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I have met numerous individuals who have been electrocuted under the auspices of psychiatry and psychology, or psy. Gastritis The treatment – electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) – is criticised by recipients and receives only occasional press coverage. Electricity and circuits class 6 In the days when I received calls from journalists asking about the state of psy, I would usually say: “You’re asking the wrong questions. Gas pains 6 weeks pregnant You should be writing about ECT.” Invariably the response would come: “They don’t still do that, do they?”

ECT might be viewed as representative of much that occurs within the psy complex: it has harmed millions; it is based on suspect and ever-changing theoretical assumptions; research is carried out exclusively by those with vested interests in the results; it is most commonly used on those with little power, in the context of coercion and lack of consent; and health professionals are largely silent on the topic.

During ECT an electric current is passed through the brain, via electrodes, to induce seizure activity. Electricity kwh to unit converter The recipient is anaesthetised and muscle relaxants are given to prevent spasms. Gas and bloating after every meal The original idea, to induce epileptic seizures (supposedly curative for people branded schizophrenic) has been long replaced by conflicting ideas about how ECT produces the desired effect, summarised by Peter Breggin as “brain damage”.

ECT is touted as “safe and effective” by Mind, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and others. Gas and bloating It has the gloss of science – electricity, people in white coats – but this is an illusion. Electricity definition chemistry The wide variation in how ECT is used demonstrates that, in fact, it is based on the preferences and biases of local psychiatrists and researchers.

For example, in Greece and India ECT is administered to those diagnosed with schizophrenia, and elsewhere in the world to those diagnosed with anything from depression to autism. Gas city indiana Banned in Italy, Holland and Germany for many years it is making a comeback throughout Europe. Hair electricity dance moms It is now only illegal to give ECT in Slovenia. J gastroenterol hepatol impact factor Some US and Australian states have banned it for children under 14, leading some US ECT advocates to object to the fact children must now be taken across state borders in order to be legally electrocuted. Gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore In Turkey it is used as a torture with children as young as nine. Electricity of the heart In Nigeria it is given without anaesthetic, leading to fit-induced bone fracture.

The UK shows equal variation even within individual centres. Gas zombies For example, there is an 18-fold difference in the use of ECT between 11 adult psychiatric teams in a single Edinburgh teaching hospital. Electricity examples Unused in some NHS trusts, neighbouring areas use it weekly, particularly with women over 60. Electricity experiments Award winning campaigner Bonnie Burstow sees this as part of a secret war against women. Gas in oil Many female recipients are surprisingly old. Electricity lessons for 5th grade For example, 37 depressed patients 80 years of age or older were given ECT during a study at the Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. Mp electricity bill pay indore A one-year follow-up found 10 deaths among the ECT patients and one death among the 28 patients given only anti-depressants.

Despite a death rate estimated at 1-5 per cent and memory loss in more than 30 per cent of recipients, it is not unusual to find ECT described as “safe and effective”. M gastrocnemius The Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Trust website informs us that “ECT is used once medication, talking therapy, and other psychological and social supports are exhausted, and so adds another dimension to the recovery process”. Gas block dimple jig Given the idiosyncratic nature of the use of ECT throughout the UK and the lack of support, this statement seems, at best, hopeful.

We know ECT is, for many, a lethal treatment. Electricity in costa rica A small proportion of recipients claim it as a life-saver. Gasco abu dhabi contact As a procedure that has harmed millions over the last 75 years, it might be time to weigh the balance between the harm and the help before allowing its continued use.

Clinical Psychology: A Critical Examination by Craig Newnes and Children in Society: Politics, Policies and Interventions, edited by Craig Newnes, are available from PCCS Books ( pccs-books.co.uk). Inert gas definition chemistry Inscription, Diagnosis, Deception and the Mental Health Industry: How Psy Governs Us All by Craig Newnes is published by Palgrave Macmillan ( palgrave.com)

Charles H. Gas in babies home remedies Kellner, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City, and colleagues initially administered right unilateral ultrabrief pulse ECT, which is designed to minimize cognitive effects, plus medication to patients aged 60 years and older who had severe depression.\

This enthusiastically reported `study’ once again reveals Dr Kellner’s devotion to ECT and publication, without giving us any well designed support. Electricity magnetism His claim that, “ECT remains a preferred treatment for older patients because it is still very safe, even for medically compromised patients,” is reiterated as if it is undisputed fact.

In this piece: For a start, “Ultrabrief ECT” is a misleading term. Gas bijoux discount code “Ultrabrief” refers to the WIDTH OF THE SQUARE WAVE PULSE. Electricity production by state There are now over 140 ultra brief pulses per second powering through the brain for eight seconds totaling well over 1000 pulses, and using up to 450 volts for EACH treatment.

So Ultra brief PULSE ECT is the longest electrical assault on the brain in history, and when unilateral ECT is used, to achieve the emotional blunting, apathy, and memory loss called “improvement”, the charge must be longer and higher. Electricity distribution companies (450 volts) (See a considerable body of data including Dr Kellner’s own work.)

This type of power delivery was first used from 1946 to 1951 in an attempt to minimise the cognitive damage from ECT. Gas quality comparison It failed when it was discovered that the power needed to achieve the required “result” was just as much as the conventional methods and produced just as much damage. La gasolina lyrics translation The second attempt, in the 1960s also failed.

