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Litecoin was always positioning itself as an “adoptable” Bitcoin by focusing on widening its adoption and use cases. And now we can witness an increased activity in the marketing strategy of Charlie Lee and his team – they always used hype about Bitcoin to promote Litecoin as something similar but more user friendly as compared to Bitcoin (“silver vs. gold”).

For example, the new Litecoin community project (announced in their Twitter) is revolving around having small and medium enterpises (SMEs) offering LTC as a payment method in exchange for their products and services. Another one of Litecoin’s noted steps towards getting it get massively adopted is agreement with Wirex which is actually connected to all major Visa debit cards, being the second crypto accepted by this wallet app (after Bitcoin), that way taking another step towards its strategy of having LTC globally accepted.

The partnership between Litecoin and TenX as announced as redemption for having failed at launching LitePay to provide a crypto debit card for this currency, the announcement of TenX and LTC partnering up quickly lightened up the entire situation. This is the case because TenX is planning on enabling debit card for Litecoin in the spirit of offering a switch solution for LitePay that just couldn’t happen when it was supposed to: Is Litecoin (LTC) Changing Its Game Plan By Going For Mass Adoption?

Litecoin emerged onto the currency scene in 2011. It was designed to offer a maximum cap of 84 million as opposed to Bitcoin’s 21 million caps of supply of coins. In addition, Litecoin takes only the one fourth transaction time of Bitcoin and also comes with a lower price. That means the transaction that requires a minimum of 10 minutes to be accomplished by Bitcoin can be done in only 2.5 minutes with Litecoin. With that said, let’s have a glance at the predictions of this cryptocurrency.

Litecoin has more potential than Bitcoin and is capable of scaling far beyond anything Bitcoin is able to do at this moment. It speeds up the cryptocurrency transactions while maintaining low transaction cost. That means, Litecoin not only exchanges hands faster than Bitcoin, it also involves a fraction of the cost, regardless of the number of transactions. All of these factors may affect the price of Litecoin in the future.

Some people are predicting that Litecoin would be able to close the year 2018 at around $ 600 or so. That means it could be a good investment option in the long run. The growing rate of adoption and the general price movement of cryptocurrencies may fuel the price hike of LItecoin. Some expect the price of Litecoin to reach up to $1000. A cryptocurrency analyst George Tung says the Litecoin price can rise as high as $1500 in 2018. Well, it is hard to say how much it can rise but this is what experts are making of it.

This year the Bitcoin value has only appreciated by 1,300%. However, the value of Litecoin has appreciated by a staggering 2,400%. Referred as “silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” Litecoin is now seemed to soon emerge from Bitcoin’s shadow. If we consider the fact that the Litecoin price is projected to have grown steadily, it appears like the currency is silently clawing itself into recognition. If it continues, it is possible that it will soon beat the Bitcoin as the next best digital payment currency.

To sum up, Litecoin price predictions requires serious scrutiny from different angles. The underlying technology and the noticeable price hike give us a reason to believe that Litecoin is expecting sunny days ahead of it. However, this technology is still very immature, and it is difficult to know how it will exactly react in the future.

The most important reason why I think that Litecoin is the most stable – yes, MOST STABLE – cryptocurrency of all is the way it remained relatively unaffected with the most recent crash which the crypto market suffered at the beginning of this year.

Have doubts? Let’s talk about facts then. At the start of January 2018 when the whole crypto market was going bullish, the price of one Litecoin was $163, its largest ever. After the crash occurred and with other cryptocurrencies crest falling, the price of one Litecoin still remained stable over $150.

Since media portrays only bad news about the cryptocurrency market, you might have missed the news of the addition of Litecoin on Bitrefill. As veteran crypto watchers might tell, Bitrefill contains a list of lightning networks which accept various cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, now that the name of Litecoin has been added to the same list, it means that more and more people will be using this cryptocurrency in the coming days. So, with more people using it, the circulation of Litecoin will increase. That, in itself, is a huge sign which points towards a bright feature for Litecoin.

In the light of both these facts, it is easy for anyone to stay that Litecoin is making giant strides towards retaining its position as a major force in the crypto market for years to come. Therefore, answering your question one last time, Litecoin has gone nowhere.