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As a breeder, some of the comments really bother me. I breed 2 high risk breeds and do not leave the dam’s side for the first week to 10 days. They sleep in my room with a whelping box on my bed. No ifs and or buts. Bulldogs of any breed gas finder rochester ny should never be left alone in labor and should be expected to need a C-section even if you let her give natural birth a shot in the vet’s office. Even when breeding my chihuahua (One time only due to depression when the pups sold) I stayed with her to help and teach her what she didn’t know. Breeding and whelping should be a partnership with the dam. Both of my current dams are wonderful mothers, one even willing to foster, but they are my family. We don’t as a culture leave dogs in the wild and have bred instincts into and out of them. We created breeds we wanted or needed so expecting dams to have great mothering insticts is just ignorant. We help electricity symbols ks3 them and teach them like we would our daughters, and just be supportive in a way the dam needs. Anyone who cannot provide this support should not actively breed dogs, especially unnatural breeds. If you need help with a rescue dam or an accidental pregnancy in a beloved family pet, don’t be afraid to reach out to your pet community and even some of the breeding social media groups. I have a support system for my girls and have taught my kids to help with pup supervision, even CPR and choking assistance. Handling the mother and being an active support during pregnancy and the birth process can help her allow you to help. Rescue dogs or a new family pet may not want help and in this case just supervise as much as you are allowed And follow the dams lead. In the case of a well trained family pet, most dams will welcome emotional support during pregnancy and birth, and in a calm environment with only one person helping the first few days, will react well to support. Feed high quality food during pregnancy and nursing. Love and Supervise! And put your dam’s needs before your desire to have pups or a business. If a dam is not suited to motherhood please let her be fixed and have a good pet home. You will make the breed better for it. Breeding expensive breeds may seem electricity games like a great hobby, but it is an emotional investment and a cut throat business. Be wise and do your research before thinking about it. In an accidental pregnancy just be as supportive as you can and learn the signs of problems.

I have a double rejected runt and cannibal mom. While being boarded, my mom’s/now son’s young service dog (Cherokee Cur) and our previous fail service dog/chinese electricity generation capacity obligation (GSD) were bred despite my providing kennels and carrier/kennels. *sigh. The Shepherd tho nearly 5 has not been bred despite having had 2 pseudo pregnancies before; so both dogs are first time mothers and the Cur was too young (yes I am mad as H$77 but cant put the spilled milk back. she is a year old in 3 months) The Shepherd ate first 2 puppies, dumped one in the yard that the Cur saved and brought to my attention before hiding from me under house becuase my sharpness at her in surprise and having remaining TEN known survivors. The cur had her 3 …in my car at my worksite (*i m technically a ranch hand)! She wasn’t even showing anything until 3 days before but I was not midwifing in time so lost the middle puppy. Fast forward. Shepherd has some rejects though hasn’t offered to eat anymore, she has damaged a couple and does push them aside when she is not cleaning. I fear the GSD has EPI, it seems very likely now and have taken some spares off of her for relief of her symptoms. The Cur has taken them up…except the runt, who has marks on her head and missing a toe as it is. Though electricity and magnetism worksheets the cur allows it to eat unmolested, she also gets eerily focused on it before nipping it around head and back if it is not with the other pups. Obviously she has not been alone with it yet and I don’t feel she should access it without supervision. Her 2 fat day younger pups dwarf all the surrogates. So it may be because she is a top notch mouser and it is VERY small. These pups are all cattledog/gsd sired so the size range is I guess for the litter size and number of breedings during those 3 weeks in anothers care. When I bred my chows I did not allow too many days between breedings and had day 3 cutoff to avoid big litters and faders. And never had a bitch eat pups though had one litter with 3 still borns gas tax I revived,where my girl absolutely despised one pup that was very noisy and rejected it soundly. I am not sure if the Cur will come around electricity worksheets or not. It is problematic because she is in the room my son and I sleep in, actually at foot of his bed by her choice’ so trying to figure how to keep the tiny 12 day old tot safe when I am at work is going to be bad. I don’t want to use her sibs to keep her warm lest they get rejected as well from too much movement. Her true mother will likely finish chewing on her, even more so now that she smells of the bitch that she competes with (GSD has rank drive that puts wolves in the milktoast category-why she failed CGC and her school). I am likely to have more luck trying to somehow make her more palatable to the Cur, who as I say, lets her eat and grooms her but just forgets she is canine when she has separated from the others. The 2 bitches are separated indoor and outdoor. The bedrooms are heated but the house is not. I was not prepared for whelping duties, that is why I had not had her bred by a same breed stud.The other 3 are fine and just part of the pile. They are only 1/3 smaller where the runt is actually smaller than half. I had rubbed in oil (too chilly to bathe), evacuated then rubbed urine gas in california from the cur pups onto them so as she cleaned them she detected less of the competitor (plus she wanted the one she save back since day one). They all cry a lot and eat violently. I am sure she will wean them early once they have teeth electricity number cutting in. BTW of teh Eleven…only 2 are male. The cur has 2 males.

