When i get hot i get extrmely itchy skin forum conditions and diseas electricity voltage in norway


Whenever I get hot, I begin to itch extremely bad , or when I get nervous or embarassed. Usually when I do a phyisical activity , I can only do it for a short period of time because after a while I get hot and the itching begins and it becomes unbearble. Also whenever the weather is hot I also get very itchy. Whenver I am nervous or embarassed it also happens. When I get itchy its seems to spread all over my body and the more I scratch it and think about it the more it itches. The only way for me to make the itching stop is to get cool fast , by getting in the shade and drinking something cool , just trying to cool my body down ,but I just have to get cool quick then it stops. One time I tried to go for a jog but I began to get hot and I started to itch so badly the only for me to make it stop was to hop in the shower and take a cold one. Does anyone else have this problem ? If so whats the solution. I haven’t talk to a doctor about it but maybe I should because its definetly conflicts with my daily activities.

Hello. I have read so many posts about this kind of rash since I started getting it this summer. Out of the blue. It has to be food related. this is my story. I’m hoping to pinpoint what it is and electricity in salt water experiment I will let you know. I’m female, 64 years old. The only allergy I’ve ever had is to penicillin. No food allergies. This started 8 weeks ago. If I start to heat up – either from sun, inside doing vacuuming, watching a tense movie, so heart rate starts to climb – my arms and legs become covered with a red splotchy rash and it stings and itches really bad. It is not a raised rash. It is not blisters or little bumps like prickly heat. It doesn’t look like blisters or welts. Just looks like someone took a red magic marker and marked on me under my skin in a swirly pattern. As far as sweating, my head/hair, face and neck sweats, but no sweat on my body – arms, legs stomach, back. It’s like the sweat is trapped under the skin. And, if I get hot, even though I have no sweat on my lower body, my neck, face and scalp sweat really bad. My hair gets wet from the sweat. For the past few weeks, almost every night astrid y gaston lima menu prices my eyes start watering, my eyes itch, my nose itches, my ears itch both inside and on the outside, and my face itches. It has gotten so bad that it is interfering with my sleep. During this time when my head and face are itching, I’m not having the bad red rash on my arms and legs and they don’t itch or sting. I am having hair loss and my normally oily hair feels dry and brittle- kind of like dried straw, and my tongue feels like it has been burnt on hot coffee all the time. Rough, red bumps, sore to touch and is almost white every morning – covered with a pasty looking stuff – goes away somewhat after I brush. And, my mouth seems very dry, like I’m not gas x side effects making enough saliva to swallow easily sometimes. This all started the second Saturday in June – I was sitting outside at a restaurant, then I had a repeat on July 3 – I was steam cleaning my carpets inside my air conditioned house, so I don’t think it is sun related. Both times, after I cooled down, the stinging stopped and my skin went back to normal. It is becoming much frequent and for the last 2-3 weeks, I can see the spots all over my arms and legs all the time, although they get much redder when my body heats up and then the stinging/itching starts. My skin and scalp and hair are normally oily, but now my skin is VERY dry and feels like a dry paste. I went to my doctor and he really had no idea, except to say it is probably prickly heat rash. But, I don’t get blisters and it doesn’t take hours to go away like prickly heat. I have had friends who have this and my rash does not look or behave like theirs. The doctors are running more blood tests, and I’m sure they won’t know what it is, but will give me antibiotics, steroids and creams. I think I have either have a really bad Candida yeast overrun or have an overabundance of histamine. I am starting back on coconut oil. If it is yeast that should help. I’m really miserable and am basically a captive in my house. I can’t exercise. I can’t walk my dogs. I can’t go out in the sun. I can’t go to night time concerts without being miserable. And, trying to have sex is miserable. So far, as soon as it starts, I’ve been able to put cool water or an ice pack on my arms and legs and get cooled off and it settles down and stops burning and itching. I don’t really know what might happen if I was somewhere that I couldn’t get cooled down. The rash might go on to blister and might get even more painful c gastritis. I definitely think my sweat glands on my arms