What to pack for a long road trip in a small car que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje


Obviously, when you’re packing a small car for a long road trip, you don’t want to fill it with stuff you won’t use. Start by thinking about the season you’ll be traveling in, as well as how long you’ll be gone, and what you plan to do on your trip. 8 gas laws Road tripping with kids and/or dogs will take extra considerations, of course. gas efficient cars 2016 Our family is big on outdoor adventures, and we mainly travel in the summer, so our packing list usually reflects that.

Next, create a packing list, starting with supplies that your family can’t live without (clothes, food, and shelter), and moving on to items that may make your road trip more exciting and memorable (fishing poles, toys, games, books, and musical instruments). Recruit your kids to make lists of their own. Even if you have to nix the idea of bringing along the pet iguana or the boogie board, at least their ideas were in the running.

If you truly think you will have more stuff than will fit into your car, consider buying, renting, or borrowing a car-top cargo carrier for extra gear. Even though ours isn’t the most beautiful, I don’t think we could road trip in our small car without it. gas gangrene We use the cargo carrier to hold all of our bedding, backpacks, tents, and souvenirs, while our trunk stores the food, cooking supplies and clothing. electricity manipulation Packing a Small Car for Camping

This packing list is for a months-long, cross-country road trip in a small car. It’s the road trip packing list that we used for a family of four on a summer trip. gas zauberberg To save money, and because we love being outdoors, we planned to cook almost every meal outside and camp every night of the trip. Your packing list will be much different if you are driving from hotel to hotel and eating in restaurants.

• Clothes – For each person, we pack underwear and socks for one week, a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts, bathing suit , one pair of pants, long underwear top and bottom, fleece pants, fleece pullover, wind-breaker/rain coat, wool cap, gloves, hiking boots, sandals, and one dress (for me). electricity usage by country Everyone’s clothing stash goes into a compression sack. We bring another compression sack for communal dirty laundry. The bags of clothes live in the trunk for easy access.

• Camping/Hiking – a light-weight sleeping bag and pad for everyone, small pillows, two tents suitable for car-camping and backpacking- one for the kids, one for the grown-ups, internal frame backpacks for everyone in case we decide to do some backpacking, headlamps, a lantern, and rope for a clothesline, Crazy Creek camp chairs (they pack flat), and mosquito head-nets. The camping gear lives in the cargo carrier, or as we like to say – “upstairs.”

• The Kitchen – In our car we are lucky enough to travel with a kitchen, a fridge, and a pantry (otherwise known as a duffel bag, cooler, and big plastic tub). In the duffel bag, we keep a double-burner Coleman camp stove , a backpacking stove, lightweight MSR deep dish plates , travel mugs, silverware, backpacking cookware, cooking utensils, two collapsible buckets for dish-washing, biodegradable dish soap, microfiber dish cloths, a tablecloth, matches, and propane. You can read more about our camp kitchen in this post.