Why democrats still defend the epa _ washington examiner

While some Democrats have been reluctant to go against party talking politics and criticize the EPA, Rep. Origin electricity account Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., have both openly taken a stance against Gina McCarthy and her agency. Electricity allergy (AP Photo)

However, much of the Democratic base is more urban, distanced from the economic impact of regulation and more hawkish on fighting climate change. D cypha electricity Voters in those reliably Democratic districts want their lawmakers to support the EPA. Gas explosion Doing so in the face of immense Republican opposition won’t threaten their seats.

“Voters that are sensitive in response to environmental policy or climate change, that umbrella, made a decision and figured out who they’re for a long time ago,” Trippi said. Electricity electricity song “There may be some differences in these primaries that get stressed, but when it gets to the general election, if you’re someone who sees the Democrats as pro-environment, that’s why you’re voting.”

Sen. Gas water heater reviews 2013 Ed Markey, D-Mass., is one of the EPA’s staunchest defenders in Congress, and said the various attacks from Republicans haven’t made him reconsider his belief in McCarthy.

“I think she is going to go down in history as a historically great EPA administrator,” Markey said. E gasoline “The way she has constructed the Clean Power Plan is going to ultimately be the model that gets the rest of the world to a position where they too will reduce the greenhouse gases in their country.”

Ellison is among the Democrats who visited Flint in March after the water became contaminated with lead from old pipes. Electricity balloon experiment He said it’s important for Democracts to stand by the agency since congressional Republicans, who generally want to do away with the EPA, are all too happy to blame it when something goes wrong.

In Flint, it was revealed that the regional EPA office didn’t tell the public about extremely high levels of lead in the water of some homes despite the protests of one of its researchers who was working with a local resident. Electricity calculator (AP Photo)

“Gina McCarthy is an excellent administrator, and I think conservative folks don’t want business to be held accountable, because it does cost money to internalize your costs when it comes to pollution,” he said.

Rep. Gas 91 Jared Huffman, D-Calif., even takes issue with calling the Animas River spill and the lead water contamination in Flint as “EPA scandals.” He said that’s merely a Republican talking point.

“There should be broad accountability, and I think you’ll find me and any other Democrats ready to hold EPA accountable when it’s appropriate,” Huffman said. Electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf “The answers to that inquiry, though, might not be what our Republican colleagues want to hear.

“Maybe the EPA needs more of a budget and more staff and a more proactive role in guaranteeing drinking water safety, which is not where I think they’re headed when they start trying to crucify the EPA and shift the blame to them.”

Some, such as Manchin, have little to no choice. Grade 9 electricity test and answers Coal-state Democrats like Manchin might be the most under threat politically from the EPA’s effect on constituents because of the Democrats’ traditional reliance on union support to rally voters. E 87 gasoline In states like West Virginia, union support means backing coal miners.

“I don’t think that Gina was basically being fair in looking at the total energy policy for the United States of America and making sure that she understood the need that we have for the fossil fuels that we’re using and how we can use them in a cleaner fashion,” Manchin said.

Rep. Power outage houston report Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., made headlines when she appeared to call for McCarthy to resign in a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in March. 3 gas laws A spokesman for her office said her statement was taken out of context and she does not believe McCarthy should step down, but Duckworth was happy to tell McCarthy she had a problem with how the EPA has handled the situation in Flint.

Duckworth, who is up for re-election in November, said the EPA “failed in its duty” to protect the city. 76 gas station hours Her questioning of McCarthy was tough and contentious, with the Illinois Democrat repeatedly calling out McCarthy for seemingly not answering her questions.

“I am not on your side in this. K gas oroville I am certainly not on the governor’s side. Gas efficient suv 2010 I’m not on your side,” she said, referring to Michigan Gov. Gas city indiana post office Rick Snyder, who was sitting next to McCarthy.

Earlier this year, in a meeting of the House Agriculture Committee, Rep. E gaskell north and south Tim Waltz, D-Minn., told McCarthy he doesn’t think the EPA has “regulatory humility.” Instead, farmers in his district feel like they’re being slammed by new rule after new rule that they aren’t consulted on, Waltz said.

For the increasingly rare Democrats from coal states, such as Manchin, criticism and distancing from the EPA is sometimes the only viable position to take.

Trippi said supporting the EPA in a coal state is tricky due to the immense amount of opposition to coal regulations in those states. Electricity video ks1 Many coal miners blame the EPA for causing the catastrophic downturn in the industry during the last few years, while the reality is that a combination of regulations and the natural gas boom is to blame for the collapse in the industry.

“If you’re in a district or in a coal state where it might have a direct impact on industry and jobs, it’s raised as an issue and will be a major fighting point of contention,” he said.