What you should know about the ssi program social security matters gas vs electric oven for baking cakes


SSI provides monthly payments to people who are age 65 or older, completely or partially blind, or considered disabled under Social Security’s strict definition of disability. Social Security pays benefits to people who aren’t able to work due to a medical condition that’s expected to last at least one year or result in death. Blind or disabled children of parents with limited income and resources can also be eligible for the program.

To qualify for SSI, you’ll need to meet strict income and resources requirements. Income is money you earn, such as wages, disability benefits, and pensions. Income can also include the value of items you get from someone else, like food and shelter. Social Security doesn’t count all of your income, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Different states also have different rules on how much income you can bring in each month and still get SSI.

Resources include the things you own, although we don’t count everything. For instance, we don’t count a house you own and live in, and we usually don’t count your car. We do count income from rental property, bank accounts, cash, stocks, and bonds. Also, to receive SSI, you must meet other program rules about residency and citizenship. You can find more information about income and resources and eligibility requirements on our website.

The answer you won’t get from official channels is that the support for less government has many results. inert gas definition chemistry One of the big ones is loss of staff because budget cuts are made to all agencies regardless of their importance to the public. Chances are your elected officials in Congress have contributed to this. Less money to spend means less hiring. Hiring is not tied to real need so the idea that government can be like business is false. Anyone running a business would not risk doing to their customers what your elected officials are doing to you by not letting SSA hire the number of employees needed to provide the level of service you spent your whole life paying for through your taxes. This translates into longer waits for hearings, longer lines at offices, longer waits to get through on the phone, delays in getting changes made and some local offices and stations closing. Since an agency is not competing, cost savings can be made by your elected officials knowing you have no where else to go. If you want better you need to hold elected officials accountable for what you paid for.

I have no faith in SSI here in CA. When I first went on SSDI I was also given a stipend of $157 a month in SSI. Over the ensuing years, politicians have whacked away at my SSI to balance their budgets. The result is that after ten year plus, I’m bringing home $57 less than I was ten years ago. Every time I’d get a small COLA, California took an axe to my SSI claiming that it was SUPPLEMENTAL, every time my SSDI managed to creep upward, my SSI was supposed to go down by a like amount. Trouble is it went down a whole faster than my SSDI was going up until finally I had no SSI at all and my SSDI was nowhere near what the combination of the two had been at the start, hence the hole I’m still in today. So I don’t get all that excited over these stories about how all these wonderful programs are there just for us elderly disabled working poor types because I know if the pols think they need that money worse than I do they’re going to take it. When I’m back to where I’m getting at least what I was getting in 2005, we can talk but at COLAs consisting of less than three dollars a year, it’s not likely to happen in what’s left of my lifetime.

Tom, I understand your predicament. I get just enough SSDI to be ineligible for SSI or any other assistance, such as food stamps or heating assistance. a gas station near me If I got less SSDI, I would have more in combined assistance. So, I now stand in line at various pantries (mostly church run and/or church funded) in need of charity to make ends meet. I guess this is what has become of “separation of church and state.” That would be funny, but it’s not. I don’t think anyone understands, until it happens to them, how devasting and depressing the situation can be. I am thankful to have what I do. I know others are finding it much more difficult to get by. However, having relatives in “poorer” countries, I also know that seniors and people with disabilities are often better off in a socialist (NOT COMMUNIST – for those of you, who have been brainwashed into being phobic) society. Why is it that the “self-proclaimed greatest country in the world” can’t do better for it’s less fortunate members? No one, who has worked all their life, all of a sudden wants a handout. We just want to be able to live with a modicum of dignity and not be made to feel like failures. The truth is, you can do everything right and still have it go terribly wrong. I wish you all the best and hope you can find some way to make things better.

