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Born and raised here. I am 21 and was homeless in oildale since age 14 . Last year I gave up and migrated to Los Angeles. Living conditions in Kern are intolerable for the poor. The cops beat and kill us, the medical care is abysmal, it’s impossible electricity invented in homes to find work, public transportation is a disaster, the drugs are everywhere and the rehabs are a joke, there is no help for the homeless the disabled the mentally ill the veterans, its practically impossible to get welfare unless you get pregnant, the schools are terrible, CPS refuses to take children unless drugs are involved and those who are taken do not come out of the foster home the same, I have in my short life witnessed nothing but despair and misery in this place. 20 years of absolute despair and hopelessness. 8 months in Los Angeles and I’m receiving medical, dental, and psychiatric care for the first time, I’m on a waitlist for permanent supportive housing, in school, working, and clean. When I arrived here I was almost immediately fed, clothed, and housed. I can travel 10 miles in under an hour using the metro while traveling 3 miles took 2 hours using GET. Oildale, Bakersfield, and the rest of the slums in Kern are doomed because the county refuses to do anything about gas news today the massive growing list of issues that effect the poor, and breed drug abuse homelessness and crime. To the rich- it will bleed into your nice neighborhood one day! To the poor- run while you can still escape!

OILDALE . . . !? ————– No. 1. Why does this article even exist/published electricity icons free? Lotsa talk . . . overly-long treatise on failures . . . NO DO’s ! NOT ONE of the usual ‘Price-Opined’ mention of SOLUTIONS! ————- No. 2. Wanna fix it . . . ? Oildale Community Action Team . . . ? DO IT YOURSELVES . . . ! INCORPORATE . . . ! Stand up and be counted.! ————- No. 3. Mike Maggard, Kern County’s 3rd District supervisor and unofficial mayor of Oildale . . . ? Mayor? NOT EVEN! Give us a break. Quit the blather, blabber, babble and . . . BS . . . ! City Manager Alan Tandy . . . of Bakersfield–unknowing uncaring . . . ! NOT involved! ———— No. 4. Oildale, CA: Home of Good Schools, Good Homes and Good Citizens . . . OF WHAT . . .? Longbranch Saloon, Trouts, Tenderloin District, — Kevin Harvick-NASCAR, Jaguars Cody Kessler, North of the River COC, Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, Billy Mize, Bucks Owens–Trout’s –Royaldale . . . Meadows . . .Amazon . . . ? OK . . . build a museum . . . in a Butler Building! ————— No. 5. Go to a nearby ‘City Suburb’ and get their Articles of Incorporation and Municipal Code Book . . . then MAN UP! Develop a Council Plan and ‘WAR BOARD’ (project priority spreadsheet on a chalkboard). Begin with vagrancy and substance abuse laws (Keep KCSD for now)! ——— NOW . . . Again, GOOD FOLKS, INCORPORATE . . . ! MOGA . . . ! (MAKE OILDALE GREAT AGAIN!) ——– Semper Fortis . . . !

Nice job Mr. Price. I moved out of Oildale many years ago electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade, but I have spent every Christmas there for the last 23 years at my inlaws house. There is nothing like an old-fashioned Oildale Christmas. There are more good people in Oildale than Bad people that for sure. If you really want to give people hope and this goes for the entire city, folks need meaningful jobs that offer decent wages, with some kind of hope for the future, where they might be able to visit their doctor once in a while without going broke, go on a little vacation and possibly retire at age 70 in order to sit on the front porch or go fishing. Those jobs are few and far between. Yes, unemployment is low right now, but so are the wages, and don’t even ask about benefits because wage slave jobs depend on the taxpayer to pick up the tab for a lot. As for the Okies, must we remind you of why they moved north of the river and set up their own little enclave? Californians have always treated the Okies a little on the rough side and its all well documented. You want the grandkids of the dust bowl electricity and circuits class 6 cbse Okies to assimilate when some of you would never allow them to assimilate, constantly cracking jokes about them or pointing out their shortcomings in places like the newspaper. Its cool…Yep, its third world conditions in some places in Oildale and if you want your kids to have a better shot at turning out okay and not end up on weed, crank or worse then you move the heck out of there. At this point the change is entirely dependent on the good citizens of Oildale to take the bull by the horns and drag this place kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Merry Christmas!!!

Nice work Bob. Ths is a fine piece of investigative journalism that is what a local paper is suppose to be all about. I lived in Oildale in the area called electricity and magnetism connect to form Wingland Square NE of Airport and Norris for over 22 years. Ultimately, what alot of people who live there do is to use the low cost of housing to save money to move to more desirable parts of Bakersfield- Me my family ended up in the SW. What had always astounded me in my 22 years of being an 08er is the profound difference in the quality of life north of the tracks vs south of the tracks. Know as Methdale locally, it is reminiscent of some of the episodes of Breaking Bad, where drug controlled people try to survive their addiction. I don’t know the answer to this profoundly disturbing cycle of poverty, poor job skills coupled with hard drug addiction gas oil ratio formula.Education for the kids is the ticket for the Dale. However, most folks who can, move because it is easier than changing Oildale. Again, Kudos to Robert Price.This is excellent work and I thank you.