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People here seem to "hate on" or discriminate against Sonic, not because of its attributes, so much as who makes it. Just like the FiST, properly dressed, it makes a sharp vehicle. Undressed, yeah it’s underwhelming. It’s still quick nimble light weight but versatile manual shift. BMW Mini and other vehicles mentioned aren’t exactly known for big HP numbers either. But that hasn’t stopped them from giving accolades, despite all the admitted mechanical issues and shortcomings. Most of it I suspect comes down to old historically based rep and miserable customer service experiences.

It’s funny how all of the Nipponphiles/JDMerz will rag on ANY/ALL domestic name-plated product, while ONLY giving an exception to OUR particular car (and many even hating on it as well, after ownership, in order to remain loyal to their Japan ONLY ‘roots’? ) and then STILL hating on the badge on the nose (even BEFORE this ‘traitorous’ cutting announcement of our fave cars from them).

They do not understand WHAT was REALLY going on HERE in the mid 70s to mid 90s with Japan practicing BLATANT currency manipulation, and abject DUMPING of product in order to gain a majority market share, and can ONLY regurgitate the same old tired tomes about how the Big 3 brought it on themselves ONLY because of piss poor/shit product (which YES they DID produce much of, but it was NOT the ONLY reason for their demise ) which is ALL they EVER heard from their parents.

Thinking Mini, Toyota Corolla (you can get a manual!), Mazda3, Veloster N, or look for a used something else. I don’t see buying another Ford as long as the current CEO is there. The only new Ford that I am kind of intrigued with, is the Ranger Raptor, but that isn’t sold here, will probably be stupid expensive, and I doubt I could fit it in my garage.

I do think the majority of Ford car owners will defect to VW or Mazda, at least the hatchback owners. Possibly Subaru with the WRX, assuming that will continue to live on. There was always this theory that if you could get a new buyer in an entry level car, they would grow with the brand. You buy a Fiesta or Focus after college and retire with a Lincoln. All along the way, you go back to the brand to buy your next car for the next step in your life. You build brand loyalty. Ford said FU, we don’t care. We only want to sell high priced Mustangs, Crossovers, SUV’s, and Trucks that will make a huge profit and don’t care about being loyal. In the almost 40 years on this earth, I have never been away from Ford. Think about that level of loyalty. I have been riding in or owning Fords for longer than most people are married. That is being brand loyal. Ford says none of that matters and I will have to find a new car company. They have no interest in growing loyalty. The idea of losing a customer isn’t a concern. I am willing to bet that the majority of Focus and Fiesta buyers, especially the ST and RS models won’t buy their next car from Ford. They aren’t the type of buyer that loves to have the same SUV as their neighbor. They won’t buy a F-150. They think the Edge ST is stupid. Those buyers, the ones that bring loyalty and enthusiasm to the brand will go someplace else.Having owned multiple businesses you need to understand you will quickly go broke trying to sell a product the public does not want. Americans are not currently buying cars, the rest of the world is. So you sell Americans what they want not what niche car owners like us think they should buy. This country has always been enamoured with big vehicles and endless cheap gas. Also the manual transmission has died. Only 3% of US sales are manual transmissions. The Fiesta with the crap auto is a chain around Ford’s neck in reliability ratings. Why spend millions to build a new reliable transmission for a car that you can’t sell. In some countries the manuals are 80% of sales. The best selling vehicle since dinosaurs is the F-150 which gets longer, wider and more horsepower every year to be able to sell new ones. I hate it but understand from a business standpoint. Ford’s obligation is to the stockholders and customers. Ford makes outrageous money on trucks and SUV’s why as a business would you want to sell four Fiesta’s to make what you do on one F-150? I posted an article today about fully loaded new 2018 ST’s for $17K. Other than the hard core like us nobody wants a damn thing to do with a Fiesta or Focus. I do not know what I would replace it with but it will not be an auto so that kills Nissan and Toyota, I love Mazda’s looks and handling but power sucks. Walk before a driving a GM, Subie’s are nice but our dealer is a bad joke. No Fiat’s, BMW’s or VW’s. I do like what I am seeing from Hyundai and KIA for the past few years. So in reality if I totaled my FiST I would probably search for a nice used one.