Why do we put up with trump letters helenair.com electricity usage by appliance


What are you doing John…? You don’t make any sense…given that the republicans (including Don Rumsfeld) gave millions and chemical weapons used in attacks against Iran and the Kurds (and helped electricity bill saudi electricity company him use them) to Saddam’s brutal regime, and the your boy Bush’s faked intel started a war in Iraq that was costly in life and money, and involved pallets of millions lost to graft…

As usual, your brain is addled electricity pick up lines and you can’t even get your fake news excuses straight. I think you meant IRAN… and of course, the issue of nuclear disarmament and reduce production was negotiated to success (no matter how many times Trump lies to you – and you gulp it down). And no money was paid to them…we allowed money seized from them to be returned via nogotiations but didn’t pay otherwise. That’s called a deal…what happened in singapore was called a snow job, and gas prices going up to 5 dollars Trump didn’t even make a deal…he just pretended he got something while giving away everything without even asking for confirmation. Worst deal maker ever…the only thing he’s good at is lying to wingers, and wingers are good at swallowing lies like manna from heaven.

I love that you want to crow about the gallup electricity jeopardy poll as a barometer of Trump when most of the positive news comes from Obama era policy and it’s only 1 percentage point higher than Obama’s best rating, and it includes a +/- 3% margin. It’s like you crowing about a trump job report this spring hitting 223K plus, but you never cheered Obama for doing better than that 33 months, and electricity generation definition taking a cratered economy (due to republican policies) and turning a robust economy over to trump with very low unemployment rates at and a full 88 months of positive grade 9 static electricity test job reports and millions of jobs created. In fact…you always acted like Obama had nothing to do with it…so how is a good economy not Obama’s fault but suddenly is Trump’s when he’s only set fiscal policy for 5 months?

So the guy kowtowing to human right abuser and calling him great is your ideal…or is it the shirtless Putin who play the worst negotiator ever like a marionette and actually had Trump suggest he should be let back in the G7. Putin has Trump dumping the strongest of allies to further weaken the western forces keeping him in check…sure, that electricity sound effect mp3 free download’s good for America always right? No that’s good for the USA NEVER you dolts!

Or is it China who got their wish in that Trump broke ranks with another 50 year ally in South Korea and now we will, without any gas vs diesel generator negotiation or substantial return, be ceasing the military operations and close coordination that have marked our Asian policy for decades. China is giddy with further expansion into their man made islands, demands that US companies not even show Tiawan as independent and their territorial ambitions. And Trump threw in CTE as a bonus – for nothing more than a big many million loan for one of his casinos.

I am amazed at the electricity units to kwh lengths you syncopates will go to pretend these are good decision. You call Obama’s actions an apology tour but he never ever gave away the store for nothing…trump doesn’t even wait to get something back…he rolls over and shows the worst of leaders his subservient belly even before the electricity laws in india negotiation and tries to play strong with attacks on our allies.

Let’s hear your hypocrisy and lies explaining away a sitting US president who wishes his the people of this country showed religious like deference and reference to him like the people do to North Korean dictator Kim electricity and magnetism purcell pdf Jon Un because of course KJU will have them killed, sent to a concentration camp, murdered abroad, or even reportedly fed alive to packs of dogs. That’s the leader Trump admires – and a people who’s fear and downtrodden subservience we should emulate for President Dumpster Fire!