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hey not sure if this is still active but i felt i had to share what iv been thru in the past 2years….first electricity names superheroes off i loved meat and dairy an couldnt see past it then i went to a nandos restaurant over here in the uk, i got ECOLI which was awful but from that day on i had a terrible fear of chicken so i didnt touch it again then when i ate any kind of meat id be sick i would have stomach cramps, vomiting, hot and cold flashes, sweating, diarrhea and even loss of blood and mucus in stools (tmi but it has to be said) so i was always at the doctor and having them make house calls thinking it was the ecoli still in my system so they gave me heaps of meds (didnt work) and i was doped up on tramadol (very very strong pain killer) so wasnt having any real electricity equations physics quality of life….so one day i got bloods done which said i was fighing an allergy or intolerance and to do a food diary of what i ate an what happnd so we figured out it was anything meat or meat stock or gelatin so i cut that out all together and very militant about it and im off all the medication and live a very normal life….i swear to god that quitting eating animal flesh was the best desision of my whole entire life its made such a difference and i would NEVER decide that my greed and fancy for eating something would come in over my over all health…..i cut out dairy too cos it has always made my stomach bloat to nearly triple the size it starts at and now i look and feel great and my haor is thicker my skin is glowing and i never need to take painkillers unless im contaminated which happns if people dont care…..no meat comes in my house im glad to say im very careful i know what it does to me and theres no way ill suffer just because i want to eat a burger.,…i just grab a veggie burger or make a bean burger there super nice plus i wont have high blood pressure grade 6 electricity project or high cholesterol hahaha x

I have the same issue! Any time that I eat meat, dairy, avocados, or anything from Subway I get horrible stomach cramps/pains in the upper central/right abdominal region. I get a headache, cold sweats, extreme nausea, gas, bloating, and heartburn. The symptoms will slowly build until their peak and then z gas guatemala settle down. The whole process lasts several hours. I saw a gastroenterologist who ruled out ulcers, h. pylori, crohns disease, celiac disease, found nothing wrong with my esophagus, stomach, or upper intestines. I had a HIDA scan (looks at your gallbladder) which came back COMPLETELY normal, although I experienced a milder form of the usual pain I experience when eating these foods. He also found that I have a small 2 mm polyp on my gallbladder and the indications of fatty liver disease, however he believed these to be incidental findings that never would have been discovered if I didn’t have abdominal issues. He does not believe that they are causing the pain. Since the HIDA scan mimicked my pain, he offered to remove it, but suggested that I just tried cutting those foods out of my diet completely. So I switched to a very low fat high carb vegan diet gas estimator and my symptoms are completely gone. If I ever start having problems again, I probably will get my gallbladder removed but for now it’s fine. I’m really hoping someone figures out the actual cause of this. The one theory I’ve seen online that makes the most sense to me is a low bile salt production — BUT there’s nothing online about what causes that! I hope all of you consider changing your diet and start feeling better!

I have a similar thing going on, every time I eat any kind of meat at all, I get sick. With the exception of raw fish. I did a little research on the human diet in general. While PETA gas unlimited says that humans are definitely herbivores, and many people would agree, more people seem to think that all humans are omnivores. Either of which is not entirely true. See, I would say that if your genetic ancestors have spent much less time than other’s eating meat, you probably have the physical signs to show for it. Like, less sharp teeth, a smaller jawline, etc. While it is true that Chimps and Apes actually do hunt as omnivores with large canines (sometimes each other, and the Chimp population is currently hunting to extinction gas knife lamb the Red Colobus monkey for food) humans have evolved since then, and the majority of our ancestors ate only plants, leaving animal meat for when plants weren’t around. It’s hard to say what percentage of the population really should eat meat. But if it makes you sick, either get your digestive tract cleaned and boost your metabolism, or just don’t eat it and try eating steamed veggies (such as broccoli, yams and carrots) and raw veggies like cucumber, avocado and kale.

Try to follow your genes: root vegetables if your ancestors ate mainly root vegetables, no milk or wheat if that’s not what your ancestors ate, etc. I’m part Cherokee Native American, I think it’s why fish doesn’t hurt me at all, where if I eat sheep or goat or anything I feel like vomiting. It’s easier to digest than denser proteins anyway, and my ancestors didn’t eat much meat all around, either because they were in poverty, or because they just ate what they had around and what they had around was an abundance of plant life- they didn’t need to hunt animals so they didn electricity in indian states’t, it was easier.