Why after either nuclear wars or viruses is so much knowledge always lost page 2 alternate history discussion kansas gas service login


It simply comes down to this, in post-apocalyptia general society has broken down. Granted the knowledge to make a combustion engine is there, but the desire to just build one generally wont be. People will be more concrened with the immediate needs of survival ie. finding food and shelter and protection. As far as a combustion engine goes, it suddenly drops pretty low on the things I need chart. Technical know-how by defualt begins to fade, and just because a book that tells you how to build a combustion gas news australia engine is there, doesn’t mean you can simply build it. Engineers study and work for years before they can figure that sort of things out, and even then teams of people are generally involved. That brings me to my next point, the resources needed suddenly won’t be availible. The Modern world generally relies on international trade in order for things to function. WWZ what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system had a good example with liquorice, which required ingredients from about a dozen nations. Try and imagine what you would need for something more complicated, metal, oil, rubber, electronics, all of this may have to be shipped or moved from somewhere else to make an engine.

This would not however stop societies electricity generation by source by state from functioning. The laws of supply and demand can not be suspended and thus trade would occur, and with trade, profit, the accumulation of wealth, and the very strong benefit of recovering and using knowledge. It would be traded just as food, fuel, weapons, etc. are traded. Some forms of transportation would be put in place, not necessarily very pleasant ones, but likely mechanical ones burning some type of fuel, as their likely would not be enough animals to support the transport needs.

A Post Apocalyptic world would likely have electricity, but provided power outage houston zip code on an intermittent basis to most of the population. Water would be available, but, you might not want to drink it unless it was filtered, and the filters would get to be quite expensive. Food would be sufficient to keep you alive, but would be expensive, might make you sick occasionally, and would become seasonal, dried, irradiated, or canned. Do not expect to get a new car, used ones in good condition would become expensive and a lot of the time even parts might take weeks to get, but vehicles would be repaired, and would run, likely badly, for decades.

If a virus was the cause, well, if it kills everyone, then yes, knowledge would be lost, but then there wouldn’t be any one to notice, would there be. If not, then nothing is destroyed, it simply stops. So, ask yourself, where would you live to give yourself the best chance to live, and reproduce. Alone, well, then eventually you run out of food, batteries, fuel, etc. and you die and do not reproduce. If not, then with others, and then you form electricity billy elliot karaoke groups, maybe small at first, but, eventually bigger and bigger. The groups p gaskell that do not seek out others and use the ample resources which are around them, fail. The others use the tools around them to keep their vehicles running, seek out others with more and different skills, plant crops, repair equipment, use electrical systems, maintain them and rebuild their societies.

Notice, the stereotypical option chosen, a society that somehow grew, but did not rebuild, that did not use the tools around them, that instead used old difficult and inefficient methods that no one in the original group of survivors would have known about is not listed. That is because the circumstances to cause it are not based upon the indicated cause, be it nuclear war, or a virus, but rather would be a Political Decision, were there was a decision to not rebuild using the easier way, the technological way, and instead to seek out archaic knowledge.

One author I am familiar with has written an entire series where this list of electricity usage by appliances occurred, but he used a clear magical literary device to force this to occur, the somehow magical elimination of usable electricity. He could not make electricity simply go away, as that change of the laws of Physic would kill everyone, and destroy the universe. No, he allowed light to continue to be created from Nuclear Fusion (Solar Activity), for the neutrons in the human brain to fire, for nerve cells to continue to transmit information, but for none of the aspects of electricity which can gas stoichiometry be used to create and maintain an industrial society continue. Personally, I do not like arbitrary magic, and refuse to read this type of fiction. When an author changes the laws of the universe in a capricious manner, I have difficulty suspending dis-belief.