Who won the second debate – hillary, trump, or pussies_

Its first several minutes gave me the goosebumps, so much it reminded me of the glorious show trials under Comrade Stalin: Hillary as a prosecutor, with both moderators as her faithful assistants, leveling trumped-up charges against the designated Enemy of the People™. Gas upper back pain Wasting no time, they took turns accusing Trump of terrible deeds and demanding that he repent and crawl on his knees before Hillary, begging for mercy.

That was promptly followed by a Muslim question, formulated along the lines of “Have you already stopped being an Islamophobe?” It seemed that very soon Trump would be summarily declared guilty of counter-revolutionary sabotage and taken out before the firing squad and executed right on that stage with all the severity of revolutionary justice.

But then Trump had the gall to go on offensive. Gas chamber jokes He started rattling the three prosecutors, preventing them from doing their revolutionary duty, which was to destroy him in front of the world TV audiences. Gas oil ratio calculator To be fair, they tried to continue reading their list of charges but they miserably failed. Gas near me cheap At one point Martha Raddatz even deployed the famous Candy Crowley maneuver, trying to debate Trump on Syria. Gas x while pregnant But her Candy Crowley impersonation failed as well. 5 gas laws To use Trump’s favorite buzzword, it was a disaster.

To sum it up, the debate started with all three of them attacking Trump about “pussy” but it ended with Trump standing tall like a man opposite the three pussies – Hillary, Martha, and Anderson (we love you, Andy, but you’re a pussy and you know it).

Can we get a real red-blooded man as a prosecuting moderator for the next and final debate, who could confront Trump on equal terms, on behalf of the pussies? (And when we say “pussies” we mean the Party™, the Communities™, and the entire Progressive Humanity™).

As it stands, this entire election boils down to “Trump vs. Electricity 101 youtube Pussies,” starting with the primaries. Electricity trading Thank you, mainstream media, for clearing it up for us.

Yes, Progressives have always been pussies and carried that title as a badge of honor. Gas prices in michigan Why change now? We trust that you will cast your vote in this poll for the korrekt candidate as required by the Party discipline, because that’s what pussies do.

It is no question that Hillary must have had the questions in advance. Eseva electricity bill payment And/or had an earpiece or some other system. Electricity definition wikipedia She sounded too polished and too scripted. Gas efficient suv 2008 And alike all liberals, she projected too much. 8 gas laws If she denounced it, she did it. La gastronomia She was totally unbelievable to all but the most ignorant of voters. Gas yoga It was also obvious that she was just an actor reciting a script.

Trump’s answers, however, were simpler. Electricity lab physics You could tell that he was thinking and staying calm, and also making calm statements. Victaulic t gasket In short, he was actually believable and sounded honest.

In some of the discussion for the last debates I read that in proper, structured debates and not just question-and-answers sessions (which are what the presidential “debates” really are), there are two different votes: a judges’ vote and an audience vote. Wb state electricity board bill pay I read of this one gentleman who had incorruptible facts but zero emotion to put some punch behind them. Gas bubbler He gained 100% of the judges’ vote. Gas vs diesel prices However, the audience voted in favor of his opponent, who had facts that weren’t near as good as his but who infused them with emotion to create an overall better package.

Hillary might have 30 years of speaking experience, and she may have won in the eyes of the media, but will her highbrow language and slinky, snake-like delivery win over the average man sitting at home trying to scrape out his portion of our country?

Hillary has spent 30 years in her own little ivory tower, but now she is coming out of it. Gas bloating frequent urination And what has this gotten her? Fainting, bodily collapse at ground zero, and revelation of a host of other problems that would make her unfit to be president.

She has sat in the tower for so long and rose up in it that she thinks that the next step is just as easy as the last. Electricity notes Well, all of her advances have been done in an era where truth could be suppressed and facts hidden and denounced. Electricity jeopardy 4th grade Now, with the internet and all it’s power, the facts have come out, and she cannot suppress them as she has in her previous advances of power.

Everybody knows that politics is filled with criminals everywhere, but she might be the biggest one of them all. Bp gas prices And now, instead of just going into the bank and taking the jewels as she has in past elections, she has to contend with armed guards, motion sensors, Hollywood lasers, and unstoppable guardians of truth.

To her, the biggest liar in the history of the universe, unstoppable guardians of truth are her mortal enemy. Gas laws worksheet And her only battle plan is to lie even more about them. V gashi 2012 These guardians are Americans just like you and me (and one particularly handsome Australian man), but she is in such a panic that she has to paint them as Russian.

This statement shows how out of touch and dated she is. 9gag wiki Most people in our country do NOT want war with Russia, and don’t see Russia as the boogeyman they were perceived as in the 50’s through the 80’s. Gas in babies In fact, a lot of people want to see new relations with Russia, and for us to ally against the terrors of the Middle East. Gas tracker They saw their bombings in the Middle East not as “threatening” to the US Military, but actually beneficial to all.

Yet she wants to go to war against Russia, even though the Iron Curtain has opened and the spirit of “Russiaphobia” is dying fast. 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect Even Ronald Reagan, who was arguably the most anti-Communist president we ever had, didn’t want to go to war. Yoga gas relief pose He took the high, respectable, and peaceful road, and had talks with Mikhail Gorbachev to slowly phase out the USSR and helped Gorbachev to institute policies that would slowly ease the USSR into Capitalism and an overall freer society. Gas and electric phone number Furthermore, he reported back to us, the American people, as to what he was doing with Gorbachev and what it would mean for both us and the Russian people.

All of this was done without a single nuke fired. Electricity physics Yet her, in her elderly dementia, would launch every single nuke in the arsenal at them, just because she thinks they hacked her and exposed the truth about her. U gas station She’s even gotten the government to formally declare Russia as the hacker. Gas after eating yogurt Just shows you how corrupt the government is is.

She might have the judges’ and the MSM’s vote, but the polls (except for the CNN, or Clinton News Network poll) definitely say that she does not have the audiences’ vote. Electricity japan And in elections, the audience is what counts.

So, as to the question, I think it just depends on what you’re measuring. Electricity outage in fort worth You can measure the speed of objects, but a car and a ping-pong ball going at 100 miles an hour will have two totally different effects. Gasbuddy va But if you measured force on impact, you’d get the most accurate picture. Gas variables pogil worksheet answers Hillary won with the media, the elites, and their lackeys. H gas l gas brennwert Trump won with the people.