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“There’s only promises. [We were] told that Our Lucaya was about to be sold; it was never sold…People are still waiting. You have a lot of kids that came out of school very highly educated but have nothing to do; they end up in Burger King, Wendy’s or [at] the gas station.

In its Article IV consultation staff report released this month, the International Monetary Fund said the Bahamian economy grew by 1.3 percent in 2017, noting that economic activity has been supported by the completion of Baha Mar, the new FDI-financed projects, a stronger U.S. economy, and post-hurricane reconstruction activity.

Last December, when the government announced that Canadian real estate development company Wynn Group signed a letter of intent with Hutchison Whampoa for the sale of the Grand Lucayan hotel strip in Freeport, it expected the sale to be completed by February.

Last month, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s MV Grand Classica made its inaugural visit to Grand Bahama, and on May 2, GIBC Digital, a global technology firm, announced that it is opening an office in Freeport with an initial $2.5 million investment, and 50 jobs.

When respondents were asked to reflect on the last 12 months and indicate whether their income was generally sufficient to make ends meet each month, 47 percent stated that their earnings were usually insufficient to cover their living expenses.

When income was insufficient to cover household expenses, 40 percent of respondents saw reducing spending as the solution to covering their expenditures, followed by working a second/third job (17 percent), and borrowing money from family and friends (10 percent).

Talking with the folks in the yard – who were welcoming despite the fact that we showed up uninvited – we broached a sensitive subject: With all the men in the yard, why was there so much trash about the place? Why could they themselves not clean up the trash?

“From the ‘Labour on the Blocks’ initiative, I think that we are probably approaching close to 1,500 in terms of verifiable new employment, but on a regular basis, businesses call into the Department of Labour to access our data base to seek referrals for jobs.

“We see a marked increase in that traffic and I think a lot of it has to do with the tourism sector doing well. Baha Mar, Atlantis, Sandals, Breezes, all of the hotels in New Providence and on Paradise Island have reported a very robust season.”

To be fair, the current challenges faced by the government with respect to job creation and economic empowerment for its people is not unique to The Bahamas – though that fact does not diminish the need for focused attention on reducing unemployment and broadening economic empowerment.

The Bahamas is benefiting from U.S. economic growth. News that people are struggling in large numbers in the biggest economy in the world, will likely not mean anything to the many Bahamian households who find it difficult to survive in the modern economy.

“I think there are a lot of reasons and I think you would find a lot of discouraged workers are now seeking jobs because of the growth and vibrancy in the economy and this was evidenced by the turnout at our Labour on the Blocks events,” he said.

“I’ve been doing it to survive, but it’s not something I’m comfortable doing. Carpentry, dry wall, I get really passionate about them because they give me room for elevation,” he said, adding that he has been out of consistent work for the last three months.