You can’t imagine my disappointment when I learned it was 0.3 and not 3.0 percent. That turned out to be nothing compared to the fact that the resulting dollar amount was exactly equal to the amount of the increase in my Medicare. So, basically, no increase. They may just as well have made it a 30%, heck why not even a 300%, increase, if the net result to me was going to be $0.00 in the end. I practically had a nervous breakdown. All I was looking for was a few extra dollars each month, so I could afford one gallon of milk. Honestly, I don’t know what made me believe that Congress, who manages to give themselves raises whenever they like, would lift a finger to help those, who truly need it. I wonder… Do any of them have to do without milk if it goes up 10 cents? The system is completely broken and none of us should be surprised by anything that happens. I really just wish, as the saying goes, “they would stop pissing on my head, while telling me it’s raining.” I moved to TN 8 years ago, in order to be in a “no income tax” state. Well, since I have no taxable income, that turned out to be pointless. And, now I live where the sales tax is almost 10%. So, basically, I decreased my income by moving here. A word of warning: It’s going to get much worse, very soon.

Yeah, wow, you can live like royalty on $731 a month. Why don’t you apply instead of complaining?@topaz: nothing in your post is true. electricity merit badge worksheet You may have hired an attorney who is incompetent or dishonest, but that has nothing to do with the SSA nor the SSDI process itself. Additionally, you are never “locked in” to any particular attorney; they work for YOU and if you’re not satisfied with the job they’re doing then fire them and find another. gas and bloating pain You also need to remember you have to take a little initiative as well; call your attorney and ask for updates on a regular basis. Finally, if your attorney really is doing what you claim, then you need to file a complaint against the attorney with the Bar association in your state. It costs you nothing and they will investigate your claim quickly. Again however, you need to cooperate with them and provide all the information they ask for in a timely manner, just as you need to do with your current attorney. If there is “fraud” going on as you claim, it is NOT being perpetrated by the SSA.

Hey my name is ernestina Ortega I have a comment when you’re on SSI do you supposed to get more money like to help you and if you have a child that’s not on disability I need more money to help to support me and my child cuz I’m making very low and come every single month and I want to know is when you live on your own with your child would you give us to help with like rent bills food clothing and stuff so the reason why I asked that cuz I am on my own I’m living on my own and I’ve been living on my own since I was in my twenties so that’s all I was asking for is just a little help if you help those people I need so but if your on Social Security would you get more benefits from SSI program means to take care of yourself in your child cuz my child is not on disability and I wanted to know can you make it possible or happen so but I have dreams that I want to do like there’s things I want to do I wish I could make money on the side but it’s whole hard to Soul but that’s all I had to ask to see if you will help someone in need thank you for your time hopefully hear from you God bless you and bye bye

I applied for supplemental security income in June of 2017. I was denied because I was 240 dollars over the limit to qualify. I appealed this decision in July. I sent them all of my financial records as they requested and it seems as if it still is not enough. They want the same information again after I had already sent them what they wanted. I called the central call center at 1 800 772 1213

but when I called back just last week the person I talked to told me they had requested more financial records about the money I have. I appealed in July, and again in September along with all of my financial records. It is now the last week of November and they want the same information I had already sent them. I called the central call center and the person I talked to said they had sent me a notice about how I was to send this information in.

I am going to do the only thing else I can do and that is going to the local office, which actually isn’t my local office because it is in a different county than the one I live in. I am going to have my bank give me two copies of my monthly statements, notarized and signed as received by the local office. I don’t know what else I can do because I have six hundred dollars to my name and if this doesn’t work I stand the chance to lose everything I have because I can not pay the property tax on my house or the insurance on my car. Cna someone please help me? I do not have nowhere else to go. And no one else to talk to.

This doesn’t tell me how many hours I can work if I’m disabled. And receiving SSI and disability. I’m 36 and recieve just enough to cover the necessary bills. Nothing extra. No phone or cable, or even money for medicine. My son & I don’t even live payday to payday. gas apple pay So I’m looking for something to let me know what is the legal amount I can work online to support my child. Its weird that I recieve the same amount as my sister and her bf. Their household income from the gov to them is double my household income. They are not reporting they live together and they use half their money on meth. How in the world is this possible and acceptable to the government? People are lying to the government and nothing happens to them. Yet I’m honest…cause I hate liars. And yet I can’t find anywhere for help with household needs of bills. Ugh. Sorry for whining about stuff. It just really ticks me off when I see 2 people, and these aren’t the only ones I’ve seen getting benefits by lying. Cause I see other ppl tht really need help and can’t get the help needed. What is so freakin wrong with the world?