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I composed my first short story at the competition held during the last book fair at L&T. Rahul, the protagonist of my story had a strong desire to connect with kids at his native village. He found his way towards the end of the story. Rahul was a reflection of my own desires. gas utility He found his way, but I was yet to find till last Independence Day!

I was invited as a guest at the school in my village in Murbad Tehsil of Thane District. The invitation was for a cultural program on occasion of Independence Day. Students delivered passionate & powerful speeches on Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak and Rani Lakshmi Bai and alike. They sang songs of patriotism. I was highly impressed with their preparation, fantastic delivery with pitch & voice modulation accompanied with appropriate hand gestures. I felt insecure, unsure of my own capability to demonstrate a similar level of skills, if not better, in spite of formal training. I shared the dais with three other dignitaries, the trustee of school and local politician, an NGO representative and a well-known local reporter. gas in california This put me under more pressure.

I was prepared to handle this. I pulled a transparent jar out of my bag and placed it on the table. The jar had many chits of folded white paper. Not only kids but even the dignitaries on dais also started looking at jar with a puzzled look. electricity related words Then I called a cute little boy from the first row who had neatly parted oiled hairs. I asked him to open the jar and pull out 3 chits. Every chit had a title of a story written on it. A story of dreams, big dreams, and dreams those were achieved!

I started with my first story. A boy from a small village in Tamil Nadu read a newspaper article that talked about the use of fighter planes in World War II. He imagined himself flying. When he grew up, he was ranked 6th in selection for fighter pilots. But only 5 vacancies were there. He was none other than APJ Kalam. I continued my story sharing glimpses of his journey to the Presidency and how he became an icon of inspiration for youths.

My second story was of a small poor boy from Banglore. 6 gas laws He had lost his father at an early age. His mother struggled to feed him, his siblings and old fragile grandma. electricity consumption His father had left behind a barbershop. Today, this boy not only runs a barber shop but owns a couple of Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce cars. I shared the story of how it all started with his dream to own a car, his first Maruti Omni and how he collected his fleet of 400+ royal cars. He is popularly known as Billionaire Barber – Ramesh Babu. You can watch his TED Talk on YouTube.

The third story was of a woman who fought with all odds to achieve her dreams. She was born in a poor family which could not even feed her. Hence she was kept in an orphanage. b games virus She was married at a young age and become a mother of two. Her new family too was starved for food. She worked as a labourer in farm fields. Today she is CEO of a software company operating in the US. The company has a turnover above 100 crores. I shared the inspiring journey of Jyothi Reddy of Key Software Solutions.

I concluded my speech with the importance of dreaming big. Irrespective of your cast, creed, religion, family background, place; everything is possible if you dream big and work hard to achieve it. My jar had 16 such stories out of which 3 were told on the occasion. 13 were still remaining. I gave a homework to the principal. He has to arrange to draw a chit every month and let students search the details of the story from the title on the chit. Let them find out and share it with their classmates what they have discovered. gas bike alley This will make them look at the world outside, beyond their textbooks and classrooms. Who knows, someday someone else like me will be telling a story of a kid from this school!