What to expect when getting dentures from start to finish-my experience healdove gas in back and stomach


I think this is the very first thing we worry about when we begin thinking about. I don’t recall ever worrying about it too much because I was in so much pain that I really didn’t care as long as it wasn’t going to be a long time. Going without any teeth for a long period of time and letting my face flap around and look like a skeleton was a concern, of course.

Most dentists nowadays have what they call a "temporary or immediate set" of dentures which they place immediately after your last teeth are pulled. If you really are concerned about this, first ask your dentist whether they give you a temporary set immediately after the last pulling of your teeth. Same Day Dentures

There are clinics that do offer same day dentures. They usually make an appointment for you early in the morning and extract your teeth and then they will have you come back later in the afternoon to get your dentures. You would just have to call and find out exactly how they do that because each same-day clinic does it different. Remember, most of the same day denture clinics do not accept insurance.

At first, trying to eat with can be tricky. You May want to start off with soft foods to get used to eating with dentures. It will never be the same because you can’t eat some food the way you used to. A lot of food will be easier to eat than others; to eat a raw carrot or celery was out of the question, for me anyway.

I do know other people who eat corn, apples, etc. I found that it basically was the quality of their teeth and plate. You may be able to eat them, with just smaller bites. It really depends on how well the quality is. Try to eat small bites and chew up your food well. I did choke a few times; test different foods until you get used to your teeth and know what you can and cannot handle. Chewing Gum With Dentures

Attention all gum chewers: If you don’t get Freedent gum or sugarless gum, you will be left in a mess. Myself, I can’t even chew sugarless. The best thing to do is try chewing gum at home first to see what gum you can chew. If you don’t and you go out in public and didn’t choose the right gum, you will have gum literally sticking to the roof of your plate and it will be everywhere when you try to pull it off. You may actually have to even pull your teeth out as you pull the gum off the teeth and scrape the gum off. These are all just things you really need to know that no one bothered to tell me.

Do not try to glue them yourself; even if it’s a clean break. There is a special type of bonding material the lab uses and you can actually ruin your denture if you choose to do it yourself. I have to be honest, it probably won’t work anyway. My husband broke his bottoms and used Gorilla Glue because the break was right in the middle of his. Yes, I agree, totally stupid thing to do (chemicals, etc.). Let’s just say it held together for one day.

I recommend contacting your Dentist for any repairs. They can usually repair it if it’s a good clean break and not in pieces. It cost us $100 because the break was right in the middle and perfectly straight. There are denture repair kits you can purchase but I personally didnt have any luck with it.

If you drop your teeth and the tooth breaks, don’t panic. Usually the Dentist can repair that to. It would have to be sent to the lab for repair (unless your dentist has his own lab). I dropped my tops in the hospital and it hit the hard floor; it broke the front tooth in half. Until I was able to get to the dentist, I had a half of tooth. The lab fixed it in one day, thankfully, but since it was a tooth, my bill was $175.

First of all, let me tell you that putting your girl’s first was the absolute most important thing to do as a parent, that is my opinion, so doing something for yourself now, you should not feel guilty and you should be proud of yourself for even taking the step… With that said, you can get used to Dentures! They are not the most easiest things to adjust to; however, if you have gone through life without any other problems then they may be a bit of a hindrance more so for at first.

I, on the other hand, have had my share of health issues and therefore, getting Dentures was more of an inconvenience more than anything in my life. Because of that issue, I just kind of did what I had to do just to get through the next step in life… If you also can do that, I’m sure you will be fine.

He adjusted very quickly and I was really really surprised! His teeth are beautiful and he’s got a wonderful smile that I did not even know he really had for several years… Although, I still do get after him because he does take his teeth out before he eats anything! Unless we are out somewhere in public, he will wear them, but at home if he’s eating ice cream-he will still take them out!

A lot of this is misleading. I’ve worked in a denturist office (in Canada) for 8 years. While there are pros and cons to both immediate dentures and standard dentures, we go over everything with patients so they understand fully. Immediate dentures work as a band aid, which is a plus, but when they are constructed, we have to accommodate for swelling which leaves you with shells for teeth. Not only are they more expensive, patients will be back and forth for adjustments while they heal, and we say most people require a reline within the first 6 months, and another in 8-10 months, which is not included in the cost of the dentures. You will need a new denture in 5 years. We advise patients to have teeth extracted, and heal for 3-4 months. The majority of swelling has gone down in this time, and patients usually do not require a reline for 1-2 years.

Secondly, absolutely go back if you are having problems with your dentures. There are a lot of small thing that can go wrong, and it’s not always easy to catch. If they pop up when you open your mouth or talk, they may be too long in certain areas.

If you are having you use a denture adhesive, then something is wrong. You should not have to use these products if your denture is fitting properly and correctly. You should be able to eat whatever you want to eat (apples, corn, etc.) We also don’t advise patients to use polident or overnight soaks as the chemical soaks into the denture and can weaken the material (think soaking clothes in bleach). Yes they work, but you will ALWAYS have to use them. Just brush your dentures twice a day with regular toothpaste.

I had my teeth taken out on Monday. I love to eat so that’s been the hardest part for me. I haven’t smiled with my mouth open in years and I’m only 29. I didn’t know that I had two very bad infections In two teeth and I’m glad I had them out. I’m on my 7th day with them and they are getting loose because my swelling is going down. I go back Monday for a check up and to have new ones because where I went the first time didn’t fit me right so now I kinda look like Mr. Ed lol my top lip is sticking out a little because the teeth are to big. However the Dr I used is ordering me new ones that will fit because he is not happy with them being to big that he is even paying for them to get fixed out of pocket because he wants them to be right. The second day I questioned myself. Why did I get this done but now the 7th day I’m still having to eat soft food because the teeth are to big and don’t line up. Other then that I’m smiling with my mouth open while just walking through the house cuz now I can show my teeth. I didn’t find this until after I got them done and even know the teeth are to big I still don’t have to use any glue and that’s a good thing. You were right on. I’m so happy now that I got them done. No more toothach and finally as being young I can smile again without embarrassing myself.