Why shaving your beard is pagan and how it leads to transgenderism landover baptist church gas in oil car


God is male e85 gas stations in san antonio tx. He has specified His preferred gender pronouns in His Autobiography, where He always refers to Himself with He/ Him/ His/ Himself. And He created mankind with two distinct genders – male and female ( Gen 1:27). It’s all very black-and-white. God hates androgyny, transvestism and transgenderism. It is a sin for a man to dress as a woman, and vice versa ( Deut 22:5). It is a shame for a man to have long hair ( 1 Cor 11:14). And it is shameful for a man’s beard to be shaved ( 2 Sam 10:4-5).

Shaving the beard to mimic the female form was something that the malakoi (effeminate/ soft/ catamites) did. Church Father Arnobius also equated shaving with effeminacy. He asked why men “should acquire gems, precious stones, pearls, at the expense of their purity electricity and circuits class 6 cbse; should entwine their necks with these, pierce the tips of their ears, bind their foreheads with fillets, seek for cosmetics to deck their electricity bill cost per month bodies, darken their eyes with henna; nor, though in the forms of men, blush to curl their hair with crisping-pins, to make the skin of the body smooth, to walk with bare knees, and with every other kind of wantonness, both to lay aside the strength of their manhood, and to grow in effeminacy to a woman’s habits and luxury?”

The beard is a sign of manhood. King David had one. We know this because he drooled in it ( 1 Sam 21:13). Jesus had one. We know this because it got plucked before He was crucified ( Is 50:6; it would have been redundant for the writers of the Gospels to mention this as Isaiah had already done so). This gives us a clue as to the proper length of a beard; it should be at least long enough to be able to grab a handful but not as long as the Mohammedans gas x ultra strength during pregnancy or Jew$ grow theirs. The beard should be trimmed ( 2 Sam 19:24). Clement of Alexandria gave the following instructions for grooming: “that of the moustache similarly, which is dirtied in eating, is to be cut round, not by the razor, for that were not well-bred [i.e., the so-called “chin curtain” beard], but by a pair of cropping scissors. But the hair on the chin is not to be disturbed [i.e., so-called friendly mutton chops], as it give no trouble, and lends to the face dignity electricity nyc and paternal terror.”

The only time electricity bill cost God’s people were permitted to shave in the Bible was during a purification ritual ( Lev 14:9), but under the liberty ( 2 Cor 3:17; Gal 5:13) of the New Covenant, the ceremonial law was abolished, so now there are no circumstances in which we are allowed to shave and we all have to grow full beards. We need to arrest the growing tide of paganism and gender confusion infiltrating the church in the form of razor blades and electric shavers. The price of a crisp clean shave, or corrupted style of beard, is, as for every other sin, an eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth ( Lk 13:28). But the reward for those who grow a full, neatly-trimmed beard is an eternity of endlessly worshipping before the throne of God electricity water analogy animation ( Rev 7:9-12). For those who would like to learn more about the perils of shaving, there is a much more in-depth essay at Truth Watchers, a highly-recommendable website.

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