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Businesses have to compete hard in their niche markets to stay ahead of their rivals. They formulate marketing strategies to engage customers in varied ways. Business logos play a key role in communicating a brand message to the target customers.

If you take a good look at the logos of global companies, you will find all of them as unique and memorable designs. In fact, many of these logos have become part of cultures. These visuals have become part of collective memories of people across the world. Take for example the logos of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Nike etc., everyone recognizes these logos.

All such global business logos have one thing in common – they all are creative works of art and unique concepts. These logos are designed strategically to address a global audience. This means that such logos represent a common global culture. So, one of the requirements to design such logos is they should include the elements that are free of cultural baggage.

For most B2B business models, things are more upfront, professional and realistic.Therefore, many Business brands believe that their logo designs should portray their businesses in a way that anyone automatically gets to know about the company’s nature of the business.

However, there are many who have dared to be different to break the monotony of their existing business emblems. With a view to offering utmost priority to the brands they represent, they have effectively nailed their objectives very beautifully with their Business logo design.In today’s blog, we will take a dig at some popular Business logos and explore as to what makes these logos great and unique. Cisco Systems

Business nature of Cisco becomes apparent only by looking at its logo. Since the company is into the technology sector, the bars in the logo design have been beautifully used to represent the multitude of things, right from sine waves to digital waves.

However, their logo is far beyond design and industry essentials and the bars hold a very special meaning. Cisco is a Silicon Valley-based company and their logo talks about their place of origin. The bars in this creative logo symbolize San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Eversince, the iconic landmark has become Cisco’s identity that delivers an appealing insight into the company’s working.

Piramal is a leading healthcare organization that operates in over 100 different markets. Over the years, Piramal group has created a niche in the global market and owns many healthcare companies across the borders. Therefore, it was obvious for their logo to be creatively inspiring.

Nevertheless, instead of being too complex or sundry in design aesthetics, their logo is instilled with a more human touch. Needless to say, the palm and the fingers have brought in the essence of human touch to this leading B2B healthcare company. The best part of the logo is the incorporation of contrasting orange and white colors in order to deliver it a more realistic appeal. Recast Energy

Recast Energy is yet another leading B2B organization into energy production sector. They produce green electricity and thermal energy for industrial consumers by recycling cost-effective biomass. In the field of business logos, green logo portrays their business beautifully.Delivering an energetic green appeal, the logo goes well with their business and brand.

Moreover,the logo designer has done a great job by subtly hiding the letter “R” in the logo in an artistic style.The different tones of green signify the energy sector.Indeed, a great design for such a massive player in the B2B industry.You too can draw inspiration from these amazing yet meaningful business logos and come up with unique business logo designs. Here Are Some Basics To Follow When Creating Your Business Logos 01. Know The Brand

Before starting work on your logo, make sure that you know the brand well. As a designer, you must have some basic information about the brand. You should know about the company’s products or services. Find out the target customers and markets.

Such details will help designers in picking the right colors, typefaces, etc. Read the design brief of the client carefully to get the design requirements. In fact, knowing a brand message is always important to create all graphic designs such as a brochure design. 02. Get The Brand Message

Business logos are visual communications tools for delivering a brand message. A logo should be conveying a message to its target customers. So, find out the message first. You should ask your client about the chief characteristics of the business and what values does it promote. Such questions will help you write down a brand message.

Sometimes, a tagline can say everything about a business. You can then include that tagline in the logo.Once you know the message, every color, typeface, etc., you incorporate in the logo should deliver it. 03. Make The Logo A Versatile Design

So, its design should not lose its impact in its colorless version. Similarly, your logo may also be on faxed documents and stationeries in black and white. This means that all the significant features of the logo should keep their good impression without colors also.