What problems is france facing today – quora electricity invented what year

• French military forces have been involved in many theaters of operations (Barkhane in Africa, Syriia/Irak, Liban). Around 30 000 troops deployed, which is insufficient to provide a meaningful victory. French army is notoriously under budget and will be so for the next years.

• Secondary education suffers from high inequality. Poor areas have difficulties to provide the same level of education than richer areas. The national diploma at the end of high school is not worth anything nowadays, yet some school have high failures rates. At the end, french secondary education is below the average OECD countries.

• Green energy face opposition from residents (too much noise from wind turbines), or is too expensive compared to returns to investment. It is also not compatible with nuclear-powered energy, which means choosing over geen or nuclear energy is a hot debate in France.

• Immigration is a hot topic in France. Many immigrants came to France two generations ago, and their descendants sometimes have a hard time fitting in. Recent immigration is sometimes regarded as a problem by a part of the population, as the State provides many free services to its residents yet suffers from a lack of budget.

• The French State does not officially support any religion. It enforces a ban on religious symbols in some public place, which has led to some tension and law conflicts. Moreover, the construction of religious buildings is forbidden, but local governments sometimes have to do it in order to provide believers a place to practice their religion safely. Christian churches often receive public funds in order to keep them from collapsing, which seems contradictory to french law.

Basically, there is this very ironic situation where government spending is high yet it is not enough. The State wants to provides a lot of different services at top notch quality, but the bureaucracy is not organized well enough. As a result it would need a lot more money to function well, but we can’t afford that. It results in many services being good yet under-budget, leading to long waiting time, poor service, and mistakes. Society is very divided on many issues.

Recently in France, the bill of same-sex marriage was presented to and approved by the French Ministries. When Francois Hollande ran for president in May, he pledged that he would do everything he could to pass the law of same-sex marriage in France. The bill is supposed to be sent to the National Assembly and Senate in January of 2013. From there, the law will be voted on and possibly passed in February. Everywhere people go in the world there are gay and lesbian couples. People in France, about 65%, believe that if this law is passed it will define the equality of France. In this group of people who believe in equality is the Inter-LGBT (Inter- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). They are a group of people who advocate the equality of gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Though there are a lot of people who want this bill to be passed, there are also a good amount of people who don’t want it to be passed; for example, religious groups.

The European Debt Crisis is a way of saying that the European Union has failed to pay off their debts. The euro crisis in France has been an on-going issue. It was a problem when Nicolas Sarkozy was president, and it is still a problem even with the newest president Francois Hollande. The euro crisis was sprung upon Hollande in May when he became president. It was going on when he was elected and is still going on now. However, it is not as bad as it was then. France today has a pretty stable economy with an increased GDP of 2.773 trillion USD. Hollande has really transformed France because this euro crisis is slowly decreasing. Hollande pledged that he would do whatever he could to solve the euro crisis. Hollande is giving EU members a better chance for investment growth. Once they have the investment growth, they can start saving up money and start solving the euro crisis once and for all!

The government is the most active group that is trying to solve the euro crisis. Francois Hollande is doing everything he can, as the president of France, to make sure France doesn’t go deeper into debt. Hollande is trying to make sure the EU has enough money so they get invest growth. He believes that if the EU has invest growth, they will help with this euro crisis. This is because if there is invest growth, it is an opportunity to start saving up as a country to pay back the debt. Since Hollande was sworn into France when this was going on, he should not be held responsible at all! Some people believe that he isn’t doing anything for the country, but statistics show that France’s economy has stabilized since the election of Francois Hollande.

About 20,000 people in France are believed to be working in prostitution. Prostitution in France is mainly due to sex trafficking, but in some instances in France, women use prostitution as their profession. The people of France along with the government want to stop prostitution. The government is trying to pass a law stating that if anyone is caught in prostitution or trafficking, they are to be imprisoned and fined 3,000 euros. Although there are laws that currently exist for prostitution but these laws are broken on a daily basis. Women who are into the prostitution are enraged because they think of it as their job. It is is the way they make money to support themselves. They feel that even though it is sex work, it is still work.