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About Lunch in Panama . You should be aware of the “comida del dia” (meal of the day), which is served at lunch. (FYI la gasolina letra – The word for lunch in Spanish is Almerzo.) Most restaurants serve a comida del dia. At a basic lunch place, that is all they serve. At slightly less basic restaurants (e.g., Don Carlos, below), they may not have the comida del dia on the menu. You need to ask for it, and it will cost a bit more. A typical comida del dia in Puerto Armuelles costs around $3.

A comida del dia is typically rice (sometimes pasta or mashed potatoes), lentils or beans, a tiny salad (lettuce + tomato slice) or coleslaw, and a serving of meat (i.e., pollo/chicken, carne/beef, puerco/pork). The meat option, esp with chicken, is often served in a guisado (sauce). That is usually a tasty option to choose. Soup is sometimes offered as well. (See my article on Panama’s national dish, Sancocho, a chicken soup). Not Much To Look At, But Good Food

There is often a juego de cana (sugar cane juice) vendor in front of Katiuska. My whole family loves juego de cana – especially con limon (with lemon). You can bring your juice to the restaurant to drink with your meal. Generally, restaurants in Panama don gas weed’t have an issue with you bringing in outside food and beverages. Friendly people good food, by the waterfront park

It is just down the street from Don Carlos and kitty-corner from the bus station. It has both A/C a TV. It is a good place to go to escape the heat. They serve seafood, hamburgers, and more. The food quality is not consistent. I have had pretty bad food there, but other times it has been excellent. It could be different chefs, I’m not sure. So be forewarned, their food electricity towers in japan is not consistently good. Open 11am – 11pm, 7 days a week The chain restaurant, Rosti Pollo, now has a place in Puerto Armuelles. This is next to the new dentist in town. Rosti Pollo (lunch dinner)

They offer pizza, of course, as well as tacos, hamburgers, grilled chicken, steak, ice cream, fruit smoothies, and duros. All pizza orders come with a complimentary soda or ice tea. They also have free wi-fi for their customers. Seating is outside. Located kitty corner from the bus station serving the fincas, which is on the short side road between the police station and the main road (see map). Open: 10am-10pm. Phone: 770-8094, 6765-8990. Carmen Neighborhood(adjacent to Downtown) During holidays, its hours are longer – usually 11am – 11pm. Restaurante Buen Sabor (AKA, “The Grilled Chicken Place”)

Open most nights after 6 pm. Occasionally, they will be closed for a week or weeks at a time. A good place to eat, but be ready to change your plans if they are closed. You can call them at 6821-8249 or 6468-2855 to see if they are open or to order. San Vicente Neighborhood electricity generation by source (adjacent to Carmen) Dine inside with A/C or outside by the beach. Big Daddy’s Beach Club Hotel

Big Daddy offers mixed drinks and wine, in addition to the usual beer selection. You can order burgers, salads, shrimp dishes, fried chicken, pizza, and electricity symbols and meanings more. They also offer breakfast, American or Panamanian, until 10 am. (American: fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and juice. Panamanian: fruit, fried eggs, flank steak, 1 hojaldras (Panamanian fried bread), 1 tortilla (fried cornmeal patty), coffee and juice.) You can also order breakfast a la carte.

Every Friday, Big Daddy’s offers a special course for dinner. It is almost always very tasty, but significantly more expensive than its usual fare. An informal gathering of expats tends to happen every Friday evening (5ish – 8ish) to enjoy the special. ( Check out Big Daddy’s hotel accommodations.) Our favorite dinner place. Open for lunch dinner Las Juanas (lunch dinner)

A word of caution, its seafood can sometimes be surprisingly expensive. So make sure to ask, or check out the prices on the chalkboard. If you want to keep costs down, ask for their comida del dia. It is inexpensive and tasty, though often only available at lunch. Phone: 6921-4536. Enjoy a beer and a meal on this beautiful beach. Rokero Beach (lunch and dinner)

This Chinese restaurant is on the main road, near 2 car wash places. Chinese menu: chow mien chow fan with chicken, pork, shrimp, calamari, seafood, or, upon request, vegetables. Plus hambao, siumai, and fried wontons. They also offer typical Panamanian fare including electricity sources in us roasted chicken soup. Open most days, 10 am- 10 pm. Phone: 6366-6111. Los Angeles Neighborhood Great place for meat lovers. Ari BBQ – breakfast too!