But in spite of the PR people just didn’t believe it. 9gag instagram videos One must comprehensively suspend disbelief to believe that 200-450 volts of electricity through the brain will not cause it some harm. Gastric sleeve scars So we come to the NEW ECT, the third coming of the square wave pulse machine.

“Postelectric shock syndrome is a disorder of persistent cognitive and psychologic disturbances… Cognitive complaints and deficits resemble those in mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.” Behavioral Consequences of Lightning and Electrical Injury

Margaret Primeau, Ph.D., Gerolf H. Electricity research centre Engelstatter, Ph.D., A.B.M.P., I.A.B.C.P., and Kimberly K Bares, M.S. Gas oil ratio formula `Seminars in Neurology, Volume 15, Number 3, September 1995’

“High Voltage electric shock (450 volts)…can cause damage to the central nervous system…with edema, perivascular hemmorhage [sic], and neuronal loss. Gas station car wash Electrical injury is unique in that it typically results in low mortality rates, but very high rates of short- and long-term morbidity.–ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3771718/ 1Marni L. Basic electricity quizlet Wesner., MD MA FCFP DipSportMed John Hickie MD MSc CCFP CCBOM)

Primeau et al go on to say: ‘…56% of subjects in the acute group and 68% of subjects in the post-acute group had component scores in the impaired range… disturbances of attention and memory are consistent with a head injury model…[with] postconcussion brain damage.

These are but two of many articles but the consensus seems to be that electric shocks to the brain cause significant ongoing neurological damage and psychological dysfunction.

1.Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is defined as an alteration in brain function, or other evidence of brain pathology, caused by an external force. Arkansas gas association (The Brain Injury Resource Center.)

Of course the answer is NO to all three. Electricity notes for class 10 Seizures and coma are the expression of a pathological process that is to be treated urgently and aggressively, and any doctor so injuring a patient by design would be charged with criminal assault.

So how are these same injuries deemed “therapeutic” in psychiatry? The very few will admit that ECT does cause an injury, dismiss it as a very mild one and any cognitive consequences are fleeting, But again we look to neurology:

“Mild TBI, “Keep in mind that there is nothing “Mild” about a brain injury – the term “Mild” Brain injury is used to describe a level of neurological injury. Gas x side effects Any injury to the brain is a real and serious medical condition.” (The Brain Injury Resource Center.)

Mild TBI and therefore ECT commonly cause difficulties with memory, mood, and concentration, significant deficits in organizational and reasoning skills, learning, cognitive, and executive functions, making it difficult to function in complex environments. Electricity out in one room Even minor brain damage can result in permanent impairments in these functions. Electricity word search answer key This can rob a person of a sense of self and seriously compromise quality of life.

Now let’s examine psychiatry’s, especially Dr Kellner’s, claims to effectively manage depression in elderly people. M power electricity First bear in mind that the Sackheim 2007 study found that that women and the elderly had the worst cognitive outcomes from ECT. Electricity formulas physics Dr Kellner doesn’t appear to say what the sex ratio was here, but 70% of ECT recipients are female so it’s possible that those most vulnerable to the adverse neurological effects of electrical TBI are over represented in this study.

Dr Kellner uses the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale as a benchmark for attesting “remission”. Electricity experiments elementary school So his head injured patients regularly filled out this questionnaire during the treatment periods when they were likely to be suffering “difficulties with memory, mood, and concentration.” They would also be likely to be confused, apathetic, and compliant.

When it comes to recording of outcomes we must add the possibility of the “intimidation factor” as described by PubMed: “Social desirability implies responding in a way that the participant believes will be viewed favorably”, as a potential for bias. Electricity journal One ECT study showed that when a questionnaire was delivered by a psychiatrist 70% of patients said they felt better, but when the same patients were given the the same questionnaire at around the same time by fellow patient, only 30% claimed to feel better, a discrepancy of 50%.

So, given these factors, the claims of 60% remission, when other studies show rates of between 16-45%, may well be unreliable.The impact of antidepressant drugs in this study is also difficult to assess.

As always Dr Kellner fails to mention the documented structural brain damage as seen on today’s scans which he himself acknowledged in January 2015 “The amazing structural detail that can now be seen with high magnet-strength MRI has resulted in a re-thinking of the old dictum that ECT does not cause structural brain changes.”

When he claims that unilateral, ultra brief ECT is well tolerated, he is ignoring the science that indicates ALL ECT produces “persistent impairments”, (Sackheim 2007), and in the case of electrical injuries, “Progressive impairment has also been reported, such as the cases with dementia.”

In an elderly population with a high risk of suffering serious cognitive impairment, and with hugely increased risk of dying from ECT (Texas stats 1:200 – other studies show a 25% higher death rate within 12 months), it is, I believe irresponsible at best, to publish a discourse like this.

There have been an increasing number of articles appearing over the last few years – all extolling the procedure as a “Gold standard” for the treatment of depression – all igniring the FACTs as I have presented here. Gas symptoms It requires a suspension of disbelief of delusional proportions to consider ECT SAFE and I haven’t even gone into the EFFECTIVENESS which has NEVER been shown to be greater than placebo (sham) ECT, and may in fact be the ONLY effect in REAL ECT.