and legs are blocked and possibly are probably infected. I’m sitting at work right now, cool as I can be, and my arms and legs have red splotches on them. No pain or itching, but over the past couple of weeks, the redness isn’t going away. It just gets much redder and stings once it starts. I’ve done a lot of research, but haven’t found anything that sounds like this. Checked Lyme disease and Lupus, but doesn’t sound like those. Got the results of my blood tests and all of my blood counts look pretty normal, as far as kidney and liver output and red and white cells, mast cells etc 1 unit electricity price india. Nothing out of the ordinary. Plus my skin on my arms and legs just looks weird. Lots of weird looking little lines running everywhere – like I have no moisture in the skin and I’m Extremely dehydrated. My hair is so dry and brittle and it is coming out and breaking off really bad. It feels like straw and hot oil treatments are doing nothing. When all this begin in June, I started making a list of anything new I was using. There was nothing I could think of. No new makeup, shampoo, laundry detergent. No new clothing. I did start taking Biotin in May, but stopped it once I had the first flare up. There were only a couple of new things I had been eating or drinking. One thing I have read in my research is that too much MSG can cause you to have too much histamine in your body. I really try to not eat things with MSG, but I also found out that now there are several alternative MSGs that companies are using, so you won’t see “MSG or Monosodium glutamate” in the ingredients. These new products are: Sodium Metabisulfite – also shown as disodium, sodium bisulfite , sodium sulfite. I’ve gone over everything I’ve been eating or drinking over the past few months. I’ve probably had 2 or 3 glasses of white wine total. I don’t drink cokes or sodas. Pretty much it’s coffee, regular tea, lemonade, tomato juice and water. I did start drinking Starbuck’s Very Berry refreshers in May. I was drinking 2 or 3 a week, Venti size. This has green coffee bean extract, which can affect histamines from what I’ve read. I stopped drinking them 3 weeks ago, but no improvement yet. I also started trying to drink more water this summer. I don’t like plain water, so I was putting a couple of big squirts of liquid ReaLemon in each glass for flavor – drinking 5-8 glasses a day. I checked on the ReaLemon ingredients and it has Sodium Metabisulfite ( a new MSG alternative). So, I was getting quite a bit of MSG. I stopped drinking it in my water last week. No improvement yet. At this point, if I do have a histamine overload, I’m not sure how long it will take to get back to normal. I’ve tried Benedril, but it puts me to sleep and I cannot work I’m so drowsy. Even thought my skin is still red, I haven’t experienced the bad burning and stinging electricity physics pdf in several days, but I also have not gotten over heated, but it could be one of these items. But, my scalp, ears, eyes, nose are still itching really bad every evening and I’m waking up a couple times a night with the itching. We are pretty clean, so I don’t think it is dust mites. Husband is not having any issues. I did start using a Febreeze plug in this spring, so stopped those, too. I had a real bad night last night. Severe itching on head and face, woke up several time during the night itching. So, this morning, made a list of everything I ate yesterday and started looking up ingredients. Found 2 items that have Thiamine Mononitrate in them. One is Lance low-fat brand cheese and peanut butter crackers. I’ve been eating these all summer. Sometimes 2 packs a day. I’m beginning to think this is the culprit.

I have the exact same problem. My doctor thought it was an allergy but I convinced her it wasn’t. I never had any visible symptoms, just itching that was unexplainable. Up until I got terrible outbreaks two days ago, I just thought it was a nervous reaction. I started seeing tiny hives, and now I’m convinced it’s CU (cholinergic urticaria). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholinergic_u

There’s also a large thread in the allergy section I believe. Trust me, I have the EXACT same problem, it’s unbearable, it’s more concentrated on my torso and back, but recently since it’s gotten hotter it’s been all over my legs, knees, thighs, feet, arms, hands even fingers! It’s terrible and I’ve got no clue what stops it, I just know for sure cold water applied to the area brings it down almost immediately, and a cold shower is instant relief. I’m going to see a neurologist on Thursday and hopefully bp gas locations I’ll get a straight answer. If not I’ll try an allergist and dermatologist and I’ll post any remedies here. I know how painful it is, it’s been happening for the past 5-6 months now.