Why is it all about productivity gas ks


Have you noticed we live in a world of unrelenting productivity? Work ethic, commitment to our jobs, drive to be successful, and desire to be successful are one thing. But, I’ve noticed there are so many articles floating around our newsfeeds about how to increase productivity – to literally produce more work, words, products, ideas, money – wake up earlier, learn hacks to getting more done in a palpable race against time. “How to Be More Productive” has crossed my screen and my mind enough times, that I thought it may be worth writing about. This recurring message swirling around us makes me question:

The holidays are a perfect time to pause on productivity, mostly because they usually provide a break or some much needed time off from work. And to those who are working this holiday season – thank you for providing relief, support, care, and services to keep things running. gas company But, let’s talk about efficiency. If productivity is about producing more, efficiency is about making the most out of what we have – time, energy, emotion, balance among competing priorities.

2) Time Blocking, Including Time on Social Media – Designate specific times for specific tasks, which the time-blocking tracking app, Toggl, suggests can improve your…you guessed it…productivity by 150%. One tip they provide is to leave your desk when you complete a goal, instead of based on time, and another is to communicate your hours in the office in auto-responder emails and to colleagues to set expectations. c gastronomie brignais One thing I’m trying to do more of when sharing something on social media, is to do it during downtime, after guests leave our home, after we leave a restaurant, or between tasks or events, instead of during them. Hello bathroom breaks!

It highlights our own natural rhythm, which in most cases means we have energy in the mornings, there’s a slump mid day, then another peak in the afternoon. Personally, I create my best work between the hours of 8am-2pm, find myself needing to recharge between 3-4pm, then I get another peak burst of focus between 4-6pm, and sometimes, even again late at night around 10pm after a dinner or social break. Pink suggests if you know your peaks and valleys, you can maximize your time according to that flow.

In case you’re not familiar with Adam, I’m kind of a superfan because his research is so relatable to our everyday lives and challenges we have with work and life. I even had the pleasure of interviewing him a few years ago, which I share in my The Knock Method™ workshops, featuring my 8 Steps to Building Thriving Career Relationships. gas prices in texas Sign up here for more info on upcoming workshops in Denver and Chicago.

You may be thinking, this sounds great and all, but I have a non-stop to-do list at work and home that just can’t stop. Don’t worry, I think that all the time too. However, just being mindful about those times where you feel you’re hamster-wheeling can make you take a step back, breathe, and truly focus on one – or a few things at a time. Here are a few ways to boycott Productivity and still live your life your way:

• Find activities to get lost in. Get into a state of mindfulness (being present). bp gas card login I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who’s never missed a meal. Why? Because I’m always conscious of the time, thinking about what’s next, and being “on” all the time. Not that I’m encouraging missing a meal, but there’s something very exciting, comforting, and nourishing about immersing yourself in activities you get lost in, where you lose track of time, and just relish in that enjoyment. physics c electricity and magnetism study guide This article by Alyssa Barbash Ph.D, highlights the benefits of being present by “letting your mind steal time from you.” Whether running, painting, stepping away for vacation without wifi, listening to music, playing sports, or writing, get lost. One activity where I can get lost without looking at the clock is cooking. Check out my recent post on 6 Cozy Fall Recipes to Warm You Up if you need some ideas! Don’t worry, you can let those around you know you’re stepping into that world, and have them check in if you’ve been immersed for too long and… it’s time to have dinner.