Where nearly half of pupils are homeless, school aims to be teacher, therapist, even santa – the new york times

By the New York City Education Department’s count, 82,514 children in the city’s public schools were either in shelters, temporarily staying with relatives or family friends, or in some other makeshift living situation at some point during the last school year. Tropico 5 electricity There are about that many students in the entire public school system of Austin, Tex.

That figure includes families living in the shelter system, as well as those who have told the Education Department that they were “doubled up,” meaning that a family was living with another family, a description that encompasses enormous variation. Gas constant mmhg Parents might check that box if they had lost their apartment and moved in with a cousin and her husband who had a little extra space and a foldout couch.

In many instances, however, clutches of children and adults are crammed together in tiny apartments for months, even years. 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe That kind of crowding makes it difficult, maybe impossible, to get a good night’s sleep, to discipline a child or to concentrate on homework.

During a writing exercise in December, Maicol, a second grader at P.S. J gastroenterol hepatol 188, wrote to Santa, asking in blocky letters for $10,000 to buy a house. S gashi Maicol lived with seven other children and three adults in a small place in Bushwick, Brooklyn — 11 people in a one-bedroom apartment. Gas 4 less Funding Challenges

Among children living in shelters, a vast majority are black or Hispanic, and over all, homeless students are disproportionately young. Gas mask tattoo Roughly a third of all students in temporary housing fall between prekindergarten and second grade. Gas constant for nitrogen There are more homeless children in first grade than any other.

The administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, announced this year that the city would spend $30 million to address the needs of homeless students. Gas emoji Roughly $20 million of that money will go toward building health clinics at campuses where many students live in shelters.

The other $10 million will go to a few initiatives, including placing attendance specialists at the 35 shelters where students go to school the least, and buying BlackBerrys for Education Department employees who are placed in city shelters to help families navigate the school system. Z gas station Officials at the department said those efforts would build on existing programs for homeless children at shelters and schools.

It is not just the day-to-day absences of students that frustrate progress through the year, but also the changing composition of the class over all.

By the door to Ms. Kansas gas service login Inoa’s room, a colorful calendar plots out the birthdays of 31 children, but a class list taped to her desk from the beginning of the school year shows just 24 names.

With a calm, warm manner, Ms. Electricity deregulation wikipedia Inoa, 31, is a teacher in her third year at P.S. Gas prices map 188, the only place she has ever taught. Electricity generation in california She grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with dreams of being a pediatrician, but she could not afford it, she said. Ortega y gasset So she became a teacher. Npower electricity power cut Her classroom, with its pale blue floors and sky blue walls, is an open bay of small, squirming children, waves of hands flying in the air whenever she asks a question.

JeanCarlos arrived in January, often sleepy and already far behind. Year 6 electricity Before he joined her class, Ms. Gas oil mix ratio chart Inoa said, he had only ever attended school for a total of a couple of months. K gas station jobs That happens sometimes when students arrive with a history of interrupted schooling. Gas upper stomach But usually, those children have been living abroad. Electricity voltage in paris Ms. Cheapest gas in texas Inoa said that as far as she knew, JeanCarlos had been living in the Bronx.

When he joined her class, he was living in the shelter across the street. Gas utility bill After coming to school for a few weeks, he disappeared for two months, Ms. Electricity usage Inoa said. Electricity transmission loss He came back in April, and then he was gone again.

Suany Ramos is in her second year as principal at P.S. Gas 2015 188. 3 gases that cause global warming “We have so many families who come in with so many issues,” Ms. Electricity 1800s Ramos said. Gas bubble in back “Success is how much we have done for the family, not just for the child.” Credit

Nearly 60 percent of students who live in shelters are chronically absent, according to the Education Department, as are more than a third of all students in temporary housing. Electricity human body That means they miss at least 20 days of school during the year.

Students who are frequently absent are assigned to staff members who are responsible for checking in with them, and for calling home when they do not show up. Gas up asheville Mirta Rosales, the parent coordinator, makes daily calls as well. A gaseous mixture contains And to combat an end-of-year drop-off in attendance, which usually starts after testing ends, the school is offering weekly events this month, like a movie night and a barbecue, for the families of students who come to school regularly.

Every Friday, administrators and guidance counselors gather in Ms. Gas vs diesel cars Rosales’s office to discuss each child who has been absent more than twice in the previous 10 days.

In a February meeting, they talked about one student, chronically absent, who would not listen to his mother, and suggested social service agencies that might be able to help bring the boy under control. M gasbuddy They discussed another family whose mother lived in the shelter across the street and whose father lived in an apartment without electricity or hot water, and another group of siblings who had started walking out of class to wander the halls. Electricity voltage in china Something must be going on at home.

On a recent spring day, a slight second-grader ran up to his teacher in the hallway to say that a classmate had been hitting him. Q gas station cleveland ohio Before the teacher had a chance to respond, he whipped around and started screaming curses, threatening his classmate with language that would be shocking from an adult. Wd gaster theme From a child so small, the words were only sad. Electricity vocabulary words He has a home, a school staff member said, as well as a sick family member and experience in foster care.

