Why does russia want trump_ it’s all about oil. why does trump want russia_ it’s all about money

Oil and natural gas aren’t just a part of Russia’s economy, they are the economy. Gas stoichiometry worksheet answers Up until 2014, oil accounted for 50 percent of revenue going into the budget. Electricity magnetism and light As long as oil and gas prices were high, Putin was able to float along, using oil profits to prop up the Russian economy and his own popularity. E payment electricity bill up But as oil and gas fell, so did Putin’s ability to pretend that his policies were bringing improvement. Gasbuddy near me Since 2014, the value of the ruble has plunged to a third of its former value against the dollar.

The reason is the same as the reason the coal industry is going under: fracking. Gas efficient suv 2013 Fracking for oil and natural gas has filled the US market to overflowing. Electricity history facts It’s the reason that gas is $2 at the pump, the reason that the largest coal companies in the world are bankrupt, and the reason that over 160 oil companies have also gone bankrupt this year. Gastroparesis Prices are so low, companies and countries that depend on fossil fuels for revenue are feeling a huge squeeze.

Those low prices crimp not just Putin’s ability to show largess at home, but slow his program to move the Russian economy to a more diverse base. Electricity demand And, most importantly of all, low energy prices restrict Russia’s military ability, both because less funds are available to drive military expansion, and Western nations are less inclined to look the other way based on their own population needs for natural gas pipelines controlled by Russia.

There are three things Putin needs: short term capital to pad out his shrinking budget, long term investment to fuel his ambitious expansion schemes, and someone to take the Paris Agreement off the table so all that oil in Russia keeps getting sold.

The aligning interests between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s choice for U.S. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year president (Donald Trump), and Big Oil represents the gravest threat to humanity (and democracy) since the rise of the Axis powers in the 1930s.

Trump’s leading Secretary of State candidate, Rex Tillerson, has worked for just one company his whole life: Exxon. Tgask That doesn’t make Tillerson an expert in foreign affairs. T gas terengganu It doesn’t make him an expert in business. Electricity 220v It makes him an expert in a very limited subset of the oil and gas business. Gas quality by brand For Trump’s purposes,Tillerson has very specific skills.

Aleksey Pushkov, the head of Russia’s Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted high praises of Donald Trump’s reported pick for secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who has very close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Exxon has been working directly with Russia to secure drilling rights in previously virgin areas of the high Arctic. Electricity questions for class 10 It’s a deal that earned Tillerson the “Order of Friendship” medal in 2012—the highest award Russia gives to non-citizens.

Mr. Electricity generation efficiency Trump called it “a great advantage” that Mr. O gascon Tillerson already knows “many of the players,” noting that he does “massive deals in Russia.”​ Massive doesn’t even do them justice.

Those deals, valued at between $500 billion and $1 trillion, are at risk because of US sanctions against Russian officials that were imposed after Russia’s invasion of Crimea and other areas in Ukraine. Gas and supply acworth ga Tillerson already lobbied Congress successfully to stop a more extensive sanction bill from becoming law. Electricity usage in the us Now he wants the rest of it put away.

To get a sense of just how large the deal is, Russia’s entire annual budget is around $200 billion dollars. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade That number currently includes a budget deficit of about $21 billion a year. C gastritis On a percentage basis, that’s not all that different from the US. Gas south Except that the US annual budget is edging $3.8 trillion while running a deficit of about $500 billion. The difference here isn’t just scale, it’s that no one wants to lend money to Russia, especially not when their currency is in the tank.

Russia just surprised most observers by selling off 20 percent of Rosneft, it’s state controlled oil company, to a group of Middle Eastern investors for $11.3 billion. Electric zap sound effect free That deal sets the current value for what remains at Rosneft at just over $45 billion. So, in the current market, Russia could sell off its entire state-owned oil company and get enough money to address its budget crunch for a couple of years.

Or … it can make the Exxon deal and have a steady stream of income that closes that budget gap through decades. Gas turbine The Exxon deal is bigger than all of Rosneft by a factor of 12 or more. Hp gas kushaiguda phone number In fact, the deal is bigger than the market capitalization of Exxon and Rosneft combined. Electricity song lyrics It could be the biggest business deal in history.

Tillerson and Trump can deliver for Putin, giving him a deal that would bolster his own popularity, cement his authoritarian regime in place, and allow Russia to flex its muscles without worrying that every tank and plane might be resented by people surrendering butter for bullets.

All Trump has to do is see to it that, miraculously, the sanctions that stood in the way of the Exxon deal get neatly brushed aside and let Tillerson finish writing the largest agreement ever. Electricity was invented With, perhaps, a few paltry billion sliding under, over, or alongside the table.

Trump can also assure Russia that all that delicious oil and gas keeps getting burned and doesn’t end up stashed in the ground because of concerns over climate change. Electricity nightcore What’s the biggest reason that Donald Trump won’t make a commitment to basic science and admit that manmade global warming is occurring? Russia needs to sell oil.

In theory, getting out of the Paris agreement is difficult, and both President Obama and the leaders of 190 nations have rushed through the agreement to make it that way. Electricity kwh cost uk In practice, Trump doesn’t have to do a thing except talk down the agreement and ignore its limits. Electricity transmission vs distribution Penalty: $0. Orlando electricity providers And US detachment from the agreement will probably result in other nations shrugging and trying to make a buck while the sun is still visible through the haze.

That’s two of Putin’s concerns down. Electricity jewels What about the third? What can Donald Trump do that would drive up the price of oil and gas so that Putin, and Exxon, not only enjoy their massive drill-the-holy-hell out of the Arctic deal, but get maximum profit on every barrel?

Trump could try a plain-old political solution, such as providing price supports on US oil and gas under the guise of a “jobs program” that would put all those exploration and drilling workers idled by low prices back to work. Electricity vs gas heating costs Sure, that’s just paying corporations huge sums to hire a few people but … see the Carrier deal. Gas city indiana car show Now imagine that deal x1,000. Electricity billy elliot karaoke Oil, and to a lesser extent natural gas, are fungible commodities, so prop up the prices in the US, and Vladimir Putin gets what he needs to roll into the Balkans.

Putin and Trump could also go with a kind of joint strong arm solution. Gas hydrates wiki One of the reasons that prices are so low is because OPEC can’t get its act together. Gas meter car But if both Trump and Putin let it be known that, say “no planes for the Saudis” unless they crank back production, it could generate just enough lowered supply to give both Putin and Trump a nice look-at-all-those-jobs bounce at home.

Just imagine a “hey, my new guys in intelligence who are so much smarter than the people we replaced, absolutely knew Iran was about to get the bomb, so we just had to go in.” And destroy their, uh, oil facilities. K electric company duplicate bill Hopefully, without giving in to Trump’s itch to use The Bomb ourselves. Gas jeans usa Trump and Putin might also choose to engage in some creative destruction in Syria and Iraq, under the aegis of “keeping oil away from ISIS.” Or heck, Trump could just muster a little instability anywhere that has a pump.

Trump can deliver for Putin on Exxon to keep Russia sitting high for decades. Harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf He can drop the Paris agreement making both US fossil fuel companies and Putin grin. E sampark electricity bill payment And he can either take enough production off the market, or make that production uncertain enough, to drive up prices and maximize profits.