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Oh, I have been busy. Plus, I am outside 3 hours or so a day with Snagglepuss on a leash, and I haven’t gotten my computer rigged to go outside yet. I already go out with a big a$$ beach bag full of stuff, like crosswords, kindles, pipes and tobacco, and bird bread, and books, and maybe even a Daiquiri in the thermos jug. There is just no room for the laptop, sooo I have to get my old rollator, that I had when I hurt my back in an accident 4 years ago, out of the attic. I will rig it up with a basket and then I can take my laptop sooo when I am sitting under the tree or out by the garden, or behind the shed, wherever Snagglepuss wants to go, I can still be online. I can like sit in the rollator instead of having to drag one of my heavy metal lawn chairs around the yard, or sit on the grass and have ants crawling up my undies.

Plus, I am transferring to a new laptop for inside, and I am installing stuff like a USB hub, and a power strip with the little USB recharging thingies on it. Plus, I am trying to get a way to take a guitar outside so I can practice outside. Which, this is not a problem if I stay on one of the patios where I have tables, or the porch, but not easy out in the yard.

People up there will steal anything. I think it was 2011 when I was talking to a law-enforcement Ranger I know in the White Mountain National Forest about a theft that had recently occurred in the National Forest during the off-season when the campgrounds are closed. Someone had gone in and stolen all of the solar equipment used to generate electricity to pump water for the campgrounds — and there are a number of campgrounds.

That’s a time-consuming theft — disconnecting and taking down the solar panels that were mounted on poles, and related accessories — must’a taken weeks, making numerous trips back to the various campgrounds. That’s a LOT of returning to the various scenes of the crime. Last I heard, they got away with it. Investigators never figured out who did it.

There’s a terrible drug problem going on up there, and where you could once leave your car unattended to hike up into the mountains for a few days or a few weeks camping, now you have to worry about your car getting broken into if you leave it unattended for just a few hours.

That is EXACTLY what I said to Ranger Mike — but with a twist. The campgrounds in the White Mountain National Forest are privatized — leased to a private company that runs them. And each campground has one employee that camps on site during the camping season (roughly Memorial Day through Columbus Day). So people that get hired by the private company tend to be unemployed types — people who work 5 months of the year and take the very-low-paying job not as much form the money as for the free housing (living in a trailer parked at the campground).

And not to nitpick — but it’s Forest Service, not Parks Department. Parks are under the Interior Department, Forest Service is under the Agriculture Department. From my own experiences, I prefer Forests and Forest Service employees to Parks and Parks Department employees. Park Rangers are Nazis — and that’s not an exaggeration. Forest Rangers are great people — and that’s not an exaggeration either. And by “rangers” I mean law enforcement. That’s what “ranger” means in the Forest Services.

Yeah, it’s also a possibility that it was someone that visited the campgrounds. Where the White Mountain National Forest is located, they get lots of people from Boston. I don’t mean to disparage people from Boston in general, but the ones that visit the White Mountains tend to be the sort who bring their barstools with them when they go camping — and they’re the ones that cause 80-90% of all the problems. So I’d suspect them just because of character issues.

Could’a been locals, except it would be pretty foolish to set up stolen solar equipment in the area. There’s lots of helicopter traffic up their. It’s how they search for lost hikers, run supplies around, etc., and it would be easy to spot solar equipment since it needs to be set up in the open. Although they could’ve taken it elsewhere to sell or use.

Lots of possibilities of who done it. Unlikely it was Forest Service employees, because those are pretty sweet jobs — working in a beautiful location, pretty good pay — no reason to risk getting caught or losing a decent job just to steal solar equipment.

I wouldn’t want to scare you off from visiting the White Mountains. Nature doesn’t get any better. The Appalachian Trail comes through the peaks, and if you can only visit once, the best time is in the fall. You’ll never see more spectacular autumn colors anywhere — for two reasons. One is that there’s a very large variety of deciduous trees (unlike out west), so the variety of trees adds to the variety of colors. Secondly, all the trees usually change color at the same time, because cold air will come sweeping through the mountains and trigger all the trees to turn at the same time. Elsewhere (such as here in Ohio, where I am) the trees change at their own pace — some earlier, some later. It makes for a longer autumn, but less spectacular color contrasts.

And don’t worry about the Forest Service not replacing the stolen solar panels. Ranger Mike mentioned that they were insured and, actually, the replacements were far more efficient than the older equipment that got stolen. When he told me that, the first thing that occurred to me was that maybe they didn’t try to find the stolen equipment as hard as the might have. I don’t think the federal government sweats too much when its insurance premiums are hiked because of theft. But actually, it’s a pretty professional police organization, so I’m sure the did the investigation correctly. Sometimes people just get away with the crime.