Why should i vote for apc in 2015 – politics – nigeria 4 gas laws


The APC which seems to be the main opposition to the PDP in Nigeria has for sometime now been vigorously pushing for the ousting of President Jonathan and his administration in the next general elections and they will need the votes of the general public. They’ve been doing some convincing to the people who are undecided, now regarded with the somewhat derogatory term of “fencist”. Right now, I find myself sitting down wondering about some important issues. My questions are based on these points.

Body Language: In the last Presidential elections, the APC (or if you like ACN) had a candidate to run against the president and just hours before the election, they allegedly dumped him for reasons best known to them. This singular act shows them as unserious and some might even say they are just in the race for running sake. In my opinion, the greatest damage done by that singular act was to their supporters and of course the candidate, AIG Nuhu Ribadu (rtd). After all the resources and funds put into a campaign you chicken out in the end and leave your people to dry? It speaks volume as they have set a precedence of them being unserious.

Candidates: I am not comfortable with some presidential candidates the APC brought. Buhari, Atiku etc are not what I will call presidential materials either based on past mismanagement of funds or being a dictator to human right abuses. Why not others? How come more people are not opting to contest and seek office? Must we be saddled with the same old people? Yes we know people like Kwankwoso and Rochas contested in the primary but still it was evident from the start that it was a battle between Buhari and Atiku. Atiku was third (which remains a shocker)

Insecurity: This is another problem. We all admit that this is a problem for all Nigerians but has the APC done enough to fight it? Have they shown support towards fighting this scourge that has left thousands dead, about a million displaced and also fear in the heart of a lot of Nigerians? What has the APC done to support the fight apart from endless criticism? Have APC brought out or proffered solutions to fighting this? The killing of members of the NYSC in the North after the elections comes to mind. Some may say that most of the perpetrators were CPC supporters but they have joined the ACN to form APC, so APC should please answer. Statements: This is another point that has been scary (well to me). A lot of statements credited to top members of the APC has not been comfortable ones. I find it careless and annoying the statements I hear and sometimes, I fear they can cause war.

Notable amongst these statements is the threat by the Director-General of their Presidential campaign, Governor Rotimi Amaechi that a parallel government will be formed if they lose. Does anyone remember that this kind of action led to the arrest and detention of Chief MKO Abiola?

Political Prostitution: It is difficult seeing a candidate scream XYZ today and tomorrow screams ABC. Most of the members of the APC were once in the opposition which they labelled as thieves and corrupt. Look at the case of Ekiti where Segun Oni joined the APC. That is a move that shocked even me because everyone remember the propaganda war he had with Fayemi before the courts declared in Fayemi’s favor. Endless Criticisms: Okay so the APC plays the role of an opposition party well. Yes they know how to criticize everything this administration does when campaigning but is that what their campaigns are about? I am tired of hearing what the other guys are going, what do you have for us. When you criticize, you need to also give solutions so you don’t seem to be just doing it because you can or because you are against them. The APC and PDP are both agents of Nigeria’s development right but how about saying what the government is doing right and then when you say what they are doing wrong, tell them what they should have done.

Future Plans: What does the APC have for us? What are their ideas, what will they do about security, poverty, electricity, mortality rate. Education etc. No one is talking about this or they are not talking about it enough. It seems to be a case of making a lot of noise but not really saying anything.