Who told our generation of women that zoomies were a good thing – she walks in wellness gas 91


He nearly ruptured my ACL as he charged into the front of my knee knocking me flat on my back. Eventually, like me, he would collapse with the only sign of life his chest heaving up and down as he panted, attempting to refuel his body with the oxygen he had just expended. Ever get a case of the ZOOMIES? You know.. those days when your to do list just goes around and around , and the more you do, the more there is still work to be done? You move at the fastest pace you can , leaping over obstacles to do superhuman feats, often knocking down anyone who gets in your way, sometimes by accident, but more often with your emotional outbursts. gas prices going up june 2016 As long as you are making progress and have control, or think you have it under control, you keep going. You ‘appear’ to be WONDER WOMAN, but the minute someone tries to slow you down, add something else to your list , or you realize you are not gonna make the deadline , you collapse on the floor of a closet panting , and wondering if the pounding in your chest is cause for a trip to the ER. Who was it that told our generation of women that zoomies were a good thing? ..Something to strive for, and that those of us that could zoom the fastest and complete the most things on a list with the most obstacles in their path would earn the respect and admiration of the rest of us? Who was it that devalued afternoon siestas and reading a whole book cover to cover? Who was it that said asking for help or delegating was for weanies? THAT PERSON SHOULD BE HANGED. And why did we listen to them?

It is when I try and push a patient off balance and challenge them to try and maintain their stability in the midst of my “shoving and prodding.” Maybe ANXIETY is the ‘knowing’ that we are being pushed and nudged from all directions and doing everything we can to hold onto our stability, but as soon as something or someone pushes a little too hard , we are not only going to lose our balance, we are going to lose our SANITY. electricity 1 7 pdf The perpetual prodding on the outside finally shakes us to the point where our insides become agitated and our minds can no longer process what is coming at us.

Whether you believe in spiritual warfare or a higher power or not, one thing you need to understand if you are going to learn to overcome instead of BE OVERCOMED is that your mind is wired for self protection. gas nozzle icon It’s that primitive thinking pattern that tells us we need to run and away and hide or stand up and fight. We are wired that way for survival. But aren’t you Tired of just trying to survive?

* Declutter your mind of all the to do lists scrolling through it and keeping your processing centers overloaded. hp gas kushaiguda Try downloading everything on one big list and then open a calendar and schedule the items on a specific day and time. Then cross it off your list and throw the list away. I have always been a list maker and used a similar strategy, but am working on doing a better job of scheduling thing. gas house eggs This will take some time out of your already busy day but it will be time well spent that will lead to a more efficient week and more mental energy.

* Schedule DAILY time to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Something that produces endorphins instead of cortisol! I know what you are thinking. I don’t have time for me. electric zap sound effect free NOT TRUE. I know you have been “told” that you don’t have a say but you do. Everything you do with your life today is your choice. Free will remember.. v gas station Most of the time we are the ones putting the pressure and expectations on ourselves. STOP. Can you TEST me on this? Even if it is just 5 min to start with. gas x coupon 2014 If you could choose what you could do with that 5 minutes what would you do? Start rewarding yourself with this. Put it on your calendar before the other things on your list. YOU CAN NOT TAKE CARE OF ANY ONE ELSE IF YOU DON”T TAKE CARE OF YOU.