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Despite the midterm results (mixed, at best), my attention has been grabbed by a book I finished reading: The Climate War: True Believers, Power Brokers, and the Fight to Save the Earth by Eric Pooley. npower electricity meter reading It might have had a bigger impact on me, or at least made a bigger impression, than the elections. It was published in 2010, practically ancient history now, so when I pulled it off the shelf, I wondered if it would have any relevance. electricity kwh calculator Turns out it does given that every climate initiative up for a vote on November 6, 2018 failed.

It’s like gun control. Can it get worse than small children gunned down? How about high school kids gunned down? If those horrors can’t bring us together to solve a fixable problem, what makes anyone think rising global temperatures, rising sea levels, shrinking ice sheets, raging wildfires, and starving polar bears will? Oh, and people dying, too.

Industry—those companies that were actually causing the problem—could have taken the lead back in the 1950s when the rise in global temperatures was first noted and carved out a nice profitable niche for themselves in switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy. You are energy companies, for crissakes! Think of it that way and not just as oil or gas or coal companies, and bingo, problem solved. electricity trading One person’s problem is another’s opportunity.

The Climate War details several attempts by enviros, industry, and Congress to come up with legislation, including Lieberman-McCain (2003), McCain-Lieberman (2003; yes, there were two), Lieberman-Warner (2008), Waxman-Markey (2009), and Kerry-Lieberman (2010). All were bills that showed promise but never made it out of the sausage-making process. storing electricity in water Add a Great Recession, a president (Barack Obama) more focused on health care, and a tireless “Denialosphere” tipping the balance despite the equally tireless efforts of a former vice president (Al Gore), and you get…nothing.

Who are they and how did they get their billions? Ever complain about Amazon? Jeff Bezos tops the list. #2 is Bill Gates, who made his money fleecing all of us who love/hate Microsoft products; #3 is Warren Buffet who’s been a billionaire since he was 32; #4 is Europe’s wealthiest man (retail and real estate—stuff we buy); #5 is our pal Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook (remember, if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product); #6, a luxury brand CEO (Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and Dom Perignon—again stuff you buy); the richest man in Mexico is #7 and owns telecom, mining, real estate, and consumer good (aka stuff you buy); #8 is Oracle software founder; and if Google drive you nuts, know that Larry Page is #9.

Changes we make at the individual level are never going to be enough to stop global warming at its current pace. The only way we can stop it (and we’ll have to reverse it too) is to stop digging coal from the ground (or lopping off mountaintops to get to it) and burning it, stop drilling oil from our backyards and oceans and burning it. electricity lessons 4th grade We have to stop saying coal can be clean because it can’t. We have to stop cutting forests. We have to grow forests. We have to use solar and wind and, yes, even nuclear power to replace fossil fuels.