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Energy Reactors produce energy type resources, which are primarily used for research but also for construction and troop training. Although you will need massive amounts of energy type resources for research, the fact that it isn’t frequently required when upgrading buildings is a godsend. gas vs electric dryer This will allow you to keep the total number of Energy Reactors you build in our empire relatively low.

The farm produces food, a resource that is not particularly in high demand when upgrading your empire but is consumed in massive quantities by your troops. electricity production in usa In fact, your troops will consume so much food resources that, after a certain point, it makes much more sense to deconstruct all of your farm buildings except for one, which will be used for upgrading purposes.

The bank produces gil and coin type resources as well as provides your troops with added armor in combat. Banks are essential early in the game, however, as the game progresses and your empire grows, it makes more sense to start deconstructing banks to replace them with either hospital wards or barracks, depending on whether you choose to play offensively or defensively.

When starting a new empire, we strongly recommend building 12 banks. gas definition chemistry Around level 20, you will want to start to deconstruct your banks and replace them with an equal amount of both hospital wards and barracks. After level 30, you will have enough information about your empire to decide if you want to keep your current building set-up or deconstruct everything to build 12 barracks (for offensive players). If you find yourself getting zeroed on a regular basis, building 12 hospital wards will help prevent that from happening. grade 6 science electricity test Hospital Ward

Hospital wards increase the number of troops that will be injured in your hospital as opposed to killed off when your empire is under an attack (hospital capacity) as well as your troop HP for both defending and attacking troops. j gastroenterology impact factor For those who get attacked regularly and find themselves losing a lot of important troops, building nothing but hospital wards, as well as one barracks and one bank for upgrade purposes, is not prudent. For example, a defensive player with 12 hospital wards at level 71 can increase their troop HP by up to +540%, which will save more troops from dying. Barracks

Barracks increase the number of troops you can build at one time (Training Queue) and increase your empire’s Troop Attack whether defending your empire or attacking others. gas efficient suv 2008 Barracks are the cornerstone of the offensive player. For example, an offensive player with 12 Barracks at level 71 can increase their Troop Attack by up to +960%, which is a definite added edge against an unwitting opponent. Other Ways to Get Resources

Prior to hitting Citadel 50, these resource production buildings are instrumental in the growth of your empire. After Citadel 50, however, none of your resource production buildings will have a high enough capacity to make anywhere near the number of materials you need to upgrade even the smaller buildings. Don’t be fooled – the resource capacity doublers and production multipliers do nothing to hasten your growth. electricity vocabulary The cost reducer lifetime boosts found in the Oracle Temple and in packs, however, are incredibly helpful and should be obtained as soon as possible.

Choosing which resource production buildings to build is what makes every empire unique. For some players, it makes sense to have all hospital wards, while others have nothing but barracks buildings inside their empire. It’s up to you to decide which direction you want to take your empire, but with the help of this guide, choosing the right resource production buildings for your empire will help set your empire up for long-term success.