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• Team sport, self referreed: teaches social competence and working in groups and negotiating with the competition in a civilized manner (without the bullshit hypocrisy in soccer where everybody has to pretend that their injury is super severe in order to impress the referee)

• It’s great exercise. The exhaustion from finishing a marathon doesn’t compare to the one I feel after playing a match of Ultimate, if I have my heart in the game. In Ultimate most of the time you’re either standing completely still or sprinting like crazy (similar to how early humans used to strain their bodies when hunting)

• The elementary act of throwing a frisbee is profoundly pleasureable, every single time. Predicting the trajectory of the disc and trying to catch it is magical. It’s probably good for the brain too. Compare it with the“elementary act” of soccer: kicking a ball. That’s nothing compared to the joy of throwing a frisbee. Also, I feel like humans are by their very nature more focused and better at doing stuff with their hands as opposed to their feet

• Generally, From an evolutionary point of view, playing a game of Ultimate is kinda similar to how our historical ancestors hunted; obviously they didn’t throw plastic plates around (but they did throw spears), but the bodily strain is similar

I’m currently trying to instill my enthusiasm for this sport in two little brothers. Will do the same with my children, when I’ll have those. I’d be way better at Ultimate had I discovered it earlier and not wasted my time at other sports. Well, at least my offspring won’t have that regret

• Boxing – I haven’t seen any sport which is physically and mentally challenging as Boxing. It teaches you a great deal about hard work, determination, patience and never-say-die attitude. Like Rocky Balboa mentioned "It it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!"

• Swimming – I took up swimming to overcome my fear of water and it taught me one simple lesson. No matter what shit happens, you might be drowning in an ocean full of problems and there might not be anyone standing for you, all you got to do is not panic, Just Breathe and you will stay alive.

• Tennis – I find that tennis teaches a lot about hope, staying focused and alert at all times. Also, each point is a new opportunity. Even if you make a fault, learn from your loss, keep your eye on the ball and commit yourself to follow through. No matter how many games or sets you have lost, there is always a chance of bouncing back.

• Billiard/Pool – Though I started playing pool for fun or at bars, I find it quite fascinating. Teaches a lot about patience – take your time to aim, innovation – find new ways to slot the ball in the pocket and if you couldn’t ensure that your opponent can’t win either. Moreover, stay humble and simply enjoy the game.

• Cricket – I believe cricket has taught me more than any other. Determination, courage, teamwork, leadership, taking risks and most importantly playing in the spirit of the game. Cricket opened me to play as a team. As a bowler, I had to read the batsmen, analyse his strengths and weakness; convince my captain to let me bowl and ensure I took a wicket and win his trust. As a captain, it helped me to stay calm, trust your team, learn from mistakes, work on fielding formation and risk playing bowlers who might not be the first choice. No matter whether you win or lose the match, respect the opponent and if you have played in the spirit of the game, you have actually won!