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Be warned that it does take a set of tools and skills to tackle the job. Last and the most preferred option is to buy the best head gasket set yourself and give it to your mechanic to replace. You are assured of getting a quality product and not blowing a hole in your wallet.

But head gaskets are available in a mind-boggling number of choices that can make it a tad difficult for you to choose one off the aisle. Here’s a small guide that helps you navigate the terrain and keeps you armed with enough information to make an informed choice. Things to consider while buying head gasket sets

You may have noticed that we have repeatedly mentioned ‘head gasket sets’ and not a head gasket. The reason is that if your head gasket has already failed, then all the other gaskets in your engine have most likely been exposed to corrosive materials which can wear them faster than you’d expect. A safe bet would be to replace them along with the head gasket, rather than cutting corners and replacing only the head gasket now and finding out later that each gasket is failing one by one.

Composite head gaskets: A composite head gasket has a compressible flat design and features a tanged sheet of metal with a layer of composite material rolled on either sides. So, you have a layer of composite material on the engine block side and one on the cylinder head side. Protection to the composite material is provided by fire rings which are also known as metal beads. These work by sealing the combustion chamber to protect the composite material. This can be graphite or non-asbestos with a steel core.

Metal Type Head Gasket: The second design is the metal type head gasket which is available in a variety of materials, including shim steel, multi-layer steel and solid copper. Of these, Shim steel is the oldest variety that has a proven track record. Multi-layer steel is a more recent addition and is also known as MLS head gaskets. These are commonly seen on high performance engines on cars like Chevy, Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Chrysler, Pontiac etc. MLS gaskets are also being used by some NASCAR teams on their cars.

Last but not the least, we have Copper head gaskets which are renowned for its durability and are used by high horsepower engines, such as racing cars. Copper is one of the most durable metals with a coefficient of elasticity at 25%. This makes it a perfect choice for these engines which can have pressures and temperatures way above normal. These head gaskets are available in a variety of combinations of bore and thickness.

Without much ado, here’s our pick of the best head gaskets that you can buy for your cars. We have tried to include all possible options. But considering the enormous variety that we had to sort through, we have limited the selection to five of the best ones that give you most bang for your buck. 1 Fel-Pro Head Gasket Set

Fel-Pro is one of the market leaders in replacement auto engine components and this HS26170Pt1 is a complete head gasket set that replaces almost 90% the gaskets for a whole range of Subaru engine models including Legacy, Outback and some Imprezas.

The kit contains all the gaskets that you need for a complete repair or replacement job. Evergreen is quite popular in the DIY auto circuit for its budget priced replacement parts. When it comes to head gasket sets, they have a healthy mix of non-asbestos, rubber, Viton Valve seals while their head gaskets are usually graphite or MLS (multiple layer steel).

For a budget priced package, the Evergreen HSHB8-10401 outperforms some of the higher priced OEM models. It may lack the high quality components that Fel-Pro boasts of. But hey, it costs almost half the price. So, no complaints unless you plan to put this under some real stress. 4 Mopar Head Gasket Set

Sometime, you do not want to cut corners and prefer the reliability and the durability that comes with an OEM part. Mopar, along with Crown have been the OEM parts manufacturers for the Jeep for years now. This 6800 3564AA is an engine cylinder head gasket set for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.7L, Jeep Liberty KJ 3.7L, Jeep Liberty KK 3.7L and the Jeep Commander XK 3.7L.

Coming from Mopar, you can be rest assured of the quality of the gaskets used in this kit. It is perfect for any repair or replacement jobs. So, if you have a cracked cylinder head and are looking to replace the gasket kit, then this 6800 3564AA comes across as a great choice.

All the gaskets fit to precision since it is an OEM and creates the perfect seal that will keep your Jeep in prime condition for months to come. Manufactured to precision to sustain the repair environment, the Mopar 6800 3564AA includes the cylinder head gaskets, upper intake manifold gaskets, lower intake manifold gaskets and exhaust manifold gaskets. What is lacking?

Reliable. The Mopar 6800 3564AA may be priced a tad higher than other cheap replacement parts. But that price difference is clearly visible in the quality. With this head gasket kit replacing your old or worn one, your Jeep will be ready to tackle thousands of miles without white clouds of smoke. 5 Domestic Gaskets Gasket Set Head

The aftermarket product range for head gasket sets is huge. But not all of the products that you find are built equal. This is a complete replacement head gasket set for a range of cars including the Chevrolet Cavalier, S10, GMC Sonoma, Isuzu Hombre and Pontiac Sunfire.

Engineered according to OEM specs, each gasket and valve seal fits to perfection. The high quality manufacturing also ensures optimum performance even under high pressure and temperature. Irrespective of your repair or restoration jobs, this Sonoma Chevrolet S10, Cavalier, Pontiac head gasket replacement kit comes across as a great choice at a mid-range price. What is lacking?

This head gasket set is a recent addition to the market. But it has a very impressive profile and some great quality components. So far, there are no negative ratings either. If we find anything that must be added to this section, we will update it here. The Verdict

The mid-range pricing is not the only reason why this versatile head gasket set features in our list of best head gaskets. It is a complete package with some great quality components. It has a great customer rating also highlighted by a 100% rating on Amazon. If it is compatible with your car and you are looking for a mid-range priced replacement part, then this should be on your wish list for sure. Conclusion