What is your review of national institute of technology karnataka (nitk) , surathkal – quora gas bloating after eating


• Studies: NITK is decently competitive when it comes to the matter of studies. You will find people who will slog their ass off(very rare!) and you will find people who study only at the last moment (almost everyone, including me). You will have a few amazing profs who will definitely try to increase your knowledge rather than just mugging up.

• Hostels: While hostels aren’t a compulsory feature in your life at NITK, I would highly recommend that you enroll into them. A hostel life teaches you more than you would learn anywhere in the world. Hostel food is decently okay in the first. You might not like it but then you won’t be the only one!

• Ragging: I think a lot of them often prefer not to go to a hostel because of this. Well you can relax, NITK Surathkal doesn’t really have a ragging culture. Take it from a person who just completed his first year, the seniors are very chill. Unlike most colleges, they actually have work to do rather than see juniors dance on item songs. :p

• Extra Curricular Activities: There’s plenty of stuff happening on campus and believe me NITK isn’t a college where all people do is read books. There’ll be a time when you wouldn’t go home because consecutive weekends have fests and you don’t want to miss them. :p There are amazing sports facilities as well or you can simply utilise the amazing gym that we have if you’re a fitness freak.

• Beach: Well this always deserves a special mention, no matter what! Its always nice to brag about it, I always do it in front of my sister :p . There are activities that happen occasionally on the beach and you’ll probably be visiting it mostly in the evening with your friends. It’ll be the cleanest beach you’ve seen in recent times, believe me there’s no debate to that.

• Friends: I’ve met some amazing people in my journey at NITK and believe me when you know people from all over India and the kind of bond you have with them, believe me this is something amazing and something you should have at least once in your life.

• Politics: Well there a couple of downsides as well, you obviously didn’t expect a fairy tale. Ideally if you stay away it won’t be much of a problem (take it from a guy who was very much involved!). But then on the flip side you do learn a lot from it and it isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea to drink from!

• Administration: Well here’s the thing about administration, they won’t interfere in your work as long as you don’t interfere in theirs. Don’t get caught doing anything wrong or breaking the rules, its all chill for you. Recently the administration has brought a set of reforms like the optional mess system and the campus WiFi initiative and they’ve increased the pace at which they’re working under the new Director. I’ve personally never had any problem from the administration and I’ve seen the administration being considerate when a friend of mine had a family problem. So all in all, don’t worry :p

NITK is an Institution where my career developed to what it is today. I love the Institution and I am still associated with it in research activities in spite of leaving it after retirement. I joined KREC ( that is what it was known as before becoming NITK) as a Professor more than a quarter century back and worked all through out my career as a Professor and as a researcher. I could establish a research laboratory to carry out research work in the area of Thin Films. Today, it is one of the state-of-the-art laboratories in the Institute. I also had the opportunity to serve the Institution in administration, as Dean (Academic), Dean (Administration), Dean (Faculty welfare) and was Chairman of various committees at the Institution. I was also Director -in-charge for over a year. All this has created a bond between the Institution and me that I feel greatly pained when I see the Institution not being a top one, even among the NITs. The rating of Institutions is done taking into account various aspects of performance including teaching-learning process, research activities, outreach and alumni affairs, campus recruitment, etc but in my opinion, for an engineering Institution, the teaching-learning process is extremely important. This is one factor which has made NITK to get ranked below the other Institutions. When recording of the teachers’ attendance was discontinued, I resigned as Dean (Academic). During the course of my association with the Institute I have pointed out many areas in academics where we need to correct. NITK is an autonomous institution and can have its own curriculum and courses. But the image of the institution will be reflected in these matters. Evaluation procedure, however discrete it is, takes a back seat when the curriculum booklet announces that the minimum for the pass grade is a mere 20% marks. There are institutions where the passing grade is mentioned as 50% and this in contrast, projects a bad picture of the Institution. With the quality of students admitted to the Institute, I am sure the students will take it as a challenge to have a better passing grade mentioned in their records. It requires a careful analysis by the administration to look at some of the major academic aspects to project a better picture of the Institution. I hope to see some serious efforts in this direction to take the Institution to better heights.

Mainly we come to college for education so I will take this one first. So coming to education NITK is one of the best colleges in India. And the professors will be very helpful. The infrastructure is very good in indian standards. And placements will be good as we can see lots of companies visiting the campus through out the year.

Now coming to campus because we study here for 4 years. The campus is large enough to have the basic facilities like hostels, health care centers , sports facilities etc. The hostels are provided with internet facility and also the basic facilities like water and electricity. Sometimes you may face problems with water and internet connectivity. And mess food is not so good(for me, actually subjective) but you will be having food points and canteens in the campus which compliment it.

And also we choose college to have enjoyment and connections. In NITK you will enjoy a lot as because there will be lots of technical and cultural in campus. And also various clubs both cultural and technical and cultural clubs conducts various workshops and does various activities which involves students and also there is films club which screens a film every week.