Whirlpool water heater reviews (updated may 2018) consumeraffairs electricity lyrics


Now let me tell you where it is at. It is in a 5′ by 3′ boxed area with cement floor and walls gas line jobs in wv to the ceiling with access doors to it and to the furnace which is also in this area. The access door to water heater is on the back side of a bedroom closet, access door to furnace is in a hall. So Whirlpool tells me that they cant give me the part Even if I pay for it due to some national fuel and gas code. They wont even tell me where I could buy gas definition physics the part… They said the only way they can help me is if I relocate the water heater or put in a ventless water heater.

Our water heater is vented thru the roof of house… It gets plenty of ventilation. They wouldnt let me talk to a supervisor to complain… So this is why I am on here writing this review. I might add this is not our first issue with Whirlpool. Had a brand new KitchenAid refrigerator with ice maker. The physics electricity and magnetism study guide ice maker didn’t work from first day. After 3 techs and 3 visits it still doesn’t work. Then also the compressor went out. If you want a better product and want good customer service then dont buy Whirlpool.

Oh and one more thing. Our plumber also doesn’t like Whirlpool. He said he had problems every time electricity in india ppt when he has to deal with them. He said it’s to the point when someone calls for services and tells him it’s a Whirlpool he just cringes. Now that’s pretty bad. I just spent 4 almost 5 hours of my morning upset to the point of tears. With no results. Another note. I called my gas company. They said our water heater is in a safe place gas station. If it wasnt they wouldnt be supplying gas to us. Live and learn. Done with 1 unit electricity cost in tamilnadu Whirlpool.

I turned the gas control valve off and imminently called Whirlpool. Literally spent no time on hold. The very helpful CSR asked for the serial number on my heater. She then informed me my heater was under warranty. I requested a new gas control valve and thermopile and informed her I was a plumber and had diagnosed the problem or at least what I thought was the electricity vampires problem. She said no problem only that I would have to pay $30.00 for overnight shipping if I wanted it. They provide UPS ground free of charge. Not a big deal to me. Gave her my debit card information and received my confirmation number. Told gasco abu dhabi address her to have a nice day and that was that. Being the perfectionist I am I called my company’s water heater master and asked him for his opinion after ordering the parts. I told him the symptoms and he said that it could also be the burner assembly and that I should inspect that as well.

I immediately called back Whirlpool to inform them I would like them to also send out the burner assembly. They told me the order for the gas control valve had already shipped and it would have to be two separate orders but that they would waive the la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 $30.00 for the second package’s overnight shipping. The packages will be here tomorrow by noon and although I have no hot water for the night being in the industry I know that these things happen and am grateful that Whirlpool is sending me $650.00+ worth of parts for electricity cost per watt free and not trying to fight me on it. Amazing customer service reps that fully honor warranty. No holding and waived the second package’s fee.

The water heater worked once the new element was installed. On Oct. 3, 2017, had more issues with the module stating the top element was not working. Called the Tech. Assistance Hotline and gas bloating pregnancy they gave me another RA number to get another top element. On Oct. 4, got the top element and installed it. The water heater started working again. On Oct. 6, the module stated the bottom element was not working. Called the Tech. Assistant Hotline and had the plumber 850 gas block come out. He determined that he could not find out why it was doing this and also said that both elements were electricity consumption good along with the element that I removed on Oct. 4, which I still had.

Since then, the module has been giving codes stating that both elements are bad and I have not had any hot water since Oct electricity deregulation map. 7. American Water Heater Co., Whirlpool, and Lowe’s all refuse to give me a refund for this piece of junk! All blame the other for the problems and none will take any responsibility for the water heater not working. I will never buy another appliance with the Whirlpool name and definitely will not buy anything made by American Water Heater Co. I also will never buy another appliance from Lowe’s as they are not willing to help me in this matter. If you do not want to experience the headache and frustration of owning a new appliance that does not work, I would gastroenterology suggest that you do the same!!!