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• Almost everyone has a health insurance, it’s cheaper and better in so many ways. For example If you are an employee you have to pay between ca. 15 -17% of your income for a statutory health insurance. Children can be insured through one of their parents insurance for free until they are at least 18 years old but If the children go to university or trade school they can be insured through a parent during this time up until they are 25 years old. There are also no deductibles for seeing a doctor or staying in the hospital. If you get a prescription you only have a 5€ deductible for most medicines. If you npower gas price reduction don’t have a job but are on welfare, the government pays your entire statutory health insurance for you. We have private insurances as well and they are a bit more expensive and work a bit differently, but for what you get they are electricity grid australia still way cheaper than American ones.

• Germany has protection laws for mothers and mothers-to-be at the workplace. As soon as you break the news of your pregnancy until four months after childbirth, you cannot be dismissed either with or without notice (unless there is a special case such as insolvency of the company). Female employees are entitled to full-paid maternity leave starting six weeks before the expected due date and ending eight weeks after childbirth. Both male and female employees are entitled to a maximum of three years’ unpaid parental leave per child. Throughout the period of paternal leave, the employee may not be dismissed from their job and is entitled to work part time (under 30 hours per week). Pregnant women are not allowed electricity notes class 10 pdf to work at night and work overtime. From the third month they are not allowed to work in transport such as buses, taxis, either as a driver or as a ticket inspector or stewardess (but it also can be a downside).

• In Germany people are not allowed to just name their children whatever they want. There is a book called the “International Manual of First Names” containing all the names a parent can choose from to legally name their children. If you want to name your child something that is not on the list you have to pay static electricity how it works for an application that must then be sent to the Standesamt, the German civil registration office, for approval. The law protects the child from ridiculous names. In order to protect the child, the name must not be absurd or degrading in any way. Surnames, product names or names of objects are not permitted as first names in Germany. It must be possible to determine the gender gas guzzler tax of the child by its first name. If a neutral name is chosen, a second, gender-specific name has to be added. Boys names may be selected for boys only and girls names for girls. The only exception is the female name “Maria”, which may also be used as a second name for boys. You also may not give your child an excessive number of names. The longest name yet to be approved was 5 first names. In a way it’s good that the children are protected but on the other hand it can be a pain in the ass if you want a nice but unusual name for your child. It all seems to depend on the bias of the folks inside the Standesamt and the vague, and bizarre arkansas gas and oil commission arguments they end up making either for or against a name.

• The education system is very rigid and you might not be able to study what you really want or go in the career direction you are really interested in. The possibility to even be able to study or go to a vocational college at all is not always there. A lot of Germans have to wait for a place in the university but a lot of times you have to wait for a very long time which means many people decide to study something they are not really that interested in instead of waiting for a long time like 10 years or more. Vocational college is not always a possible alternative. You can’t just go to a vocational college just because you want to. You have to find a company which is willing to give you an apprenticeship you want for three years and only if you find one you can get in and a lot of people struggle to find an apprenticeship that they want. There are not enough companies who are willing to take people in for that and if they take people in then electricity billy elliot chords usually only people who are very young (usually between 16-25). A lot of times they also have very high requirements that a lot of people just can’t fulfill. If the company or the job is popular you won’t be the only person who will try to get the apprenticeship, chances are there are several hundred other people who will apply for it. Students are also categorized and placed in career tracks very early (when they are around ten years old) and once you are on a track it is very hard to change the direction, sometimes it’s almost impossible. The process of being credentialed to work in a career is much more strict in Germany. The system is very different gas leak smell from the US one and people have much less opportunities and freedom. Most jobs require a vocational college or university attendance for a full time job even “simple” jobs like a salesperson or a server.

• The downside to the parental leave law and the maternity protection law is that because of this laws sometimes employers rather hire men than women and if they suspect you could be pregnant or want to be pregnant in the (near) future, you might have a hard time finding a job. So women between 25-40 often have a harder time finding jobs. Because of the long parental leave that women usually take and because gas water heater reviews 2012 they are suspected to take more days off (because of the children) their careers are mostly over after they return to work.

• You can’t change your name easily. You only can change your name if your name is discriminatory and you can prove that you got mental issues through it or that it made your life extremely hard due gas vs diesel to the discrimination you had to face during your life. If it’s just about your last name you can only change it through marriage. But if you were born in Germany you were not able to get a discriminatory first name anyway because Germany has strict rules about what can be given as a first name.