Why is france not developing fifth-generation jet fighters – quora bp gas card login


For France to start developing a 5th generation fighter now is a futile effort and a complete waste of money. By the time in 10–15 years the aircraft is developed, the 5th generation design would have been v lab electricity obsolete. The F-22 would be 40 years old and the F-35 would be 25 years old and France is just entering the 5th generation ball game. Not good. For French security experts, it would be best to jump to the 6th generation jet as US, UK, Russia and China are starting to invest in 6th generation electricity for dummies pdf fighter study and design. When France release their 6th generation jet, it would be around similar times are other world aerospace leaders!…So why waste a huge amount of money developing a 5th generation now!

France and Germany have signed a Euro 65 million contract electricity jewels to study the 6th generation fighter, awarded to Airbus and Dassault Aviation. Under the terms of the agreement, unveiled by the French and German defence save electricity pictures ministers at a meeting in Paris in 2018, the two companies will undertake a joint concept study for a “Future Combat Air System” (FCAS). The initial contract will run for two years and kicks off the Franco-German programme in earnest.

The aim is to replace France’s current jet, the Rafale, and the pan-European Eurofighter Typhoon, from 2040. France’s Safran and electricity formulas physics Germany’s MTU Aero Engines will jointly develop the new jet’s engine. The programme is “one of the most ambitious European defence programmes for the century”, said Dirk Hoke, chief executive of Airbus Defence and Space. Eric Trappier, chairman and chief executive of Dassault Aviation, said “this new step is the cornerstone to ensure tomorrow’s European strategic gas yourself autonomy”. The agreement will increase pressure on the UK to move ahead with its own programme for a next generation jet, dubbed Tempest

France also has a future aircraft program going with the United Kingdom. That program would continue gas in oil pan in parallel. For the 5th generation it would be out dated by the time it enters production. It doesn’t make sense for both countries to start developing a 5th generation jet when US, China and Russia have aimed at developing a 6th generation jet. It is understood that the Russians is producing a small batch of Su-57 as this project is not worth to pursue. By the time Russia has solved its technology when was gas 99 cents in california and engine problems, the US and probably China is already well advance into the 6th generation fighter. Now this is what Russia is doing, scaling back the Su-57 for a 6th generation fighter.

“What i understand now is industrial lobbyist are pushing the French government of either electricity worksheets for grade 1 going it alone or finding an alternative partner but not Germany. The problem with Germany is its weapons export policy. It prohibits the export of its weapons that are used in war…that was applied to the Saudis electricity lessons for 5th grade intervention in the Yemeni War! Thats a very big concerns for the French.”

If the French JV with Germany on the 5th generation fighter, they will have problems to sell to countries that Germany have a weapons bans and that will affects French export credibilities. So i hope the e electricity bill French do pull out of the JV with Germany. It doesn’t make sense for France to get affected in exporting their fighters when Germany is also involved….

France has options. Dassault has already decided to develop a 5th generation electricity wikipedia simple english fighter and it is going through technical design as well as tunnel testing on the various designs it has created. We could expect the prototype to fly somewhere in 2025 probably without Germany involvement. Initial IOC is around 2035 after which the Rafale would have reached its expiry date.