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Although Pennsylvania doesn’t border the Chesapeake Bay, more than half of the state lies within the watershed. Pennsylvania contains two major rivers that are part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: the Susquehanna, with 21,000 square miles, and the Potomac, with 1,600 square miles. electricity symbols ks3 Together, they total 40 percent of the entire Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The first and most obvious reason is that humans need fresh, potable drinking water to drink. It is the lifeblood of all living things on earth; most plants and animals are made up of 70 or more percent water, and aside from precious few highly-adapted desert organisms, most living things cannot survive long without water–a matter of days for most plants and animals.

Many research organizations note that a billion people and countless billions of animals and plants are in danger of running out of access to fresh water by natural or irrigated sources. electricity song lyrics Between overuse, climate change, and contamination, there are water crises unfolding in arid regions like the United Arab Emirates and Iran as well as a place once known as ‘City of Drizzle’–not Seattle, but Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Aside from growing populations making demands on the same amount of drinking water as has always been available, growing populations with shifting tastes are creating huge demand for agricultural meats, which create heavy demands on regional water supplies. The “water footprint” of a pound of beef can be hundreds of times more gallons than creating a pound of grains like corn, rice, or wheat.

Water demand globally is projected to increase by 55% between 2000 and 2050. electricity transmission efficiency Much of the demand is driven by agriculture, which accounts for 70% of global freshwater use, and food production will need to grow by 69% by 2035 to feed the growing population. grade 9 current electricity test Water withdrawal for energy, used for cooling power stations, is also expected to increase by over 20%. In other words, the near future presents one big freshwater drain after the next. How Technology Can Help with Water Crises

The key breakthrough here is the ability to create a material that can absorb meaningful amounts of water from some of the lowest-humidity air in the world; these are the places that most naturally experience water shortages. gasco abu dhabi contact Researchers are currently working to perfect the MOF materials in order to increase their efficiency, reduce costs, and create devices that can be scaled to make a meaningful impact in desert regions from Arizona to Saudi Arabia.

Whether it’s salt and other minerals or used filters contaminated with dissolved solids, the waste byproducts plus the massive amount of energy required (an average gallon of potable water produced by desalination costs three times what a gallon of more traditionally sourced freshwater does to produce) means that desalination plants remain a tempting but impractical solution.

From big agriculture to poorly maintained or monitored infrastructure, countless millions of gallons of water are wasted due to inefficiencies in current systems. Smart grids pinpoint leaks faster, identify improper water use during periods of water restrictions, and funnel water to agricultural purposes with more specificity than was ever previously possible. electricity 1800s Avoiding Water Crisis Through Technology

While promising breakthroughs like MOF and water recycling systems like those being developed by NASA for space stations bring us closer to the science fiction ability to create and gather water from thin air or from plants’ perspiration (seriously), humanity still faces serious water issues as the population swells and the climate trends hotter and more arid.

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