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Age Gap: [Lincoln x Thicc QT] if you don’t know who Thicc QT is that’s because she’s just a background character. Highly enjoyed by the fandom she has never had an actual speaking role in the show, only appearing as a background character in one episode. As my first published piece it was a nice surprise to find a modicum of success with such a minor character as the lead. Basically it’s a romcom that deals with the idea of dating someone much older than you gas prices going up in michigan during schooling years. While both minors it’s hard to tell if their relationship is truly acceptable and drama ensues as they deal with family and their own feelings.

In Cest We Trust: My first attempt at writing a rated ‘T’ story, I wanted to make a none serious story. All conflict is trivial and the solution will most likely be ridiculous. In it Lincoln Loud is the president and has foregone 6 gas laws getting a First Lady. As it is an actual law that the First Lady does not need to be a spouse he tries to elect on of his sister’s to the position. The world misinterprets his meaning as he wants to marry one of his sisters and are surprisingly supportive of this decision. REASON: Just stalled on the story. While I have three sisters in the story right now I need to find a reason to get the rest in reasonably.

Loud Bot: What if Lincoln was a robot built after Lily was born to fill the gap of how there was no boy in the family? What if several of the girls thought he had 9gag nsfw fallen in love with them even though he has no emotions? Those are the questions I seek to answer in this story. REASON: I want to finish Age Gap before I do anything with this story. I’ll probably out right finish it. I started with 8 chapters and I’ll finish it as a 8 chapter update. Mostly because I think that would be funny.

Age Gap Spin Offs: I have introduced several older characters that many reviewers would have liked to seen as love interests in Age Gap including Becky, Carol, and Dana. While my original idea was to have a harem set electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade up I found I was most drawn to QT’s character. As such I’m keeping Age Gap as a single girl story but from some private requests I’ve received I’m planning on spin offs that will be for some of the girls. We’ll see how it goes. I have plans for Becky and Carol but there have been several recommendations like Carlota as an example.

Dumb, Stupid Revenge: I have decided to on my first Age Gap spin off to be about Carol as I now have a reasonable personality to use. As I thought about it more and more I realized that doing a full switch gas under a dollar of characters in the first chapter of Age Gap would change little of the outcome and possible arcs. Instead this story will be a stand alone with subtle nods to the original story. It will most likely be very vanilla and derive most of its humor from a villain who can only do good by accident. I’m excited by the idea but have yet to put anything in writing. (Will not start writing till after Age Gap)

Little Intruder: As an opposite to my vanilla romantic comedy, this story is a crime horror involving the corruption of Lincoln as his infatuation with Leni grows. Leni on the other side enjoys the attention electricity 3 phase vs single phase and starts tricking the boy into falling deeply in love with her. Guilt and trickery are the main aspects of the story and it’s told from a first person point of view for added psychological effect. Competed 1/27/2019