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It’s that time of year again. The big names of Hollywood have gathered at their million dollar mansions in front of large oak wood tables, secluded from teenagers or internet connections. They’ve drunk their wine and had their debates on who’s motion pictures or record discs were the most distinguished of them all. And to no one’s surprise, they’re almost always abysmally wrong. gas tax in new jersey WHY? HERE’S WHY

Selection committees for award shows feature insiders in every genre of music/film to every technical aspect of creation. Some panels even consist of the artists themselves. These are the people who know best. They’re reporters, critics, journalists, media personalities, and film scholars. electricity definition They will never say “I liked it,” as a justifiable reason for nominating something. They’re the ones who can tell you exactly why the color grading cinematography in Dunkirk or Moonlight is award worthy.

These aren’t your casual listeners or moviegoers, these are the professionals. And it’s this system that has been upheld for over 90+ years. The only problem is it purposely excludes the rest of us. For someone like myself who adores award shows, this bothers me. I love competition. gas variables pogil worksheet answer key I’m a firm believer in meritocracy, and enjoy seeing people rewarded for their hard work. So award shows have a sentimental place in my heart. However, the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys are profoundly bureaucratic, open to political influence, and are severely micro-managed by old, sensitive egomaniacs, who get a sick pleasure from regularly dismissing any album, show or film that’s popular, just to spite the viewer. maharashtra electricity e bill payment Then turn around and wonder why their ratings are so low. OLD SENSITIVE EGOMANIACS

Then there’s the Emmy’s, which is not as bad as the others, and have rewarded shows from every genre at one point or another. However, it was noticeable that last year’s co-host Michael Che handed out a number of “Reparation Emmy’s” for past (mostly black) shows that were never given the recognition during their run. The reason is a mostly white selection committee always believing shows like Frasier or Picket Fences were better. (Hint: They weren’t.)

And then there’s the Oscars. The longest reigning, most egregious carrier of the sickness of racial discrimination and elitism. As the biggest award in film, the Oscars have abused their status to be blatantly hostile towards audience favorites. They outright reject films in Action and Horror genres, ignore achievements in motion capture, and passed on every accomplished black actor with a few exceptions (those being Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Forest Whitaker, and Sydney Potier.) Still, in recent years, they’ve done what they could to correct this behavior. They made their selection committees more diverse and gave their first Best Picture award to an all black cast, even if that moment was trampled on by initially calling the wrong winner.

But the past few years haven’t been kind to the Oscars as, and only in their case, controversy doesn’t actually sell. First there was the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, to Eddie Murphy declining to host, to the miscall of the best picture award, to finally losing this year’s host thanks to some SJW twitter trolls. gas 78 facebook And all of these things have done more harm than good. So how can you improve these shows, gain new fans, and higher ratings? Two words: VIEWER INVOLVEMENT

Ever ask yourself how did American Idol last for 20 seasons? Or How is The Voice still on TV? The answer is simple: Viewer Involvement. The person watching at home has a chance to affect the outcome, so now the viewer is personally invested. electricity in india travel I’m in no way suggesting you turn the Grammy’s or Oscars into a tournament style elimination matchup to decide the winners. (It’s Michael B. Jordan vs. Richard E. electricity vs gasoline Grant in a Best Supporting Bloodbath!) What I am suggesting however, is leaving some room for the fans to have a say.

During the nominating process, place all the nominees online and let the public vote. After the committees have selected their nominees, add 1 more from the fan vote. You can keep this just to the major categories. And now what you’ve done is excited social media as actors and performers will use their platforms to try to push their fan bases to support them. You’ve increased viewership for the red carpet as people will tune in to see the nominee selected by the fans. And you’ve drawn ratings to the show as we anxiously await to see if any of our choices are eventually crowned. AN ALTERNATIVE

However, I realize we’re dealing with ego-maniacal bureaucrats who hate the idea of sharing even a modicum of power or turning their arbitrary and exclusive system into a democracy? (Blegh.) But if your award shows continue down this elitist path, don’t be surprised when an alternative emerges. An awards show with the same amount of glitz and glamour, only this one is fair and gives people the chance to express their opinion as well.