“I would say 80 percent of our kids could benefit from some kind of counseling,” said Jessie Solomon-Greenbaum, who worked as a therapist at P.S. Gas relief while pregnant 188 until earlier this year, with a nonprofit group called the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.

Some children are separated from their parents or caregivers, perhaps for reasons related to immigration. Gasbuddy app Many are surrounded by violence in the community that elevates their sensitivity to danger. Electricity symbols worksheet There is domestic violence — one of the leading reason families end up in the shelter system, according to the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness. Kansas gas service bill pay There is instability. La gasolina daddy yankee mp3 Nearly two dozen children are in foster care. Electricity around the world And for almost all of them, there is poverty.

While being uprooted from home can correlate with lower attendance and slipping test scores, teachers at P.S. Electricity history in india 188 emphasized that a child’s residence in temporary housing does not tell much about him or her.

By now, she knows the address of the shelter across the street, so when she is handed records for new students with that familiar marker, she knows where they are staying. Gasoline p But, she said, she does not know anything else.

“I’ve had kids who are so great and so well behaved” who are staying in a shelter, she said. Electricity merit badge worksheet “You can’t go by, ‘Just because they live there, they behave a certain way.’ You can’t stereotype them.

“The only thing you can expect,” she continued, “is that they don’t have books, don’t have pencils. U gas hampton When I see a kid from the shelter on my list, we start begging. Electricity receiver definition Do you have any book bags upstairs?”

While scores on state tests are low at P.S. Youtube gas laws 188, the concept of success can reach outside the classroom: A child may be receiving counseling, or a parent may have found a job. Electricity lab activities Credit

Just before Christmas, two students in Ms. Electricity and magnetism online games Ramirez’s second-grade class came to school wearing matching shoes, simple black sneakers with a blue-and-white Toms label affixed to the back. Gas out game commercial They had plenty of company marching the halls that day, because the school had received hundreds of pairs of the shoes for students, their siblings and even their parents.

In the spring, the halls were a parade of matching backpacks, navy or red, from another school giveaway, all part of an expansive view of what a school provides.

The Island School is part of the city’s Community Schools program, a longstanding initiative taken up by the Education Department to integrate more support for students and families, like counseling and health clinics, into schools with needy populations. Electricity omd The de Blasio administration has pumped $103 million into its Community Schools program this year at 130 schools.

But while P.S. 935 gas block 188 only recently joined the Community Schools program, it has been offering the same kinds of services for more than 15 years.

About 20 years ago, there was a break-in at the school during spring recess, Barbara Slatin, the principal at the time, said. Current electricity definition physics It turned out that those who had forced their way inside were students. Electricity 2015 Ms. No electricity jokes Slatin decided that the school should have been open, she said, so she began expanding its hours and tacking on services for families.

Today, the building is open on Saturdays, during the summer and every weekday until 6 p.m. Gas mask art It has five social workers, English classes for parents and a washer and dryer that families will be able to use for free. Electricity gif Lawyers come in once a month to help with issues like immigration. Online electricity bill payment And during the winter holiday season, every child gets a present. Gas zone pricing Defining Success

On the standardized state tests taken every year, its scores are flatly disappointing. M gastrocnemius medialis Only 9 percent of its students met state standards in English last year, compared with 30 percent of students citywide. La gasolina Just 14 percent of children scored at grade level in math, less than half of the citywide rate of 35 percent.

But over the past three years, nearly 50 of its students have been accepted at some of the city’s most competitive high schools, including Brooklyn Technical, Stuyvesant and Millennium, Ms. 9gag tv Ramos said. Gas meter in spanish Of the three high schools that students from the Island School attended the most last year, two have above-average graduation rates, while the other caters to children who are still learning English.

On annual school surveys, families and teachers give the school and its principal very high ratings. Monroe la gas prices Teachers say they trust the principal and one another. Electricity powerpoint template Students say they feel safe and respected, and that they know what their teachers want them to learn. Gas ks At the Island School, there are outbursts and fights, but the hallways usually feel calm. Electricity office near me Children walk from class to class in neat rows, or a rough approximation of them.

To Ms. Types of electricity generation methods Ramos, when she looks back at the end of the school year and asks herself how the school did, her definition of success reaches far outside the classroom. Gas in babies how to get rid of it Is a child who needs counseling now receiving it? Did a father write a résumé? Did a mother get a job?

“We have so many families who come in with so many issues,” Ms. Static electricity diagram Ramos said. Gas finder “Success is how much we have done for the family, not just for the child.”

But as hard as many of the teachers and administrators try to reach students and their parents, the moment they break through, the family might be gone.

“My caseload revolves quite a bit,” said Eddy Polanco, a guidance counselor for the elementary students. Gas x tablets himalaya “As much as we hate to see them go, often when they leave, it’s because they’ve found an apartment. Gas works park fireworks So we’re happy for them.”