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No system is going to be perfect so I’m a bit disappointed that the article is a weighted towards the positive without balancing the argument. For example, ‘smart working’ may well encourage flexibility and increase productivity but I’m not so sure it encourages team working or knowledge sharing. electricity for beginners pdf Richard Bransen’s proposal can have major pitfalls (as described by others) because it can result in having to justify taking your leave every time you take it, particularly if those around you aren’t taking much. Much relies on having a robust performance management system that everyone trusts and buys into – basically, if you acheive what you’ve been asked to acheive, to the quality and time contraints that you’ve agreed, then that demonstrates you’ve managed your time appropriately and that should be that. However, if the system expects that you will always exceed what you’ve been asked to deliver or do more than everyone else, then when will it ever be safe to take leave? You have to create the right ethos to match the working arrangements.

I love this pie in the sky thinking which has absolutely no link to the real world of day to day civil service work. My partner worked out of a Jobcentre but was part of a national team. chapter 7 electricity test She scored in the top 10% 6 years in a row. New manager came in and insisted that all his staff had to work out of 3 hub offices – London, Sheffield or Leeds. After over 20 years of loyal service her job was re-organised from under her. When she started handing over the work it ended up being split between 2 grade 7 staff when they realised how much she actually did. (She was not a Grade 7.)

In my job all we do is count things and numbers drive the work. electricity and circuits ppt Forget all the talk about empowering people. electricity experiments elementary school You do not innovate here because if it goes wrong you will pay for it for a very long time. Also everything is driven by an IT system that is not fit for purpose but we no longer have the funds available to pay for badly needed changes. Small numbers of staff were given laptops as they work remotely. A decision was then taken that all staff should go to their base office and if they want to work from home they have to ask for permission to do so and produce an item of work to show they weren’t skiving. (Civil Service Empowerment in action.)

If senior management believe this guff they really need to go undercover and learn the truth of the organisations they "manage". electricity equations physics Spend 12 weeks trying to get some stationery ordered because they split your team but never gave you a budget. Spend 9 months trying to get a special chair for someone with a back problem. Staff marked down at the end of the year because 10% have to be in the bottom.

92-2008 I worked HMIT/Collection/HMRC. 2002-5 it was at the peak of my experience there. We had IDMS computer system, work control was easier than the old blue screen system, Lidbury Techniques meant we had the tools to pin down non-payers, etc. ideal gas definition chemistry This was when we in the local offices had a target to answer the phone within 7 rings – and we did (I’m embarressed when friends now complain how long it takes to get through and get someone to sort something, including my wife, who was at one point the Senior Office Manager for all of Beds, Bucks and Oxon, and now does payroll for a local organisation. A problem with PAYE that I would have sorted in 5 minutes over the phone took a 40 minute phone call, plus 2 days for the paperwork- I feel sorry for my former colleagues who are wrongly assumed by public and government to be the culprits)

One would have thought benchmarking was to solve that. chapter 7 electricity and magnetism Of course it was just a job cutting exercise. Very little of the multitude of audit requirements have been removed. No one has asked us how we do the job here, nor has there been any nationwide roll out of techniques and best practice – WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF BENCHMARKING. I did write and tell them- never got a response. I will happily say this all face to face to the HMPS Board.