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I would buy two stoves. I have experimented with trying to heat from basement and it always ended up being the downstairs was 85 and still chilly upstairs. I ended up with a stove upstairs that does a good job for most of the winter except for a couple weeks in Jan then I start the second stove in the basement which keeps everything comfortable. We have two stairways and hot air flows up one and cold air down the other We have washer and dryer downstairs and of course water heater. We have a three bedroom Ranch style house about 2400 sq feet on main floor and same in basement. I bought two stoves 50,000 BTU the same brand and model so my parts will interchange if needed and I have a small spare parts inventory so I have parts if something goes bad.

You can’t make heat go down very well so don’t expect a stove upstairs to heat down stairs. Actually I wouldn’t expect a stove downstairs to do the job when it gets real cold either. Considering you are building the house from new it should be tight with good windows and lots of insulation. Make sure you insulate the basement walls as the cold seeps through the walls 24-7.

If your basement is well insulated (outside wall and inside 2 or 3 inch foam board…or better yet, foam blocks with solid concrete walls) then anything you place down there should keep you toasty. I’d put a couple propane fully vented wall units down there and make sure you have a few vents placed into your floor above so that heat, if needed, can get upstairs should the P61A or Absolute 63 installed in your great room fails.

Given you’re only heating 1200 square ft. and I assume are installing good quality double pain or more argon glass filled windows, the P61A or 63 is more than adequate to heat that space. Especially with the backup propane and a properly insulate basement and house…..Post some pics when your build is complete. Good luck.

PS….You mentioned a few posts back that choosing two pellet stoves would economically make a whole house propane furnace a better option, consider that wood pellets or a wood stove or a wood boiler heat output is far more instant, comfortable, consistent, and for a lack of a better word, intense….Ask anyone on this website who has tried to heat their house with fuel oil or propane or even electric and I’d bet they’ll back me up in my claim that wood heat simply can’t be beat…..If you’re willing to put up with the minor inconvenience of using it, its thermal qualities and intensity is far superior to any other heating option. Especially in cold climates.

What happened was I stumbled upon a Kijiji ad for a 1 yr old PelPro 130 for $1k CDN..that included the chimney and 10 bags of pellets…having already done the research and seen a new PP130 in the Winnipeg Home Depot I knew it was a deal so I jumped and bought it.

Am I happy with it….absolutely 100% happy: at first I was concerned because the built in thermostat wouldn’t let me run it on automatic (starting and stopping like a furnace to maintain temp) at a set temp of less that 65f. I didn’t want the garage to be at 65f while I wasn’t there, preferring 50f or so.

The workaround turned out to be simple…I just turned the thermostat down to minimum continuous (that’s about 10k btu)… at -30c for weeks on end…did I mention this winter would NOT end…the PP130 kept the garage between 50f-60f depending on the wind and weather…using 130 lbs of pellets ever 4 – 4.5 days.

It is very easy to clean but requires an ash vac to do the job efficiently (I bought a PowerSmith PAVC102 10 Amp 4 Gallon Ash Vacuum with 2 Ash Filters from Amazon.ca..it was $119 CDN free delivery)… it gets the burn pot cleaned out weekly and a thorough cleaning monthly. A more thorough cleaning is easily accomplished in 20 minutes with absolutely no ash in the room escaping from the vacuum. The glass does gets dirty when running constantly on low but clears up when I bump the temp up to work in the shop.

The differences between the bottom and top tier stoves are obvious, heavier gauge steel in the entire construction, better quality components (blowers, motors, igniters etc)..it’s in the middle I found the differences sometimes subtle like looks. Controls or the ability to finely adjust the stove (combustion air flow, room convection air flow, auger speed, ability to use a remote wired or wireless thermostat, self diagnosis of faults etc etc).

I had considered a very highly rated (here on Hearth) stove called the Serenity which can be had for about $1k USD. But even from Winnipeg or Kenora (only about 3 hours from a Menards store in the US of A) I couldn’t make a financial case for buying it given the exchange at $1.30, the drive (fuel) $150ish round trip and a variety of unknowns like the border "screw-you fees" (coming back to Canukistan) so bought a local stove.

At the bottom end I went to the factory where the KOZI stoves are made in Winnipeg and spoke to the sale guy… he knew just enough to sell the stoves but made too many statements that were "out there" like there demo stove was only cleaned once a season… I could see that it was nearly spotless so that was a misrepresentation at best…. I asked about the price of replacement parts and got only "they are reasonably priced" and we never have to sell any cause they last a long time. I ran away thinking it was like walking into a Skoda Dealership (I’m old enough to remember those).

I tried to speak to a salesperson about the TimberRidge stoves at Cdn Tire but no one was over 16 or gave a sh–. I was left to look at them and concluded they were similar at best to PelPro but higher priced. I also know that returning anything the Cdn Tire is nearly impossible vs HD.

Harman was my first choice (but I couldn’t find one used/demo or deal so I got the next best thing): I visited a dealer just outside Winnipeg who sells Harman and PelTec.. I LOVED the Harman stoves.. it was like looking at a Mercedes after shopping for Skodas (no I don’t have a MB…… or a Skoda)… the step up in all aspects is easy to see.. it is in the $4k and up stoves I saw the bottom feeders (Harman, PelTec,Osburn) and the need to clean these stoves less frequently vs top feeder is a huge advantage (given my wife is an equal participant in this). It was the $$$$$$$$$$ of these bottom feeders that scared me away ($4400 to $6000 CDN) and that’s before chimney and floor pad..add another $1k to that.