Why al jazeera hates australia sovietmen gas yourself

Most recently we had that ridiculous coverage of the closure of the Manus Island detention facility for refugees/illegal migrants in Papua New Guinea. After years of protests, the government decided it wasn’t great and moved the detainees into community accommodation elsewhere on the island. Most of the detainees went, but a large number stayed and protested even more. What were they protesting about now? Oh, it was unsafe outside the facility they’d complained so long about. The Papuans would beat them up. They aren’t racist, though. Only whites are racist. So Papuans beating up Libyans et al is purely a product of white Australian racism.

All you saw on A Jazeera was mean Australians trying to close down a peaceful settlement of refugees, cutting off their water and removing facilities. No mention that they were just being relocated elsewhere. And we were only disallowing them from entering Australia because we are so awfully racist, despite our massive immigration program which includes a significant legal refugee intake.

Because according to the hivemind of Al Jazeera and the entirety of the Muslim world, white countries are supposed to take in any Muslims from any part of the world, change their ancient customs to suit the newcomers, pay them welfare, and accept all charges of racism once many of the immigrants fail to thrive in a modern society that they are incapable of comprehending.

Al Jazeera is horrified at the generally positive view the world has of Australia as a peaceful, prosperous and free country, and tries to correct this at every opportunity. It presents surveys showing that Australians are racist and anti-Islam (and yet so many Muslims still want to move there!), and segments about how Aborigines suffer extreme disadvantage and discrimination such as having special programs and billions of dollars spent on them. The editorial message at the end of these segments is always, ‘Australia: you thought they were nice and egalitarian but actually they’re a bunch of gas-chamber wielding cannibals’.

Of course, Al Jazeera has the same sort of stories about Germany and the US. It’s just that, the coloured world already thinks those countries are awful and racist (but still wants to move there). Australia has been getting off light, hence the focus on this distant and ignored outpost of Western civilization.

Al Jazeera is based in Qatar, a country about which the channel features very few news segments at all. Is Qatar a haven of freedom and democracy, and is it a sanctuary for all the world’s refugees? Are Rohingyas and Somalis risking life and limb to sail there, and are they welcomed and paid welfare and granted citizenship once they arrive? My reader knows the answers to these questions.

In searching for the underlying reason for this attitude one finds a fascinating clue in the other stories about the west one sees on Al Jazeera: gay marriage legalized in Australia (yay!), contraception receiving less mandated company subsidies in America (boo!), a non-English speaking imam from Sydney criticizing Australian culture (yay!), a proposed mosque being opposed in a country town (boo!).

And what is so surprising about that? The whole history of the world, and of life itself, is one of natural selection. Genes and memes try to spread. The successful ones do so and the unsuccessful ones, like mine, don’t. Much of this is unconscious and finds its form in moral, rather than conquistadorial , feelings. I’m quite sure that most of the staff at Al Jazeera and its zombie audience genuinely don’t perceive this underlying intent at all. But still, there it is.

The only other point to note is that, given demographics, it seems that the Muslim world will succeed. Such natural demographic trends may even help us to solve Fermi’s Paradox – the universe contains few clever societies because they extinguish themselves through willful infertility (not with nukes as we had previously suspected). Perhaps there are other planets with somewhat intelligent life where the most advanced and potentially spacefaring of the species are being overwhelmed by their more backward, superstitious fellows. Perhaps this is just the way of things. Those of you with children should really care to figure it out.