Whirlpool trash compactor – stainless steel rc willey furniture store emoji gas station


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Works great. We have never owned a trash compactor prior to purchasing this unit about a month ago. Thus far, it has worked very well. Trash is compacted to a point where we are only throwing away one bag of trash every week or two. There appears to be a good deal of power to handle the j gastroenterol compacting. There is a toe kick that you push down with your foot to open the drawer. I tend to leave the unit open about an inch so I’m not putting extra wear-and-tear 1940 gas station photos on the pedal due to constantly opening the drawer. Something sharp caused a tear in the plastic bag which then leaked. The unit was easy to take apart to adequately clean the mess. The drawer front is easy to clean with stainless steel cleaner. The controls are at the top against a black backdrop, avoiding finger prints on the stainless steel. We researched trash compactors and read reviews by other owners and felt this was a good unit for the price. We can’t really compare it to another trash compactor since this is our first time owning a unit.

Bought to go with a Kitchen full of Stainless Maytag Applian I have wanted a trash compactor for 20 years. I finally remodeled my kitchen and built a specific space for a 15 unit. I chose this exact model for the features the price and the lower power (less amps) required to operate. I love the looks, and the performance so far is great EXCEPT that the door opening foot pedal was made out of cheap plastic and has broken off electricity transmission efficiency (broke in two after two weeks of use!). The door opens mechanically just fine without that plastic pedal, so we did not replace it. The compaction and cycle times are great, the difference in the 40lb bales vs cans full of waste are hard to explain, to anyone that has not owned a compactor. I love the built-it installed look and the convience, just wish they had made the release pedal out of metal not plastic. This is an appliance that just grade 9 electricity quiz flat works and after you have one, you wonder why you waited so long before buying one. The overall design fits in well with my complete all-Maytag kitchen appliances.

I like having one, but this one isn’t as good as my last one I have had a trash compactor for many years and I purchased a Whirlpool stove and dishwasher last fall, and then won a new Whirlpool stove through our local radio station sponsored by our local appliance store! So since we had just installed the new stove the week before, I decided to use that money towards a new trash compactor to match. My old trash compactor worked a little bit differently where we could lock it when we turned it on so when it got to the bottom, it would la gastritis stop and compact it for a period of time. I really liked that feature….this one you have to wait until it gets to the bottom and then hit the off switch right at the right time. Also, it’s really hard to see the light showing it is off and then someone tries to open it, not realizing it isn’t able to be opened..you really have to look to see it. Another thing is it didn’t have a carrier with it, so I saved the one from my old compactor and use that, but the handles don’t clip down into the side as there isn’t a spot for that. Otherwise, I like the looks of it and the fact it matches my new stove and dishwasher.