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White nationalism claims that white people are a race and seeks to develop a "national identity" based on that race. They seek to ensure the survival of (what they see as) the white race and its culture, usually in opposition to a supposed globalist threat or Zionist conspiracy.

White separatism and white supremacy are subgroups of white nationalism, but in practice, the term is basically a code word for white supremacy that fools no one. Another new euphemism is identitarianism. Originally a European movement based in France, it has since spread to America with ardent followers such as Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa, but it’s effectively the same stuff. Another movement that overlaps with White nationalism is the Neo-Confederate movement (aka Southern Nationalism). Ditto the alt-right, which is now more or less the far end of the neoreactionary movement.

Most self-described "white nationalist" activists also just happen to take the side of Nazi Germany against the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia (all mostly-white nations themselves, supposedly part of their greater Europa), in discussions of World War II. Holocaust denialism and sympathizing with Nazis (if they don’t outright support them directly) is a common thread among "white nationalists".

This concept is hilariously absurd; the European nations themselves have a long history of wars and longstanding ethnic feuds both with each other and within themselves, not to mention numerous languages, at least three alphabets ( Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek), splits over religion ( Orthodox- Catholic and Catholic-Protestant being the two major ones), and numerous other differences. White nationalists ignore that groups such as the Irish, Slavs, Jews and Italians were not considered "white" until the last hundred years, with Anglo-Saxons even going as far as to pay " naturalists" to "prove" that the Irish were actually not white. [2] [3] Even today, anti-immigration activists in the UK can rant about "job-thieving" Polish immigrants almost as easily as Middle Eastern, Indian and Caribbean immigrants. Your more deranged passionate white nationalists will also almost always regard Jews as nonwhite, and many think — though they may be too chickenshit to admit it — that Jews as a whole are moles planted to destroy the white race from the inside. Caucasian sub-groups like Hispanics, [note 1] Arabs and Iranians are also often excluded from the "white" label by many white nationalists.

There is no evidence for there ever having been a single white ethnicity, culture, or language, just as the same as a distinctly African or Asian one. White nationalists will often try making a claim for this in the form of an origin in the Caucasus region and the proto-Indo-European language, tying it to a belief that their descendants today form a "greater Europe". ( Christian Identity, which is also a form of white nationalism, claims a different origin of white peoples in ancient biblical Israel.) Often, white nationalists speak in terms of a group of "white homelands," consisting of all of Europe plus the United States (guess they forgot the Native Americans), Canada (where there are still a lot of indigenous peoples), Australia (which was never actually white in the first place), New Zealand (the indigenous Maori still exist), and (even though it was never more than 25% white) South Africa; some also include the mostly-white southern South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay. (Note that this would include (a) Indo-Iranians, who white nationalists don’t count as white (b) many folks actually descended from the Caucasus area, some of whom have historically been considered Slavic untermenschen by white nationalists.)

Since white nationalists are almost always antisemitic, Israel is usually not considered a "white homeland." Indeed, one of this movement’s few consistent points is that Jews, and other Semitic peoples, are excluded from the imagined "white nation."