What should i do when my boyfriend ignores me (managing emotions) 7 cups of tea youtube gas laws


The best thing to do in this kind of scenario is to be calm, cool, and collected; don’t let it get to you too much. Keep positive and stay firm with yourself, don’t show defeat or become too apprehensive; don’t hound him, just text here and there and let him know that you hope he is doing ok, that you are missing him, that you are a bit concerned, but don’t over do it. It’s important to keep in touch, despite the fact that he may be ignoring you, do not make any kinds of irrational threats towards him, and if he continues to ignore you, then let the situation settle as it may. Show a bit of concern, make an impression, try, and then let time do what it may. Showing initiative makes you the bigger and better person in some cases; letting things fester sometimes solves things, and sometimes makes others worse. Keep calm, don’t jump to conclusions, and try to avoid making irrational assumptions. Your health and composure is the most important; you must remain steadfast, perhaps admit to wrongdoings, be attentive, and sometimes let things go. Time will always tell; don’t let ignorance or insecurity overpower, or dominate you, or your feelings. Remain composed, remain true to yourself.

It probably depends importance of the thing he ignores, and how long and on-going his ignoring you is. You have many options. You could tell him right then and there that you feel hurt he is not listening and why you feel it is important that he gives you more attention at this particular moment. In the moment, it would probably be best to not focus on how many times in the past he has not listened, but only talk about right then and there if you feel it is an important thing he listens to. But, if you want to address an ingoing issue of him ignoring you, you might find a time when you are both calm and ask to talk to him. Explain that you’d like his full attention and that this is something very important to you. Try ti use "I" statements, so he doesn’t feel attacked this helps people listen better) and explain why it matters to you that he listens and what it feels like for you when he ignores you and what makes you feel he is ignoring you. It can also be a good idea to enter a conversation with an idea of how you think you both can improve things, and end the conversation with some problem solving. If things get heated/angry, you might both pause for a break/breather, but set a specific time to resume conversations so this is talked the whole way through. If nothing changes and you are still feeling ignored, you might discuss ending the relationship, or just end it as that is an option). Or, you could change your expectations of him and his attention, or find times he is more likely to listen and save important talks or meaningful chats for that time.

It really depends on why they might be ignoring you. I’m not saying this is the case, just an example but if you’re acting in a way that you don’t realise and it upsets him, he could be ignoring you because he doesn’t know how to deal with you. However, this might not be the case and it would be better if you give him his own space when this happens and once he’s ready to talk, ask him why he ignored you. Whatever he says, try not to take it personally. Getting offended won’t solve anything. Listen to what he says, hear him out. Think about what he tells you and how it’s affecting him. Think about how you can improve on the things he’s stated. I know it’s hard not to play the blame game and I know it’s hard not to let your ego get the best of you but to make a relationship work, you need to be willing to listen and work on your problems together. Being against each other won’t make either of you happy and you’ll simply be stuck in a rut. I don’t mean to cause any offence and I hope this helps.

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Let your boyfriend know that you feel ignored and why, and that you are telling him so that you can maybe find a way to feel better together, such as, "I feel ignored when you don’t answer me back, and it makes me feel worthless. I know you probably don’t intend to make me feel bad, but I’d like to find a way we can both feel better somehow." Try to stay calm, honest, and open-minded. It may be better to wait until a quiet moment to have this conversation. In moments where you feel ignored and do not feel comfortable talking to the person about it, it’s okay to think it through on your own too. Recognize that you feel ignored, and think about what action or lack of action is triggering that feeling. Think about how you felt just before you perceived you were being ignored. Think about specifically what you would have liked to happen instead. These questions may provide good tools for future conversations on the subject, or they may shed light on underlying issues. Good luck! You deserve to feel heard and validated too.