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The reality is, BMW wouldn’t be making the 3-series if people weren’t buying them. It fits into the small(er) sedan demographic, and it’s certainly a step up from any accord/camry/maxima you can find. If you consider the handling of a BMW even remotely the same as a Accord then you made a mistake buying the car. The 3-series is more of an introduction into the luxury world than anything else. I don’t see why people constantly criticize the interior of BMWs as being outdated. What are you expecting? To sit in a spaceship with 1,000s of buttons glowing and flashing different colors? As for the money you paid, that is your own issue. No one told you to buy a brand new car. I can’t see how people justify buying cars new anyway.

PS: I’m not trying to come off as sounding offended by your statements, just defending my opinions of the brand. You’re more than welcome to keep your opinions. You wasted an incredible amount of money buying a car you obviously didn’t do the research on.

I think you made some good points. I did not buy this new off the lot, i bought a demo for about13k off of list. I would NEVER have bought this car at sticker or near sticker. that said, i like the car for THAT price. My points still stand, the interior is dated especially compared to an audi. I know that a 328i is not a 335. but neither is a 320 which IMO is far worse a car than a 328 in the value standpoint and usually is a status seeker who wanted abmw,. but i digress. The handling on a bmw is superior to an accord of course but at a 328 or 320 level is that enough to offset the downsides in depreciation, cost and expense to maintain? i think not. the thrust of my argument is that competitors have taken the niche the 3 series had and destroyed it. I think the 3 will be hurt further by the switch to suv’s also. Sedans are trending downward fast and an over priced, expensive to maintain, low value proposition car is not going to cut it…

Thye are overly expensive new in relation to value and the thing depreciates like a rock thrown off a cliff, its expensive to maintain and repair, the power is similar to an accord, the handling is fun but nothing special, it gets good gas mileage but so do others in its class, the interior is dated and looks like next generation is just a regurgitation.The new one will be made by 2 dollar an hour employees in mexico, so much for german engineering I think the light has gone off and the competitors have passed bmw. This will be my last bmw.

Pretty much all your points have been valid about both BMW and MB since the 80’s. Enough people see "value" in the cars for them personally to buy them. Many people don’t, and buy Honda or whatever. "Value" in this case is not just money, but rather whatever factors are important to them (prestige, sport, comfort, luxury, whatever) in relation to the price tag.

For you the value is no longer there. No harm, no foul. That’s why we have choices; stiff competition makes everything better for the consumer in the end. If enough people abandon BMW then BMW will change its strategy; however their strategy has been phenomenally successful so it appears they’re on the right track for their corporate goals (which is to make money and gain marketshare, not to make cars for enthusiasts as many might think).

When I think of my MY2017 330i, I think of a solid, capable, comfortable, well rounded car that also looks fantastic. I have found the dealership experience also to be quite good. The leasing cost is quite digestible, but for my next car I think I want to purchase and hold for a long time like I used to do, and for that BMW may not be the best route.

These cars are not only expensive, they are expensive within their own segment. From what I see, the gap between the everyman cars and this entry level luxury segment has narrowed considerably. Many of the more prized features, namely safety gear, are included at little or no cost in the everyman cars whereas BMW sees them as a cash cow. They will soon have no choice but to include these features but of course will then have to find a way to raise the base price even more.

The main issue I have with the F30 is that it is nice in many ways, but isn’t special enough to warrant its price differential. Beyond the powertrain, which is a standout, I can’t point to anything that creates the kind of separation from mainstream cars that the price difference would suggest. Also, over time, I see so many things that BMW cuts corners on, that, to me, erode the ownership experience. Tinted glass? Sorry fellow. Those cheap caps on the 12V outlets instead of proper hinged covers? You have to be kidding. No height adjustment for the safety belts. No daytime luminescence of the instrument cluster. The ridiculous lock/unlock toggle button that gives you no clue whether you just locked or unlocked all the doors. The underpowered sound systems. The questionable marriage to run flat tires. The withholding of features within iDrive that would cost them nothing to include, leaving customers to seek out 3rd party hacking solutions. How does all this develop customer loyalty to the brand?