I can’t get it checked yet for possible defect (I live back of beyond , lucky to have digital internet signal)the Cur has such a great mothering instinct despite strikes against her (bred out of season, too young, unsupervised and first time mom) It is testament to her temperament, her dams great temperament too. My roomamte has claimed and named this runt. TBH I likely would have just given up on it otherwise. Sounds heartless but I have 13 puppies, a disabled child, laborious work and possibility that after a more specific vet visit that the dam of the brood has something degenerative and expensive to upkeep to allow the dog to thrive after 3 years of steady decline only delayed when we had cases upon cases of Nepro to feed her up with and free fresh eggs at our former location. I almost wished she had eaten all the likely candidates for rejection on day one rather than letting them fade slowly gas finder when not damaging them.

I recently had an American Bulldog litter with a new mother. The first puppy (male) came out fine, she reacted well. She was nurturing, curious and loving. Then we waited an eternity (7hrs) before going to the vet and getting a shot to help her along. The next 4pups came out and were delivered healthy at the vets. Within an hour of getting home and into the whelping pen and reintroduced to the pups, she killed all the girls and had the male nursing on her nipple. I removed them male instantly, put her in her kennel, right next door and cleaned the room and the male, then put him on the heat pad back in the pen. 2hrs later, i brought electricity in water experiment her back into the whelping pen to feed. She seemed a little nervous in her kennel so i just held her collar and put the pup on her back nipple. As soon as I did, she calmed down, as if she just wanted to be near him. I stayed in the pen with her on a collar and leash for another few hours and she seems to be the perfect mom. She keeps him tucked into her or gently picks him up, rearranging and nudging with her nose to guide him back towards the warmth n food when he starts to cry gas utility worker. They’ve been together alone (15ft away from me) for the last 36hrs and seem to be doing great.

My dog had 6 puppies June 17 its now July 26 so they are just over a month and a few weeks old. I did notice one of her puppies weren’t as big as the others and it just practically laid there barely moving at all. later the puppy passed away and there were 5 left. I actually witnessed for the first time my dog actually eat the puppy that died which freaked me out! Once I did some research I began to grasp a bit more of an understanding of why she did it and the puppy was visibly not well power generation definition. Later there were only 3 puppies and I just thought she might have been hiding them or something. Today, I heard a screech which seemed like a cry from one of the puppies and an aggressive bark from the mother dog, I ran outside to see what was wrong to find that she was eating the puppy!!!! I was completely blown away! She had already eaten the other two and there was only one left I quickly went to grab the pup before it was the next piece of steak. I brought the dog inside gave it a bath ( he was very dirty and smelly) fed it some soft dog food and gave it fresh water. We currently have the pup separated from the mother because I’m afraid she will eat him too. She ate 5 pups and that was the only one left! This is her third time giving birth might I add and she has had some complications with the previous births and every time only one or two pups lived. The last two dogs she ate were very healthy their eyes were open they were walking and responding to their environment and also pretty plump. Someone please help me I don’t know what the cause is it seems like she has some sort of aggression towards them I really don’t believe she is doing it for their well-being. What could this cause be and what should I do about the pup that’s left should I keep it away from the mom or is that a bad idea electricity static electricity??????? HELP!