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Here’s a little back ground – I am a 30 year old Indian female, IT consultant currently on maternity leave as I delivered a beautiful girl child five months back. I used to be a social butterfly and used to de stress every weekend over a couple of beers but after conceiving I had to put a full stop to not having alcohol, smoking and pot.

Husband and I didn’t take help from family post my delivery so I was literally on my own managing the baby and the house (crazy decision I know but I wanted to be a super mom) all by myself. The first month was crazy and after a couple of months I realized that I am suffering from severe postpartum depression. Now I am not pro counselor or therapy person and looking after the baby, long feeding sessions and house hold chores were turning me into a maniac. I decided to switch from breastfeeding to formula feeding to see if that helps. And that’s when while cleaning my wardrobe I found out my long forgotten stash of marijuana which was sitting in a pouch for over a year.

I took out the stash of herbal goodness from the pouch and rolled a nice little J and set is ablaze after putting my darling to bed and before hubby’s arrival from work in the evening. After few puffs I realized that I actually was enjoying the lullabies which were playing and everything was peaceful.

After so many friggin months I was finally relaxed both physically and mentally. I enjoyed my food which I used to just gobble fearing that the baby would get up anytime. After this I made it a ritual, put the baby to bed and light one in the evening (I am not an addict, mind you!).

Edit: After three days of writing this answer, I see a lot of moral policing being done by fellow Indians, mostly men who would never understand how it feels like to be tending after a new born and how a mother’s sleep cycle, nutrition, social and personal life is affected after the delivery and you are oh-so-hormonal, bawling your eyes out for every trivial thing. No mother is a bad mother but she too needs some kind of de-stressing after 3–4 hours of sleep per night, endless feeding and changing sessions, household chores etc. Mothers do not crib about any of it because they know that they can only wish for nothing but the best for their children. People feeling bad for my baby or parenting are more than welcome to feel that way because my baby is not affected in any way if I smoke pot as I have weaned her off and make sure that I am there with her and for her as and when she needs me.

Men : Could you be a little considerate toward new moms as you don’t know how it feels like to be walking in a woman’s shoes who has just delivered a baby. They are humans too and moreover are individuals who give up their all and transition to a different role with/without help. We females juggle and struggle to give the best and need to maintain our sanity too. Not all of us are chatty sorts who would speak to friends/family/therapist and feel better about it, sometime talking too is a chore.

It was my cousin’s birthday and we decided to buy a KFC meal. The one in the above picture. So he gave me his share of money and I went out to buy that meal. As soon as I bought it, a plan came to my mind that was consistently urging me to have that whole meal alone. (Actually this chicken of KFC is my greatest weaknesses). I took the corner table and started devouring it. The people around me had their jaws dropped, because to have the whole meal alone requires a really big talent, or I should say tummy. Really dunno what kinda hungry devil took me that day but I finished the whole meal.

I got up and took my way back to home. My cousin saw me and my empty hands. I gave him the saddest news ever that I slipped and fell and the whole bucket got wasted. I can literally see the pain in his eyes. Dude, he didn’t even ask whether I was okay or not. All he can utter was, ‘bhai saara gir gaya”. (Bro everything fell).

The funny part is, the birthday boy didn’t had anything that night. And I didn’t have space even for water. Had the best sleep that night. I felt really bad the next day. In the evening, I went out and bought that meal and came back home and had that with him. (No, if you are thinking i should have offered him the whole meal then that’s something I can not do in my entire life. Chicken is life).