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Both my parents rode a Honda CB 350..I remember riding with both of them started in the front on the tank then moved to the back as I got bigger.. Of course it was always more fun with Dad more speed!! They also had dirt bikes and trikes.. Also rode on the dirt bikes with them.. p gasol stats Then the day came when the old man made the mistake of saying if you can start it you can ride it.. Boy was he surprised when I jumped on that Suzuki 125 and had it started in no time as if I wasn’t paying attention all those years.. I rode that thing that day until it was at of gas and there was a track around the yard with no grass left.. Been on bikes ever since Bought my first bike in high school it was a YZ 465 What a bear compared to the little 125 I started on.. Then it was off to serve my country.. gas unlimited sugar land tx I bought my first road bike when I was stationed in Alameda, CA it was a 83 Yamaha Mid Night Maxim 750 learned to ride in the Bay area not the safest place to learn to ride on the street but did learn fast.. I ended up riding that bike home cross country what a thrill.. Still did the Dirt bike, Trike and Quad thing for years until this state pretty much shut down all riding ares in the state… Went to a Kl 1000 then the V-rod then the Sharks.. It’s been a hell of a ride!!! My son is now serving our GREAT country and is talking about getting a Bike so some Day we will ride together.. electricity billy elliot instrumental Never got that chance on the street with my old man as he was out of the bike scene by the time I got out of the service.. Bikes have been in my life as long as I can remember and will be to the end!!

I grew up in a lower middle income neighborhood on the edge of a dusty West Texas town. While money was very tight for every family I knew, it was not uncommon for a motorcycle to appear in the driveway when the male teens approached their 15th birthday, the age at which we could obtain a motorcycle driver’s permit in Texas. gas appliance manufacturers association As teens, we were a sometimes wild, but a pretty industrious group of kids – mowing lawns, paper routes, working at the local Whataburger, and other typical first jobs to earn a little coin. And we were more than willing to put up a fair share of those proceeds towards the purchase of our first bike.

My story was no different. I inherited a paper route from an older brother when I was 13 and immediately began dreaming of buying a motorcycle when my first month’s profits were deposited in the bank. For two years I delivered the paper route on my bicycle – 15 miles twice a day in the sun, wind, rain, sleet and snow…uphill both ways. I saved every dollar and constantly worked on my parents to let me upgrade to a motorcycle. gaston y astrid lima My mom was a big believer in the perils of motorcycles and, to this day, I’m not sure I ever won her blessing. gas water heater reviews 2012 But I did eventually get the bike.

It was a 1973 Suzuki TS100 and it was a real beauty. Our neighborhood was surrounded on three sides by a vacant field, a creek, and farmland. This "enduro" model was the best of both worlds – most of the creature comforts of a street bike with the suspension and tire clearance that could handle some light off-roading. The ‘light off-roading’ occasionally included jumping over friends and their bikes using self-made moguls as launch and landing pads. electricity vancouver wa The only accessory added was a luggage rack that made it easier (and safer) to hold my worn newspaper delivery saddle bags.

I learned a lot from that first bike experience. First, long-term goals can be realized if you work hard. Two, salesmanship. Not only did I have to sell the paper delivery service to my customers, I had to sell the concept of certain danger on wheels to my highly risk averse parents. But even parents couldn’t argue with the concept of business productivity. I was now able to deliver my paper route in half the time! Three, despite what it looks like when Evil Knievel does it on television, coming down after a high jump can hurt! Why didn’t they ever include those, "Please don’t try this at home" warnings back then?

Four, my mom was right, motorcycles are dangerous. I had two accidents on that bike – the only accidents that I have experienced! One that involved taking a shortcut where I shouldn’t have and hitting a single strand of barbed wire that an annoyed farmer so kindly put up. And the other involved being hit by a drunk driver at 2am, which gave me my fifth learning – the advantage of leverage. The drunk driver was a car salesman driving a demo car and while the accident did little more than swing my rear tire out from under me, breaking the gear shifter, and scraping a couple of places on the bike and my butt, he was scared to death of the potential legal and criminal consequences. A tidy little settlement soon followed.