francophonie is composed of North/West African former French colonies, none of which can match the advantages enjoyed by the Commonwealth members mentioned above. Many are impoverished and afflicted with civil strife, disease and famine.

Militarily, Russia is still the top dog in Europe. It has fallen a very long way from the might of the Soviet Union, but it is still dangerous. Both as a percent of GDP and in absolute terms, it is the major European economy that spends by far the most on its military; 5.6% to second place France’s 2.1% and $66 billion to the UK’s $55 in absolute terms. And of course, it still has enough nuclear weapons to turn the rest of Europe into hot slag. There’s a reason why there’s a continent wide alliance dedicated to defending against Russia.

That said, Russia is unmistakably on its way down. Its economy has been stagnant and continually low oil prices aren’t doing it any favors. Russia’s economy is also too small to continue supporting its rotting military. Germany is a far wealthier country while the UK and France are both similar in size to Russia. In terms of soft power like economics or diplomatic and cultural influence, these three countries are all more important than Russia. This is especially true with Germany, which is going to find itself increasingly lonely at the top of an EU with a dysfunctional France no Britain.

Economically: like others said, Germany, no discussion. They have the strongest economy, the biggest manufacturing capacity, the most exports and the largest population. They are also the main contributors to the European Union and are even paying for the integration of the poorer Eastern Germany.

– Turkey – Well, they have a foothold in Europe, they applied for European Union, and apart from the recent rise of islamism, the culture of the country was strongly pro-european. Considering that, they have the biggest army, lots of population and are a strong player in Middle East politics. They have american military technology and are starting to develop their own military industry. They just lack more modern weapons and nuclear power.

2) Apart from Russia and maybe Turkey, France and UK have the biggest and most modern armies (followed closely by Germany) and they have nuclear weapons. They – France, namely – also have active military presences around the world, which gives them influence and geostrategical power.