What is the truth about the sterlite issue in tamil nadu – quora electricity lesson plans 4th grade


I am writing this answer based on what a resident of Tuticorin and a friend who works in the Sterlite plant told us.Actually,Sterlilte Copper was established in 1993 and hence was polluting since then.And this protest against Sterlite was usually there every year in a minor scale.This protest was started by some nasty politicians who wanted to earn money by threatening the closure of the plant. In order to avoid that,the plant started giving the money they asked every year.And hence this drama was going on very fine.Sterlite was continuing to pollute and politicians were recieving their suitcases regularly.But today,this strike has turned into something too vile.Now it seems that they have asked for a higher price for the withdrawal of the strike which the plant has refused to give and hence this protest started to gain importance.Also,some minority religion groups(not all but some selfish ones) who are against the bigotric(they call it so) BJP government,have turned this protest favourable to them,so that they could gain importance and the power to control Tuticorin.

These minority religion groups started threatening the common people by torching cars and throwing stones everywhere in the name of protest.They have torched nearly 40 cars.They threw petrol bombs over the Sterlite quarters where the workers were living.Nearly 40 families got affected by this.Then they started marching towards the collectorate by breaking the police barricades,to torch it too.This alarmed the collector and hence he gave the shooting order as these protestors were uncontrollable and were posing a threat to the public and yes,this sadly,took away nine lives.This is a terrible incident,but the truth behind this is more terrible.Unaware of this everyone are tweeting and updating statuses against this action of the police.If the police had not done this,many common people would have died yesterday because of some selfish protestors. So,what the police did is undoubtedly against moral standards but this appears to be far better than what the protesters would have done,if they had got their chances.This is what actually happened here.This would not have even happened if we had a strong and non-oscillating state government like the one we had before the demise of our honourable former chief minister J.Jayalalitha.During her period there were no protests of this large scale.She truly is an iron lady who controlled everything with her iron hands.

Closure of Sterlite will not happen because if it gets closed,the politicians who earn profits from this would suffer.They will not allow it to happen.And also it provides numerous employments to the residents of Tuticorin.Stating obviously,Tuticorin is nothing without Sterlite.Not only Sterlite is polluting Tuticorin,SPIC is polluting Tuticorin,cola companies take lakhs of litres of water per day from Thamirabharani(hence the start of its journey toward non-perenniality),Kalpakkam thermal plant pollutes Chennai,Tirupur dyeing industries pollute Tirupur and this happens all over TN.We are aware of what is happening around us and still we are silent because we,the common people want to lead a peaceful life.But if this continues there will be no life to live.We only chose this as our destiny by voting.The only way to stop this is to think before we choose our leaders.First of all everyone has to vote in the elections.Everyone has to vote only according to their will and not according to the money the parties give.Failure of this should be considered as a sin.Politicians will be continuing to extract everything from us for their well being and they will not change unless we change our minds.I am very sure that this will not happen.This is the start of the doom of everything.This could not be prevented unless we change.