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These Pikmin are smaller than other types of Pikmin. They have red eyes that allow them to locate treasures that are completely buried underground, which is demonstrated shortly after discovering them in the White Flower Garden. They are the fastest of all Pikmin, such that, when flowered, they run at least as quickly as leaders equipped with Rush Boots. In Pikmin 3, this is their main ability, as they are only found in Mission Mode, which requires carrying back treasures quickly. In Pikmin 3, they have weaker attack power than most other Pikmin, on par with Winged Pikmin, but match the strength of the standard types in Pikmin 2.

White Pikmin also possess the unique ability to be able to stand through poisonous gases without choking to death, as do Bulbmin. This makes them quite important when taking out poisonous enemies and destroying gas pipes, although other types of Pikmin might still be able to cause damage, with some difficulty. Upon being eaten, White Pikmin eject a poisonous fluid into the eater, which poisons them. This causes instant damage, and is often enough to kill smaller enemies, like a Dwarf Orange Bulborb. With that said, this does not prevent the Pikmin’s death, so it should be used as a last resort. The damage dealt by poison is considerably weaker in Pikmin 3. For example, one White Pikmin is enough to kill one Red Bulborb in Pikmin 2, but 3-4 must be used to kill the same creature in Pikmin 3. In Pikmin 3, they seem to not be immune to ink [1] or the Vehemoth Phosbat’s dust [2], which are the two closest things to poison in the game.

Captain Olimar first finds the White Pikmin in the White Flower Garden. On the 3rd sublevel, he runs across 3 Ivory Candypop Buds, and throws his available Pikmin into them to turn them into White Pikmin. Once he plucks one, the Hocotate ship immediately notices that they are much smaller than the others, but appear to be faster. On their way through the sublevel’s exit route, the White Pikmin stop in their tracks and automatically start digging out a buried treasure in the way, alerting Olimar and Louie of their ability. White Pikmin are never officially discovered in Pikmin 3, but, as mentioned, do appear in certain Mission Mode and Bingo Battle stages. The most notable stage with White Pikmin in Mission Mode is Tropical Forest Remix, where it’s possible to get up to sixty two White Pikmin thanks to the Ivory Candypop Buds.

• Snagret Hole: To reach the section of the map with the entrance to the Snagret Hole, a bridge must be built that has gas pipes around them. However, the gas pipes can be destroyed with other Pikmin types, although hardly, and it is also possible to use a carrying path oversight to get a leader to the top of the ledge where the Sunseed Berry is, from the landing site.

• The yellow Onion is in a room closed off by a gate with gas pipes. It is, however, possible to use a carrying path oversight to get to that room and bypass the gate. In addition, other Pikmin types can also, if ineffectively, destroy the gas pipes.

White Pikmin are poisonous; if ingested by an enemy, they will poison their foe (with different enemies requiring different doses before dying). However, it is possible that White Pikmin may be venomous as well. Venom must be injected with a wound from the attacker, and although White Pikmin do not do that directly in any canon game, some hints in non-canon media indicate that they might be able to expel some hazardous material and use it similarly to venomous creatures.

On Occupational Hazards, a White Pikmin spews some form of acid at one point. The contents of the liquid are not known, but the fact that the Pikmin can expel it might mean that it is possible for White Pikmin to attack enemies by injecting this liquid, making them partially venomous. In the Super Smash Bros. games, when a White Pikmin pummels an enemy (either via Olimar’s grab or side special attack), some "poison" particles are emitted and extra damage is caused, compared to a normal Pikmin strike. Once again, this could be an ability White Pikmin have to stab venom into their prey while attacking.

Even though this information only applies to non-canon media, White Pikmin do emit a cloud of "poison" from their mouth area on their introduction cutscene. This could be a sign of a potential venom injection ability that goes unused by the Pikmin in the canon games.

White Pikmin, like Purple Pikmin, are only present in Mission Mode and Bingo Battle, in Pikmin 3, and even then, only in some of the levels. This list contains all stages where White Pikmin can be found, either ready to use, or obtainable through Ivory Candypop Buds.

White Pikmin appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U as a kind of Pikmin that Olimar is able to pull from the ground via his standard special move, Pikmin Pluck. They also appears as a trophy. They have the lowest vitality, and deliver the lowest amount of damage and knockback if Olimar uses them for his aerials and smashes, but when they latch onto an enemy, they deal poison damage, which is much more damaging than the pummeling of other Pikmin. White Pikmin can be thrown the farthest, despite this not being the case in the Pikmin games. In Brawl, they also appear as a sticker.